Multi Sport in El Chalten

Kristen and her friend returned a few weeks ago from a 6 day Kayaking, Horse Riding and Trekking Adventure in and Los Glaciares National Park, visiting El Chalten, El Calafate, Perito Moreno Glacier and Mount FitzRoy. Here she tells us about her adventures…


How did you find the trip?

We really enjoyed the trip to Patagnoia – for me it was a highlight of our two weeks in Argentina.

How did our partners on the ground do?

They did a good job organising our trip and were very friendly.

What was the highlight of your trip to Patagonia?

The highlight was the variety of activities we were able to do – ice trekking, horseback riding, kayaking, trekking – we got a lot out of these experiences!

Do you have any tips for other people who are planning a trip?

Pack a LOT of layers 🙂

How did Swoop Patagonia do?

The communication from Swoop was prompt and they set us up with a good operator.


How were your guides in Patagonia?

The guides organised by the operator on the ground were great.

Was there anything that you wish had happened differently?

The operator on the ground could have been more proactive in communicating with us. We had to ask them where we were supposed to go on arrival and they thought we would have in cash the $1800 payment we owed them which is a lot of cash to expect without giving any warning. However, these are small things – the experience overall was fantastic.