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Life in Patagonia

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It's easy to overlook the day-to-day details that make life easy during your adventure. This guide will help you with everything from WIFI to dietary requirements. 

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Make sure you bring solid gear, especially shoes and socks! And make sure everyone is your group comes prepared with correct gear and at least a little training for the terrain. Read the full review

Travelled: March 2022

Julia Ormond - USA

Your hiking boots and other footwear are one of your most important pieces of gear! Treat them as such. Rain gear is also essential but extra water bottles are not because there are always glacial rivers to refill your water. Read the full review

Travelled: March 2022

Hayden Payne - USA

Bring clothes for all types of weather! During our 5 day trek, we experienced intense rain, clear skies, hot sun, howling winds and clouds. Throughout each day, we would change what we were wearing to adapt to the weather. Good (waterproof) shoes, socks, and hiking poles are a must. Finally, no need to overpack: besides layers for weather, we each brought 1 day outfit and 1 night outfit and just wore those throughout the whole trek. Read the full review

Travelled: March 2022

James Ormond - USA

Come prepared for any and all weather! Base layers and waterproof outerwear were the best things we brought. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2021

Ashley Williams - USA

Use your worn-in hiking shoes (not new ones)! Expect all types of weather. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2021

Hans Van Tartwijk - USA

Layers are the key to stay on top of Patagonian weather! Waterproof rain jacket and pants are a must even if the weather looks nice. It can change in an instant! Read the full review

Travelled: December 2019

Chris Houck - United States Of America

Be prepared for all weathers – we had heavy rain, sleet then sunshine. The weather changed a lot so you need lots of layers and good waterproofs. Sunscreen is also essential. Read the full review

Travelled: November 2019

Dorothy Greig - United Kingdom