Swoop Effort Levels

Swoop’s trips are all categorised with our own ‘Effort Levels’, which range from 1-10; 1 being a walk in the park, and 10 being a high altitude, technical mountain ascent such as K2. This table summarises the 10 Effort Level categories, hopefully allowing you to best select and prepare for your trip to Patagonia.

1Walk in the ParkA Walk in the park 😉
2Walking for 3 to 4 hours, with some up and downWalking in the South Downs
36 to 8 hour day hikes, significant ascent, with a daypackDay hike up Ascensio valley; Full day’s hiking in the Lake District
42-3 days trekking, significant ascents, with rucksack, but with support, and comfort overnightW circuit, with support and overnight in lodges/refugios
52-3 days trekking, signficant ascents with limited supportW Circuit of Torres del Paine, un-aided
6Trekking with major ascents and tough terrain over 6+ days, but perhaps with some porter support, or comfort overnightTorres del Paine full circuit, but with support / nights in refugios
7Trekking, major ascents, 6 days+, camping overnight, tough terrain8 day trek in Torres del Pain, off the beaten track
8Trekking including some mountaineering or work on iceTrekking Patagonian Ice Cap
9Mountaineering, one of either high altitude (6,000 to 7,000 metres plus) or technicalClimb Aconcagua
10High altitude technical mountain ascentClimbing K2