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Winter tours in Patagonia; Torres del Paine, El Chalten and the Patagonian Lake District

If like many other Brits, you only really get the opportunity to go on holiday during the summer months and you really want to visit Patagonia, don’t fear. Although May-Sep is the winter season in Patagonia, there are local operators running a range of different winter trips in southern Patagonia in order to cater to European visitors.

Check out the latest on winter trips to Torres del Paine

Winter trips are designed to take in as much as possible in the region whilst also avoiding getting caught up in the harsh weather. Patagonian winter brings with it snow & rain and temperatures of well past minus 5 at night (not great weather for camping). Although one bonus to visiting Patagonia is the beautiful snow covered trees and mountains and the fact that you avoid the infamous Patagonian wind which is only around during the summer months from October to March.

Winter tours are organised around short treks, van transfers to key highlights in the national park that you’re visiting and some of them include horse riding trips, as Argentinian and Chilean criollo’s tend to be a little hardier than us humans! This type of trip is popular in Torres del Paine National park as you are still able to get up to see the Torres if you’re lucky, and in El Chalten you can try day hiking into Los Glaciares National Park.