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5 Day Winter Adventure in Torres del Paine July 2013

Helen and her partner Hamish recently embarked on a trip to Torres del Paine in Winter. They returned in July, and here is what he had to say about their 5 Day W Trek

What was the highlight of your trip?

The highlight of our South American trip was definitely Patagonia.

The walk to the Grey Glacier was in tough weather conditions but for me the best day of trekking in Patagonia.

What did you think of your Guides?

I did unfortunately have about 5 days of food poisoning symptoms at the start of the trip but the local guide and Gonzalo were very sympathetic and flexible.

From our point of view the change in trip itinerary (due to weather conditions) was helpful from a sickness point of view and really just part of accepting the challenges of the weather.

We can’t praise the guide Victor enough. His professionalism was remarkable, and knowledge of the park and wildlife was probably my highlight. I was also impressed that Victor was able to continue guiding Hamish and I whilst the third party member wanted to back track and return on the hike to Glacier Grey, I imagine if the group gets any larger trying to satisfy all party members must be difficult.

How was your accommodation?

The accommodation was more than expected (refugios) with a great standard and hospitable managers.

How well did Swoop Patagonia do helping you plan your holiday, and finding the best trip for operator for you?

I think Swoop prepared a well-informed itinerary regarding length and degree of difficulty of the day-to-day treks, and as such I think Hamish and I felt very comfortable during the trek and brought the
right gear.

As a result we were both very happy with the personnel and running of the trek and if anything, wished it had been longer. Although the weather was not always accommodating and we had no complete clear views of the Torres, we appreciated the added challenge and the fact that there were so fewer travellers.

Many thanks to Swoop for timely and supportive help with organising the trek!

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Luke Errington

Founder and MD

Luke fell in love with Patagonia when he first trekked through the Andes some 15 years ago. In 2010 he founded Swoop Patagonia and since then has trekked, ridden and paddled thousands of miles throughout the region.

At home in Bristol he's a dad of three, and a keen trail runner and adventure racer.