4 Exciting Ways to Explore Torres del Paine

If you’re planning an adventure itinerary in Patagonia that takes in Torres del Paine, you will be looking forward to a hike that will take you through some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. The area is famed for its trekking and the popular W and full circuit routes both provide challenging hikes that reward you with beautiful views.

Ice Hiking in Patagonia

What most people don’t realise, however, is that the Torres del Paine’s activity offering doesn’t stop at walking. With kayaking, horse riding, ice hiking and mountain biking on offer, we look at how you can use these to explore some of the most remote parts of the national park.


You can spend days paddling along isolated rivers, winding your way through icebergs, taking you to some of the most otherwise-inaccessible glaciers. From the fast-flowing waters of the Serrano to the serenity of the Last Hope Sound Fjord, there is kayaking in Patagonia to suit all levels and whether you want to camp out under the stars or have the luxury of spending the night sleeping on a boat, you can find a tailored kayaking trip to suit you.

Horse Riding

This is great for people who fancy a real adventure in the Patagonian wilderness. In days that can include up to 8 hours of tough riding, you will have an authentic and adventurous experience where you might just come across wild criollo horses and meet gauchos who live in the hills of the Torres del Paine.

Mountain Biking

In the Northern part of the park along Lago Paine there is over 30km of single track mountain biking, where Patagonian cowboys traditionally travelled. This is also one of the least frequented areas of the park, with only 5% of park visitors making it there, so you will be able to appreciate the stunning scenery at your own pace.

Ice Hiking

Without crampons and ice-axes many of the national park’s most beautiful locations are off limits. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert in ice-climbing to take on the glaciers. If you have a reasonable level of fitness and an adventurous attitude, there are plenty of guides who will help you discover the glaciers of Torres del Paine while ice hiking.

With the huge range of activities on offer, it can be hard to know where to start planning your trip. We run trips with set itineraries for small groups of 2 – 8 people, or we can help you plan your perfect tailor-made itinerary using our recommended local tour providers, at no extra cost. Get in touch for help planning your adventure.