Clare’s Review of Patagonia: “One day I was sunburnt and the next day it snowed!”

Name: Clare

Age: 34

Occupation: PR Consultant

Claire at Perito Moreno Glacier

What operator did you go with or did you organise it yourself? I organised it all myself.

If you had a local guide, what was he like? I didn’t have any guides, except in Antarctica.

Did the logistics of getting to Patagonia run smoothly? Well I just kind of headed here really. Buses can take a while and don’t go every day though which is a little frustrating.

At what time of year did you travel to Patagonia? November so spring.

How long did you travel around Patagonia for? About 3 weeks in total.

How many people did you travel with? Just me but I met lots of people on the way.

What was your favourite place? It’s hard to say but I think El Chaltén –  so sleepy but with beautiful views and hikes.

What was the highlight of your trip? A 4hr 12km uphill hike to Laguna de los Tres in El Chaltén. Amazing views of Mount Fitzroy.

What was the weather like? Changeable! Four seasons in one day. Yesterday I got sunburnt on the hike and today it’s snowing!

Did the weather impact negatively on your trip? A bit. I tried to hike the ‘W’ trek but the weather got the better of me. I’m a fair weather hiker that’s for sure!

What activities did you do whilst you were there? Walking, Trekking and camping.

If you were to go back, what would you recommend packing that you couldn’t live without whilst travelling round Patagonia? A windproof raincoat!

What was the most challenging part of the trip? The ‘W’ trek. Galeforce winds which nearly blew me off the mountain and sideways rain. Not my idea of a good time!

Is there anything that could have made your trip better? More sun?!

Sum up Patagonia in 3words: Dramatic, unpredictable, beautiful

Sum up your trip in 3words: unexpected, amazing, fun!

Would you recommend Patagonia as an adventure travel destination to your friends? Absolutely. so many beautiful things and places to see and do, especially if you love the outdoors! But if you like the sun and beaches it might not be the destination for you!

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