Winter Trek in Torres del Paine and Fitz Roy Review

Alex visited Patagonia during May and trekked in both Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Parks, with a local operator. He visited some of the top highlights such as Fitz  Roy and Last Torres and camped along the way. Here Alex shares some great photos with us and we find out how his trip went!

What was it like visiting in winter?
The relatively unusual and perhaps relevant aspect of my experience for others looking into this trip is that it was during the winter.  My observation is that provided you are OK to spend the night in somewhat crisp temperatures (frankly, it’s actually fine), the winter has a number of advantages:
– much fewer people around you – I understand the areas can be crowded in the summer and I basically had the parks pretty much entirely to myself
– statistically better chance to get clear days
– less wind (again relative to the summer)
– wonderful snow-covered landscapes
– a lot of facilities, refugios, etc are shut – but those that are around or willing to brave the cold in the outdoors appreciate your visit and have more time for you, contributing to an overall more enjoyable experience

What were the top highlights of your trip?
Overall a great mix of outdoors, physical activity and superb views so not sure it is fair to reduce this to highlights – but those might be the sunrise at Mt Fitz Roy and its glacier on skis, playing on the French glacier at TDP, and the light at the end of the day on Lago Grey.

What would you have changed about your trip?
Not much – perhaps a warmer sleeping bag…  Also wish I had more time to spend over there.

Did the logistics run smoothly?
Yes, very – no problem, also taking into account adjustments for weather/flight delays – basically great planning job by the operators and I didn’t worry about anything.

Would you recommend the operators you hiked with and would you recommend Swoop?
Yes and yes

Would you go back to Patagonia?
Of course (even though you can’t just pick the magic Calafate berry in the winter..)

To find out more about Alex’s trip, or to do the same itinerary, get in touch.

Luke Errington

Founder and MD

Luke fell in love with Patagonia when he first trekked through the Andes some 15 years ago. In 2009 he founded Swoop Patagonia and since then has trekked, ridden and paddled thousands of miles throughout the region.

Back at home in Bristol he's a dad of three, and a keen trail runner and adventure racer.

On his last visit Luke climbed to within 500m of the summit of Aconcagua and ran a 3 day ultra-marathon around the volcanoes of northern Patagonia.