We recommend that all visitors to Chile and Argentina have a valid passport for at least the entire duration of your trip, considering any possible delays that could occur on your trip.

Please check with the relevant authority (embassy and/or airline) for any specific requirements or restrictions, if you are in any doubt and/or if your passport will be close to expiring at the return date of your trip.

VAT payments in Argentina

At present, in both Chile and Argentina, tourists are not charged VAT (19% in Chile, 21%, in Argentina) for their hotel/accommodation rates. This is controlled by the hotel itself, via the customer's passport stamp and/or immigration paper receipt.

Please be aware, however, that the Argentine immigration office is no longer stamping passports and are issuing travellers with an immigration QR code instead.

This QR code will be sent via email to each traveller and will act as proof that they are not required to make VAT payments at their accommodation. 

For the avoidance of doubt, neither Swoop nor our local partners will be held liable for any surcharges or any taxes, including VAT or its equivalent, that may be applied as a result of national or regional government policies.

Please note that such governmental policies can be modified at short notice and without prior notification.

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Make sure you have spare pages in your passport, not only for any visas or stamps you might need but also for getting stamps in the numerous southernmost sights that you might visit such as post offices in Chile or Argentina.

Carys Siney Senior Customer Experience Coordinator

Visa requirements for Argentina

Citizens of the European Union, the UK, the United States, Canada and Australia (among other countries), will not be required to apply for a visa when travelling to Argentina. Some of these citizens, however, may be required to pay a reciprocity fee

If you are travelling from certain countries not mentioned above, you may need to apply for a tourist visa. Please see the Argentinian embassy website for full details of visa-exempt countries.

If you're visiting Iguazu falls, please be aware that you may need a visa to visit the Brazilian side of the falls. Please check with your local embassy.

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Glacier Huemul hike - El Chalten, Argentina

Visa requirements for Chile

Citizens of the European Union, the UK, the United States and Canada (among other countries), will not be required to apply for a visa when travelling to Chile. Some of these citizens, however, may be required to pay a reciprocity fee

If you are travelling from certain countries not mentioned above, including Australia, you may need to apply for a visa - check with your local embassy.

If you are not required to apply for a visa, you will instead be issued with a tourist card, or 'Tarjeta de Turismo', on arrival in Chile, which will last for 90 days. This is an A5-sized white piece of paper - you must retain this document and present it to immigration when you leave.

Australians travelling to Chile

Australian passport holders are required to obtain an e-visa to enter Chile. There will be single entry and multiple entry visas available.

Visas & travel documentation
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Need support for your visa application? We are happy to provide any documentation you may require for your visa. We ask for £25 GBP per visa to cover the administration costs involved, please ask your Customer Experience Coordinator for more details.

Note for travelling families

In an effort to prevent international child abduction, Chile has put in place strict requirements for the entry/exit of minors under the age of 18. Even when the minor is travelling with both parents, the parents will be required to show evidence of their relationship to the child when departing the country. Please carry an original, certified or authenticated birth certificate.

If only one parent is travelling with a minor, or neither parent is travelling, legal authorisation to take the child abroad will be required, too. This permit must be signed by the parent or parents that are not travelling.

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Enjoying expansive views whilst road tripping in Chile's Aysen region

Reciprocity Fees: FAQs

The amount payable depends on your nationality, and only residents of certain countries have to pay it. The Chilean fee can be paid on arrival at the airport, whereas the Argentinian fee must be paid in advance.

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US Citizens are no longer required to pay a reciprocity fee on entry to Argentina.

Driving licences

Most nationalities visiting Argentina and Chile will just need a regular driving licence to rent a car, however, you will be required to purchase an international driving licence if your driving licence does not have a photograph.

You may also be required to get an international driving licence if you have a licence that does not use Roman script (such as a Russian licence) or you have a photocard licence.

Visas & travel documentation

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