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Annie's Trip Date:

4th Mar - 12th Mar 2020

What was your most memorable moment?

Crossing the John Gardner Pass was the most memorable moment for me! We'd had a rainy morning and we actually had a pretty gorgeous snowstorm as we were crossing over the top. I always felt safe with our guide Emilio, but I could barely lift my eyes. I was just following the footsteps right in front of me. Once we passed the tallest part of the trek, we started walking back down, and what lay in front of us was one of the most stunning sights I'd ever seen - a HUGE glacier! That was the most memorable day because it was an intense experience and the visuals still stick in my mind.

Which of the following best describes your adventure?

Great holiday

On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend Swoop to a friend or colleague?

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10 out of 10

Do you have any tips or advice for other people planning a trip to Patagonia?

We would recommend packing ski goggles. It was the only thing that we hadn't packed that we wished we'd had.

Has your experience changed your perspective in any way?

Makes me even more excited to sleep in a bed :) But on a more serious note, it makes me realize how incredible this Earth is that we get to live on and how many wonderful people there are to meet and explore it with.

Do you have any recommendations for Swoop, or feedback about the team?

The only recommendation that I would have is sometimes we seemed to be added to the wrong email list so we would get a bit nervous about whether our dates were accurate. They always were, but being on the wrong Antarctica email list for instance made us a bit nervous.

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