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Getting to the airport in Buenos Aires by bus

There are two airports in Buenos Aires and it can sometimes be a bit confusing to figure out which one you need to go to.

The international airport is called Ministro Pistarini or Ezeiza for short given that it is located 14 miles from the centre of Buenos Aires in an area called Ezeiza Partido. British Airways flies to and from Ezeiza, so if you’re coming to or from London, this is where you’ll be.

For those flying on to Patagonia, you need to head towards the smaller internal airport, Jorge Newberry in the very nice Palermo district of Buenos Aires, about 1.2  miles from the centre.

If you’re doing all this in one day, Aerolineas Argentinas are now offering a free bus service to get you from one to the other.

This is valid for all passengers travelling with the airline internationally, regionally or with a domestic connection. Manuel Tienda Leon is the bus company chosen to provide this service and the conditions are as follows:

  • Transfer is valid for those passengers travelling with Aerolineas and on a same day connecting flight.
  • Buses run every hour and are free of charge.
  • Check in time at Ezeia is 2.5hours before departure whereas check in time at AEP is 1.5 hours before departure, the bus will get you there on time for this.

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