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Rosalinda Mendoza's Trip:

Cape Horn & Glaciers Cruise

Rosalinda Mendoza's Trip Date:

7th Jan - 24th Jan 2019

Overall, how was your trip?

Landscapes and hiking were the highlights, very happy with all the people in my Swoop Group.

In one sentence, what did you think of Patagonia? Did it live up to your expectations?

Beautiful area, amazing landscapes, memorizing green lakes, great peaks, loved the hikes.

Would you visit again?


How was the service that Swoop provided?

Was extremely pleased with the service I received. When a portion of my trip was cancelled, Swoop was quick to respond with options and set up alternative day tours with great partners. The itinerary was exactly as advertised, there were a couple of last minute hotel (and domo to tent) substitutions, but they were communicated before departure.

How likely is it that you would recommend Swoop to a friend?

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10 out of 10

How was your Patagonian adventure?

I am always skeptical to join groups, but the size and personalities of everyone seemed to mesh very well. I even had a roommate, something I usually avoid, but I loved her! All the group logistics worked great, group lead was easy to find at the airport, transports went easily. It was nice to have a local guide with lots of knowledge and tips for the area. The group itself actually ended up being one of the highlights.

How was your Patagonian cruise?

This portion of the trip was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute. I was not notified until checking in. Once I contacted Swoop, they were quick to respond with alternative options in Puerto Williams and Ushuaia. I was very happy with the quick response and immediate contact from Swoop when they had been notified of the trip cancellation.

How was your experience in El Calafate and El Chalten?

Scenery of course was beautiful in Los Glaciares, I loved the hikes through the forests ending at amazing Glacier lakes. Our local guides were personable, and provided good directions that allowed the group to break apart and go at different paces, while still seeing all made this hikes and no one got lost. The lunches provided for our hikes were great I always had food left over. The accommodation was average (ie not fancy), but rooms were clean, comfortable and had hot water so no complaints. The accommodations were nicer in El Calafate than El Chalten. All transport worked well, no issues.

How was your experience in Torres del Paine?

Happy to cross off a bucket list item of the W-trek! It did not disappoint. Weather was fun, we mostly lucked out, but there some windy rainy days. Our guides seemed to try and keep the group closer together, more of a group than in Argentina, which didn't work too well, but was not the guides fault. Once the guides learned people's pace and abilities we were given more freedom to go ahead an not wait for everyone to re-group. Refugios vary on niceties and cleanliness, I believe the groups passing thru also provided to some of this. Giant piles of mud in the showers could be avoided in people were a little more responsible themselves. All bedding was comfortable and clean. The tent at Camp Frances was a tight fit, I swear we got the smallest one, and the zipper was broken. Of all accommodations Camp Frances was the least favorite, the walk to dinner was long. It was raining the night we stayed, there is no social area, we were not permitted to hang out in the dining area because it was small and other dinner groups had to come through. This meant people had to sit in their tents or outside in the rain to pass the night. Dinners in Toress del Paine were nice, lunches not so much. Given that everything needed to be packed out, I would have preferred being able to select what was in/out of my lunch pack. We got smarted and started leaving things behind. I had about a pound of uneaten trail mix at the end. There was usually more than enough food, most of the sandwiches were disappointing, mostly bread, no substance. The final night dinner was a little disappointing as well. I was expecting a BBQ with a variety of selection, similar to what we got at the riverside campground. We were served only lamb, which would have been okay, but servings were not consistent. I was served a portion that was all fat and no meat others got nice cuts. Transport and group leads were again great.

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