Horse Riding in Torres del Paine & Cape Horn Adventure

Arthur returned just a few weeks ago from his trip to Patagonia, where he spent 3 days horse riding across the Fjords of Torres del Paine, followed by 4 days exploring ‘The End of the World’ on our Cape Horn Adventure. This was all after having run the Patagonia Marathon on Sept 28th! Here he tells us a little about what he got up to…

Highlight of the trip…

The ride from Rio Serrano to the Fjord, and camping stopover at Lake Brush.

How was your Guide in Torres del Paine?

Our guide Carlos was objectively brilliant. The right mix of being there but not overbearing. He was also very knowledgeable and altogether a nice bloke.

The stop at Estancia Mercedes we did with Carlos was a great moment too, they are a fantastic family and we had an exceptional stay with them.

How did Swoop do?

Your help was really great, honestly I kind of found you randomly and it served me very well.

The little hiccup* with Paola was annoying but not of great consequence, and the other staff at Lakutaia Lodge were very helpful in every aspect.

*[Customs in Ushuaia delayed Arthurs crossing of the Beagle Channel]

How was your time on the Cape Horn Adventure?

Lakutaia Lodge is a good place, maybe not all that exiting as compared to the rest of the trip but I really like hikes and trips on/from Isla Navarino.


Arhtur's Patagonia Marathon