Why We Do What We Do, Part II

Just over a year ago I wrote a blog post called Why We Do What We Do.

Last week I was reminded of this post as I walked back from lunch with two customers who had recently returned from Patagonia, and exactly the same words ran through my head. To hear them talk about their trip, and see their photos gave me such pleasure and reinforced in my mind the fruits of our labours over the last 3-4 years.

Ian and Beth had an amazing itinerary that took in trekking in Torres del Paine, with an expedition across the South Patagonian Ice Cap and a cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula, and they had some wonderful photos to share as well. Overall its fair to say that they had a fantastic trip, but they also had some really valuable feedback for me about the guides and operators they travelled with that will help us all to provide a better service in the years ahead.

A big thanks to them for the taking the time out to talk to me about their time in Patagonia, and hopefully we’ll be able to share a guest blog post from them in due course.