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Betsy Wack

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Betsy Wack's Trip:

Riding to Hidden Glaciers

Betsy Wack's Trip Date:

13th Dec - 21st Dec 2018

Overall, how was your trip?

Patagonia was full of the most gorgeous landscapes, wildness, and authentic people. We had adventures, ate amazing foods, and made friends that we still keep in touch with. It was truly the trip of a lifetime.

In one sentence, what did you think of Patagonia? Did it live up to your expectations?

Riding horses in Patagonia was a lifelong dream and the reality was even more than I imagined it could be.

Would you visit again?


How was the service that Swoop provided?

I am so glad that we worked with Swoop for our trip planning. Everything went very smoothly. The personal advice and recommendations were priceless. Our Swoop agent found the right activities for us and helped us plan our itinerary so that we spent the right amount of time in each place. They also worked with our budget so that we got an incredible journey packed with adventure without breaking the bank.

How did you feel about booking directly with our partner(s)?

Everything went great. Very professional and secure.

How likely is it that you would recommend Swoop to a friend?

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10 out of 10

How was your horse riding experience?

Everything about this ride was fantastic - beyond what we had even hoped it could be. The horses are extremely capable - fit, well-trained, happy, and matched to their riders. Our guide, Franco, was a delight. He was extremely knowledgeable about the history of the area, the flora and fauna, and the horses. He is a true horseman, always keeping the well-being of the horses in mind and knowing each horse in detail. I felt very safe under his guidance and he tells some great stories. The rides themselves are through gorgeous and varied terrain - steppe, lenga forest, lush grassy valleys, mountains. The entire ride is through Los Glaciares National Park in a rather remote corner, so we got to see places that very few people visit. In fact, we didn't see another soul except a few gauchos who work for the estancia. We loved the more rustic and authentic accommodations in puestos during the ride, though the first night sleeping in the estancia main house was a surprising treat - it is absolutely gorgeous and well-appointed. During the ride, Franco was able to whip up amazingly delicious meals for us and we slept soundly, though we were glad that we brought our own sleeping bags and pads for the extra comfort. If it were available, we would love to do a longer ride (maybe 7-10 days) with Estancia Nibepo Aike and Franco.

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10 out of 10

Do you have any tips or advice for other people planning a trip to Patagonia?

Be sure to talk to the locals. We found it incredibly easy to make friends and really enjoyed the warm hospitality, humor, and pride in their region.

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