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Vic Schultz's Trip Date:

15th Mar - 31st Mar 2019

Overall, how was your trip?

The itinerary, transfers, tours, sights were all top quality. the trip exceeded my expectations. we were so fortunate that for 16 days , there were no weather problems. every tour, sight , planned activity was available to us. this, i understand , is the exception not the rule when traveling in march. if we experienced bad weather, i would probably be disappointed, but i am not.accommodations were interesting, especially staying in a yurt. the views, trips, food, guides end all wonderful. the only surprise was on the stella where we had assigned seating for meals. biggest surprise for us was the length /distances we had to walk . not all the trails were in great shape and 2 of us suffered falls, one fall requiring a doctor (not me). the only animal we didn't see that we wanted to see was the puma, however, we did see results of puma hunts.we met people that we enjoyed talking with and maybe see again, we'll see about that. what i was most pleased with was the itinerary. being able to travel in both chile and argentina and cruising the wild waters of the straits and fjords, for us, truly demonstrated the wild beauty of patagonia. we felt we didn't miss anything while fulfilling a dream to visit this part of the world. we did have airline issues but it was not due to anything swoop did. AR is a cheat airline, charging for bags and not even offering water to passengers on one flight. they also striped down planes of all amenities that i would normally find on similar aircraft if flown in the US. LATAM was OK , however, they did switch my reserved seats and i was unable to check in online. once again, this has nothing to do with swoop. highlight was camp patagonia. we were able to customize our hikes where as we couldn't do that in chalten . totally liked the day cruise in calafate. perfect for us. stopping at sights and taking short walks with spectacular views. i want to emphasize that ALL our guides/ tours were exceptional. we were delighted with each person who took us around showing what patagonia has to offer. we also discovered the most delicious candy bar that the guides gave us. we looked for this bar and bought it wherever we could. just know, you guys put together a fabulous trip.

In one sentence, what did you think of Patagonia? Did it live up to your expectations?

What a special, magical, beautiful place!

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How was the service that Swoop provided?

We were extremely unhappy and nervous when we couldn't contact swooping using their emergency number. perhaps it was our fault for not knowing how to use whatsapp but we should have been able to use phones to contact you, especially when your office is closed. we even called the US and have someone attempt to contact you and they were unable to do so. it all worked out but until it did we were all very worried if our flight got cancelled. if whatsapp is the sure way to contact you then , for people like us (hate technology), you can offer a tutorial, step by step how to get and use app. before we leave the country. since we didn't require vouchers for anything, you told us a welcoming letter would precede our arrival at all our stops. this NEVER happened. it didn't cause us any major difficulty but it did happen! calling swoop paid off with a tremendous itinerary. i didn't quite understand why chloe started talking to us but passed us on to michelle. both were incredibly helpful and we liked both agents but didn't know why the switch took place. you did recommend all the right places to go and we feel we did see the best of patagonia. swoops service prior to the trip was excellent.

How likely is it that you would recommend Swoop to a friend?

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10 out of 10

How was your experience in El Calafate and El Chalten?

Gorgeous place . great sights . swoop told us that all our providers will have trekking poles available. not in el chantel. some ski poles were offered on the ship. we , fortunately, did bring our own. perhaps we could have arranged shorter hikes since we were not in shape for 10+ miles of walking! we loved seeing the glaciers and rocks close up. i never asked about the walks but i was hoping we could have 4 wheeled to places and get out and do shorter walks, my bad! i truly never realized all the walking we would do. perhaps swoop could detail the hikes and prepare us to get in better shape.

How was your experience in Santiago and the surrounding area?

Punta arenas was a bust so we would have liked more time in santiago. i thought punta arenas would be more beautiful and exciting and it is not! so more time in santiago, a beautiful city full of history and sights. we did like santiago! transfers were spot on. thank you. we had a wonderful city tour and a great guide. very glad we did that

How was your experience in Torres del Paine?

To answer all your questions, YES, all was perfect! thank you. always recommend the YURTS. guides were great! we have no words to describe how delighted we were with torres del paine

How was your Patagonian cruise?

Penguins were a highlight for us. we were very fortunate to be able to land and see them up close. we saw whales breaching-outstanding! australis had a mob mentality when loading the zodiacs. they could improve their methods of moving people. food, guides locations all spectacular. australis offers nothing to do but drink after dinner. ships not stabilized but we were not in rough seas so their system of balance worked for us. swoop told us we were going to sail on the new ship-ventus, however, we were on the stella. we wanted to be on the new ship, even if they are identical. ship didn't warn us about not taking even an apple off the ship due to chile's agriculture rules. 2 of us got caught even though we didn't remember putting an apple in our bags. give us a heads up!

Do you have any tips or advice for other people planning a trip to Patagonia?

People should ask more questions. perhaps swoop could offer pictures of the locations they choose for people and perhaps swoop could be more clear on what to expect, what to see . describe the locale you place us in. remind people of the level of difficulty involved in the hikes. my complaints about the hikes are because both my wife and myself are both expecting joint replacements soon. we had some difficulty but were able to complete the hike. glad we did this. having our own hiking poles was a great assist for us. tell people to bring their own poles. one last complaint. swoop organized a transfer from the hotel in calafate for 6AM . if this happened , we would have missed breakfast. fortunately, the transfer company new that 6AM was too early to go to the airport and changed the pick up for 6:30 so we got breakfast. turns out the AR counter at calafate airport doesn't even open until 7AM and it is only a 2o0 minute drive away. i would recommend swoop to anyone interested in going to patagonia and i thank you for organizing a fantastic experience

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Been to antarctica . like the arctic better because it's easier to get to, better animals (polar bears, walrus vs millions of penguins) with the same types of sights as antarctica (everything is black/white in both places). swoop was exceptional in regards to itinerary. we loved what we did, saw in patagonia. i have already delineated where swoop could help future travelers. finally THANK YOU for making this trip happen!

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