Lucy’s Video Review of Kayaking in Patagonia

For a chance to do a trip similar to Lucy’s check out the examples below:

Colours of Tyndall – A 4 day kayak trip along the Serrano river, started out from Torres del Paine, and coming up close with the Tyndall and Serrano Glaciers.

Tyndall Glacier & Blue Lake –  Over 4 days paddle to the Serrano fall (a beautiful cascade) then paddle upstream along the Tyndall River and up to the Tyndall glacier.

The Ice Route – A 4-day kayaking trip in the more unusual parts of the Torres del Paine National Park, which takes you paddling right up to two of the parks glaciers and to a big rapid-cum-waterfall. For experienced kayakers only, you’ll be camping each night alongside the Serrano River or Geike Lake.

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