Ice Hiking on Glacier Grey

On my Swoop recce to Torres del Paine I spent an afternoon ice hiking on Glacier Grey. The ice hike lasts 5 hours and there are departures in the morning and afternoon from November until March. It’s such great activity and I’d recommend everyone doing a trek in Torres del Paine should add it to their itinerary!


Embarking on our adventure near Refugio Grey…


…and zooming across the water to the ice!


We disembarked on a nunatak (a glacial island) that straddles the Grey Lake and Glacier…


…and it took just under an hour to walk from the drop off point to start the ice hike.


The going is a little difficult, so ladders have been put in place to assist you.


The striated rock is fascinating, and the view towards the Cordon Olguin and Paso John Garner is captivating.


Hey Mum, look at me!


We then descended to the ice…


…where we put on helmets, harnesses…


…and crampons.


‘Take your ice axe and point it at the sky!’


We were instructed on how to walk on the ice. Getting onto and off of the ice is the most challenging part…


…but then we were off!


Staying in single file at all times…


…leaping across little streams…


…and guzzling hot chocolate…


…whilst the sound of gurgling water and cracking ice made us appreciate the dynamic nature of the glacier.


Up we went…

DSC_0493 (2)

…and along…


…peering into huge crevasses…


…and wondering how deep they were!


Two and a half hours of ice hiking passed very quickly…


…followed by an hour’s walk back to the boat…


…and the end of our magnificent Glacier Grey experience.

Contact me to help you arrange your own unforgettable ice-hike experience on Glacier Grey or with any other questions you might have to create the ultimate Patagonian adventure.

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About Harriet Pike

Harriet first started planning a trip to Patagonia at the age of 14 when her parents returned from a holiday there. Four years later she went to work in the remote Patagonian region of Aysen where she discovered trekking, the great outdoors...and her future husband. From this base she went on to trek in Torres del Paine and throughout Patagonia, Bolivia and Peru before going to University. When Harriet returned to the Andes she did so with her bicycle and spent two and half years biking and mountaineering throughout the Andes, climbing 8 of the 12 highest Andean peaks completely independently. Harriet joined the Swoop team in 2014 and on her most recent visit to Torres del Paine and El Chalten she checked out both the traditional hiking trails and some off the beaten track trails that she likes helping our customers to discover.