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Anna Jansen 's Trip:

Riding to Hidden Glaciers

Anna Jansen 's Trip Date:

11th Feb - 8th Mar 2019

Overall, how was your trip?

The horsettrekking was the highlight! But also the sailing (with sailboat) trip on the beagle canal and Torre Del Paine, but also the dinosaur footprints! Landscape was rugged and wild, the locals open and very friendly. I'll tell my friends and family that it was a trip of a lifetime! Surpises were the high fees for limited amount of cash withdrawels, we weren't aware of the high inflation beforehand (but that changes very quickly). but also good surprises like the brilliant hospitality of the locals. Magic moments.... the silence in the bays of Terra Del Fuego, Horsetrekking and not seeing anyone else for days and seeing the humpback whale in the Beagle canal

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Perfect, quick response, clear advice and communication! Would use your service again!

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Perfect! good communication and reliable.

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