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Paine Circuit Half and Half

A mix of guided and unguided hiking. You walk the tougher northern section with a guide, heading over the John Gardner Pass with the unmatched views of Grey Glacier and the Pingo mountain range that make the full circuit so rewarding. Then your guide leaves you in the evening of day five to spend your final three nights and days discovering the W trek alone.

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8 Days




Torres del Paine

Paine Circuit Half and Half - 8 - $2,620

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

Day 1: Trek along the Paine River (guided); Séron Camp 

Day 2: Trek the Dickson Valley (guided); Refugio Dickson camp

Day 3: Trek through ancient forest (guided); Los Perros camp

Day 4: Trek across the John Gardner Pass (guided); Refugio Grey or camp

Day 5: Trek to Lake Pehoé (guided); Refugio Paine Grande or camp

Day 6: Trek the French Valley (self-guided); Refugio Francés or camp

Day 7: Trek along Lake Nordenskjöld (self-guided); Refugio Las Torres camp

Day 8: Trek to Las Torres (The Towers) (self-guided); Transfer to Puerto Natales

Start from Puerto Natales and end at Puerto Natales

Landmarks visited on Paine Circuit Half and Half

Operator's Itinerary

NOTE: The trek will be guided for the first portion where you head into the remote northern side of the park and then you will be left to hike the frontside W trail independently.

Day 1: Trek along the Paine River (guided); Séron Camp

At 7:20am you will depart on a 2.5-hr private transfer from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park with your guide.

After arriving and registering yourself in the park, you will begin a 3.5- to 4-hr hike along a fairly flat trail. You might like to take a short transfer from Laguna Amarga to Las Torres (not included) and save yourself about an hour's hike.

As you wind along the Paine River, you will admire the deep blue waters of Laguna Azul and the picturesque view of Encantado Valley – a valley surrounded by rock formations created by centuries of wind.

You'll enjoy vast views of the land stretching out before you when you reach Séron Camp, an old Baqueano (Patagonian cowboy) post.

The day will then end with dinner, before you fall asleep under the starry skies.

Length of hike: 3.5-4hrs, 13km/8.1 miles

Difficulty: Low/medium

Meals: Box lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Séron Camp

Day 2: Trek the Dickson Valley (guided); Refugio Dickson camp

Today’s 6hr hike will begin with a steady walk up a hill and past a small lagoon, where you'll reach a viewpoint with an incredible view of Lake Paine. As you descend the hill, you'll be surrounded on all sides by breathtaking views, seeing the mountains that separate Chile and Argentina, as well as those located on the northern side of the park’s Paine Massif.

As you continue to hike, you will cross a marsh and forested plains on boardwalks that park rangers have created. Crossing this valley the immense views of the 'back side' of Torres del Paine are breathtaking. Continue on to Refugio Dickson camp where you will spend the evening.

Length of hike: 6hrs, 18km/11.2 miles

Difficulty: Medium

Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Refugio Dickson camp

Day 3: Trek through ancient forest (guided); Los Perros camp

After breakfast you will begin hiking. Today the trek is approximately 4hrs long and will take you through one of the most ancient forests in the park. The trail will lead you past lengas and coigues (southern beech trees), both of which grew shortly after the glaciers receded.

At the end of the day you will reach a moraine at the foot of Glacier Los Perros, where you will set up camp. Today's trek is relatively short, but stunningly beautiful as you hike for the most part in solitude with your guide in this most remote section of Torres del Paine National Park.

Note that Los Perros is not providing food services in the 2022/23 season. Dehydrated dinner, breakfast and lunch will be provided by the operator along with a small stove and pot to boil water. Snacks, coffee, tea, bowls and mugs are available.

Length of hike: 4.5-5hrs, 12km/7.5 miles

Difficulty: Low/medium

Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Camping Los Perros

Day 4: Trek across the John Gardner Pass (guided); Refugio Grey camp

You will wake up and have breakfast in a beautiful forest. In the morning, you will start climbing a slow but steady hill for approximately 200m. Today's hike is the most challenging, given its physicality and also the tempestuous conditions that can be encountered during the exposed first section, until you cross the pass.

After 1hr 15mins you will reach the end of the forest and will finally begin trekking up rockslides towards the John Gardner Pass. After another 40mins of hiking, you'll reach smaller patches of trees all the while gaining a bit of elevation. From this part of the trail, you'll be able to see Glacier Amistad, Cerro Blanco Sur, Punta Puma and, finally, the John Gardner Pass.

From here, you will begin climbing until you reach 1,350m. You will have an astonishing view of Glacier Grey and Patagonia’s Southern Ice Field. After catching this breathtaking view, you will begin hiking downhill for about 2hrs until you reach Campamento Paso for a short rest.

From here you will continue hiking for another 4hrs along an undulating trail with views of Glacier Grey, Lake Grey, and Ferrier Hill. Before reaching Refugio Grey you will cross several of the parks famous suspension bridges, ultimately bringing you to some close-up views of Glacier Grey. Once you reach Refugio Grey you will have time to shower and rest before enjoying a hot meal.

Length of hike: 10-11hrs, 15km/9.3 miles

Difficulty: Medium/high

Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Refugio Grey or camp

Day 5: Trek to Lake Pehoé (guided); Refugio Paine Grande or camp

After a restful night and an energising breakfast you will be ready to hike again. Today, you can choose to do an extra activity before your hike to Paine Grande; a 5hr ice-hike on Glacier Grey or a 2.5hr kayaking excursion on Grey lake, in front of the glacier itself. You must book your optional excursion in advance so do get in touch to reserve.

The trail southwards to Paine Grande follows Lake Grey, which will have huge blue icebergs floating on its waters. There will be many viewpoints towards the glacier and to Paine Grande Mountain making each turn on the trail another 'wow' moment.

Once arrived at Refugio Paine Grande camp, bid farewell to your guide who will leave you here and return to Puerto Natales. The large refugio building and campsite is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Pehoé and will provide you with your first glimpses of the majestic French Valley.

Length of hike: 3.5-4hrs, 11km/6.8 miles

Difficulty: Low/medium

Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Refugio Paine Grande or camp

Day 6: Trek the French Valley (self-guided); Refugio Francés or camp

Today you will discover the stunning French Valley as you enter and exit this stunning glacial valley via the same route, thus making today's trek as long or short as you wish. You'll be able to see the French Glacier and its constant avalanches as you meander through beech tree forests and clamber at times over more rocky terrain.

After clearing the forest you'll witness the spectacular French Glacier, hanging from the Paine Grande mountain and as you continue up the valley the vistas get increasingly impressive. If you're feeling fit you might make it all the way up to Británico Camp where there are amazing panoramic views. Whatever distance you hike, this place will certainly feel magical.

After the valley-hike, return towards Lake Nordenskjöld and head eastwards for approximately 2hrs until reaching Refugio Francés camp where you'll spend another night, camping under the stars and an evening of camaraderie and food from the refugio.

Length of hike: 9-10hrs, 21km/13 miles

Difficulty: Medium/high

Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Refugio Francés or camp

Day 7: Trek along Lake Nordenskjöld (self-guided); Refugio Las Torres camp

In the morning you'll have breakfast and prepare to hike again. This lovely trek follows Lake Nordenskjöld with beautiful views of Almirante Nieto Mountain and good chances of sighting the majestic Andean condor floating on the updrafts from the imposing Cuernos section of the massif.

After 5.5-6hrs of hiking, you'll arrive at Las Torres area and check into the refugio for overnighting in its campsite.

Enjoy the sunset and magnificent views of parts of Las Torres (The Towers) that you'll hike tomorrow, before having dinner and resting well in preparation for the grand finale.

Length of hike: 5.5-6hrs, 14km/8.7 miles

Difficulty: Medium

Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Refugio Las Torres or camp

Day 8: Trek to Las Torres (The Towers) (self-guided); Transfer to Puerto Natales

You'll finish the Paine Circuit trek with the most famous trail in the park: the base of the Paine Towers, also known as Las Torres. The trail goes up the Asencio Valley, through native forests and follows the wild stream that flows down the valley. The last section of the trail is a tough moraine with loose rocks, but well worth the reward – the view up there is simply stunning and possibly Patagonia's most famous view. You might like to start out early today to beat the crowds arriving from Puerto Natales and to view the sunrise at the magnificent granite towers.

You'll trek back to Las Torres information centre and from there, at about 4pm, take your private transfer to Puerto Natales, arriving around 6pm. You'll be tired, but buzzing from your amazing hiking experience – you might well want to head out to celebrate this magnificent feat.

Length of hike: 7-8hrs, 19km/11.8 miles

Transfer: Private transportation to Puerto Natales

Meals: Breakfast, box lunch

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What our customers think of Paine Circuit Half and Half

Paine Circuit Half and Half trips scored 4.7/5 from 13 reviews

The Heumal Circuit trek was a real highlight because athough it is very close to the very populated El Chalten it feels like truly remote wilderness. We met just 8 other trekkers during the whole of the 4 days and then only in passing.

Travelled: March 2021

Pete Lee -

My most memorable moment was seeing the three Towers of Paine. We were fortunate to have a blue sky day with little wind and spent more than an hour enjoying the incredible scenery and ambiance at the base of the towers.

Travelled: February 2020

Marian -

The highlight for me was reaching the top of the John Gardener Pass and overlooking Grey Glacier. Phenomenal. Day to day you find yourself in awe of the surrounding views. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I cannot recommend enough to do the full O-circuit as opposed to the W. The backside of the track has about 1/10th the amount of people, better views and a much more enjoyable experience. Something I noticed that very few people did that I highly recommend advertising is completing the trek in a different order. Start the W first from Grey which you can access by boat, then make your way around the the back side of the O circuit. This way, you get the front side complete where all the people are, and then head back into the other side which is in my opinion far far better.

Travelled: March 2021

Darren McPhee -

Wow, It's incredibly hard to pick just one moment. We were so lucky to have a great guide and crew, fantastic weather. Just to mention something I'll say the hike to catch the sunrise hitting the towers. It was the last day, the sun only partly came out but we sat there in all of our puffy clothes, inside our sleeping bags for a few hours and it was a great end to a super trip

Travelled: February 2020

Bragi -

Dinner in Pasco campsite after lovely walk with great company.

Travelled: January 2020

Liz -

Seeing Glacier grey for the first time after climbing John Gardner Pass!

Travelled: January 2020

Priyanka -

The O Circuit is the best way to see all that Torres del Paine has to offer. Everyday offers a spectacular and different nature feature to see. From granite towers, to glacier clad mountains, to Grey Glacier, every day is incredible. I met several wonderful people on my trip who all shared the same joy of being in the special place.

Travelled: March 2021

Paul Cooney -

The highlight of the trip was the clouds opening up during the O-route from Seron to Dickson and being able to see the Southern Patagonia Ice Field in all its glory

Travelled: March 2021

Tag Lohmann -

Walking over the Gardner Pass.

Travelled: December 2019

Scott -

The trip was perfectly planned. The campsites were wonderful and the staff were very helpful. We loved the food. Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold up the last few days, but that’s life. The John Gardner pass was definitely a highlight. The weather was memorably bad and made for a great adventure.

Travelled: March 2021

David Bowman -

There are so many it's hard to choose. My favorite may have been seeing the glacier as we came down from John Gardner Pass. Britanico lookout and the hike to the base of last Torres were also wonderful.

Travelled: March 2020

Shelby -

Amazing! Every single thing about it was phenomenal. Every day was better than the last and you see every possibly imagine view.

Travelled: March 2021

Chris Zarvas -

My highlight was going over the John garner pass. I knew there was going to be a huge glacier but there is nothing to prepare you for that view over the top.

Travelled: March 2021

Sarah -


Prices, Departures and Inclusions

Prices in the 2023/24 season:

2 people: USD $3,416

4 people: USD $2,620

6 people: USD $2,370


Please contact us to discuss your preferred departure dates.



Start date Price (pp)
November 2023
26-Nov-2023 $2,620* Provisional Date Enquire
December 2023
20-Dec-2023 $2,620 Provisional Date Enquire
January 2024
4-Jan-2024 $2,620* Guaranteed Date Enquire
10-Jan-2024 $2,620 Provisional Date Enquire

* Note: Prices are per person. Paid in USD ($) - figure above is based on today's exchange rate. Actual cost $2,620

Additional Notes

Optional activities – Day 5 - Ice-hiking on Glacier Grey costs USD $240 per person. Kayaking on Lake Grey costs USD $180 per person. Both excursions must be booked and paid for in advance.

Extend your trip - You can extend your stay with a guided hike elsewhere in the park and/or a boat trip on Lake Grey before your hike. Please contact us for details

Pre-trip briefing – You need to be in Puerto Natales the day before your trip starts to receive a trip briefing at our partner's local office in the afternoon/evening. The exact time will be confirmed nearer to departure.

Luggage storage – You may leave your luggage safely in storage with our local partners in Puerto Natales.

Camping – Camping will be fully supported and all meals will be included along the way. You'll need to carry your daypack with lunch and personal items for each night stop.


  • Meals: 7 breakfasts, 8 box lunches, 7 dinners
  • Accommodation: 7 nights of camping
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent and sleeping mat
  • 5 days of guided trekking in Torres del Paine National Park
  • Trip briefing with guide the day before the trip starts
  • Private transfer from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park and back
  • Entrance fee to Torres del Paine National Park


  • Accommodation in Puerto Natales before/after the trek
  • Any extra/optional excursions
  • Porter (available at extra cost)
  • Personal equipment (see our recommended kit list)
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Gratuities/tips for guide/porters
  • International and domestic/in-country flights
  • Any visa, passport and vaccination expenses

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