FitzRoy and Paine Hiking Tour

This action-packed small group trekking tour combines the best hikes in Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Parks. Enjoy the best treks in Southern Patagonia, discover Perito Moreno Glacier via small boat expedition, enter Torres del Paine by zodiac boat ride, and celebrate your final night in an estancia with a Patagonia BBQ! Our tour leader and expert local guides will ensure the seamless running of your trip from start to finish. This action-packed small group trekking tour combines the best hikes in Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Parks. Enjoy the best treks in Southern Patagonia, discover Perito Moreno Glacier via small boat expedition, enter Torres del Paine by zodiac boat ride, and celebrate your final night in an estancia with a Patagonia BBQ! Read more...
12 Days

FitzRoy and Paine Hiking Tour - 12 - $4,395

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

  • Explore the Fitzroy massif with all three of the most exhilarating day hikes that give you a close up view of Cerro Torre, mesmerising lagoons and glaciers and Mount Fitzroy itself
  • Visit the Perito Moreno Glacier and surrounding fjords by boat, or why not try some ice hiking?
  • Zoom into Torres del Paine by Zodiac - the most exciting way to enter the park
  • Hike the famous 'W' and witness the mile-high granite towers, the French Valley and the Grey Glacier
  • Celebrate your adventure with your final night at a traditional estancia and a lamb asado

Start from El Calafate and end at Punta Arenas

Landmarks visited on FitzRoy and Paine Hiking Tour

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1: Let the adventure begin!

Arrive in El Chalten and meet your Tour Leader who will give you an introductory briefing to the fantastic trip that lies ahead. If arriving in El Calafate, we include the transport to El Chalten, during which you’ll enjoy some of the amazing Patagonian scenery.  Let the excitement build as your fellow travelling companions arrive from all corners of the globe.  

Argentina’s trekking capital, El Chalten, sits at the base of Mount FitzRoy and attracts hikers and climbers from all over the world to explore the adjacent wilderness of forests, glaciers, and of course, its world-famous mountains! 

Transfer duration: 3 hours
Accommodation: Cumbres Nevadas or similar, El Chaltén

Day 2: Hike to Laguna Torre

The trek to Laguna Torre is one of the most spectacular walks of El Chaltén, with impressive views of the Torre massif and other peaks in the region. It is a relatively gentle trail, so it's a great hike to ease you in on your first day which leads you to one of El Chalten’s iconic photographic viewpoints: Laguna Torre and Cerro Torre! After a rest and lunch, you will return along the same trail.

This evening you’ll enjoy a welcome dinner with your tour leader and fellow travelling companions at Madsen House Museum, the first house built in El Chalten in 1905 by the Danish pioneer, Andreas Madsen. Take a journey through time during this unique dining experience.

Length of excursion: 7 - 8 hours hiking, 18km
Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Cumbres Nevadas
or similar, El Chaltén

Day 3: Hike to Laguna de Los Tres - Mt Fitz Roy

This is your chance to get up close to the iconic and imposing Mount Fitz Roy and trek one of the most iconic day-hikes in the world. While this trek is steep in places, the spectacular views once you reach the top make it totally worth it. Unlike other outfitters, we transfer you to the trailhead, around half an hour's drive from El Chaltén, meaning you do not back-track on the same trail.

You will probably take lunch at Laguna de los Tres, whilst witnessing one of the most impactful sights in Patagonia: Mount Fitz Roy. The trek continues through a variety of different landscapes of forests, crystal clear streams and lagoons, ending up once more in El Chalten in the early evening.

Transfer duration: 30 mins
Length of excursion: 8 - 9 hours hiking, 20 km
Meals: Breakfast, box lunch
Accommodation: Cumbres Nevadas or similar, El Chalt

Day 4: Hike to Loma del Pliegue Tumbado

This lesser-visited trail provides fantastic, elevated vistas overlooking the National Park with a panorama of peaks, and is the best place to see both Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. This full-day hike is moderately testing, as it constantly gains in height to reach the view-point. The goal of today will be to gain a wonderful perspective of where you have hiked over the last few days. After lunch, you return back along the same path to El Chaltén.

A shared shuttle will take you to El Calafate later in the afternoon. Prepare yourself for tomorrow's exciting experience!

Transfer duration: 3 hours
Length of excursion: 8 - 9 hours hiking, 18 km
Meals: Breakfast, box lunch
Accommodation: Kapenke Hotel or similar, El Calafate

Day 5: Boat trip to Perito Moreno Glacier

You can't visit this part of the world without visiting the captivating Perito Moreno Glacier, and we will take you there on an unforgettable, unique day-trip. Driving west out of town, you will then board a comfortable expedition boat which will take you into the different branches of the immense Argentino Lake, arriving in the afternoon at the north face of the magnificent Perito Moreno Glacier.

You will spend some time watching its spectacular display of calving ice and the formation of deep blue icebergs from the water and afterwards explore the walkways and viewpoints from land, right in front of both faces of the glacier. Alternatively, you may wish to take the full-day ice hike on the glacier, at an extra cost: Please enquire with Swoop's Customer Experience team at the time of reserving your trip.

Returning afterwards by road to the hotel, your evening is free, but we’d certainly recommend enjoying one of El Calafate’s great restaurants with your fellow travellers to celebrate a great few days in Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park.

Transfer duration: 1 hour to the pier +1.5 hours back to El Calafate
Length of excursion: 9 hours
Meals: Breakfast, box lunch
Accommodation: Kapenke Hotel or similar, El Calafate

Day 6: Next stop... Puerto Natales

Your tour leader will accompany you on the morning bus crossing the border from El Calafate to Puerto Natales, in Chile. The landscapes witnessed are the same as those which inspired Charles Darwin on his voyage to Patagonia almost 200 years ago. Arriving in the early afternoon, you will enjoy some free time to stretch your legs and explore this picturesque little town.

In the evening, you will meet your trekking guide for Torres del Paine and enjoy some typical Chilean cuisine at a local restaurant, to start the second leg of this great adventure. Your guide will brief you on the following week that lies ahead including the fabulous journey by Zodiac into Torres del Paine National Park and four days of trekking.

Journey duration: 5 - 7 hours (depending on border crossing)
Meals: Breakfast, dinner
Accommodation: Hotel Francis Drake or similar, Puerto Natales

Day 7: Zodiac up the Serrano River into Torres del Paine National Park

You'll really be making an entrance into Patagonia's most popular destination with this Zodiac ride up rivers and past stunning glaciers for the entire day! Thanks to the unique opportunity of travelling by Zodiac, you will get some fabulous views of the Torres del Paine national park that few people get the chance to witness.

By the time you reach your final stop at Serrano Village, you will have observed some astonishing scenes of the South Patagonian Ice Field. This evening's deluxe camp is a great ‘glamping’ experience, perfect before beginning the famous ‘W’ circuit.

Length of excursion: 8 hours
Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Deluxe Camp

Day 8: Boat ride to Paine Grande and hike to Glacier Grey viewpoint

Today you will be transferred into the national park and enjoy a short boat ride across the beautiful Lago Pehoe to reach our first Refugio, Paine Grande. Leaving your heavier items here, you will spend the rest of the day hiking with just your day-pack, as you begin the famous ‘W trail’ of Torres del Paine.

The trail will take you closer and closer to the Southern Patagonian ice field, and the vast Grey Glacier. You’ll stop at viewpoints, taking lunch along the way, as your guide explains the magnificent landscapes that you are hiking through. This afternoon, when your guide determines, you’ll return to the Refugio along the same trail, where you can rest up before dinner. Refugio meals are usually lively events where all nationalities of hikers gather, exchange travel experiences, and reflect on trekking in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Transfer duration: 30 mins
Length of excursion: 8 hours hiking, 24 km
Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Refugio Paine Grande or supported camping (tent set up with a sleeping bag and mat provided)

Day 9: Hike into the French Valley and on to Refugio Los Cuernos

Today you’ll follow the edge of Cerro Paine Grande through the middle section of the ‘W' route. Along this trail, the Cuernos or 'horns' will be your guide as you edge closer and closer to them - a truly stunning sight!

You will explore the French Valley, considered by many to be the most spectacular region of the whole park, as you leave your heavier packs at the start of the valley. After reaching the French valley viewpoint you will be surrounded by the wildly beautiful, rugged mountains!

Follow the same path back down, pick up your backpack and continue to Refugio Los Cuernos.

Length of excursion: 8 hours hiking, 18 km
Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Refugio Los Cuernos or supported camping (tent set up with a sleeping bag and mat provided)

Day 10: Hike around Nordenskjold lake to Las Torres

Today's hiking is a little gentler than yesterday’s as you follow the base of the Almirante Nieto Mountain, with the imposing ‘Cuernos’ - the horns of Paine to one side, and the beautiful Nordenskjold lake to the other. This section of the ‘W’ has great panoramic views and is an exciting place to try to spot the elusive Andean Condor!

This afternoon you’ll arrive at our final Refugio at Las Torres, to relax and prepare for tomorrow’s final trek to the base of the towers.

Length of excursion: 4-5 hours hiking, 13 km
Meals: Breakfast, box lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Refugio Las Torres
or supported camping (tent set up with a sleeping bag and mat provided)

Day 11: Hike to the Base of the Towers

This truly iconic day-hike is a wonderful way to end our experience hiking the ‘W circuit’ in Torres del Paine. This testing, yet fascinating trek follows the Ascencio River, undulating through forests and rising high into the valley to the base of the colossal towers.

You will have lunch at this incredible spot, admiring the view of the towers, before returning down the same trail.

This afternoon you will be transferred to a ranch, or Estancia, on the outskirts of the national park to celebrate your last night together. Dinner will be a traditional Asado BBQ, and should prove a fitting end to a wonderful group adventure!

Transfer duration: 1 hour
Length of excursion: 8 hours walking, 18 km
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, BBQ dinner
Accommodation: Estancia Tres Pasos

Day 12: All good things must come to an end...

Say goodbye to your guide and fellow group members.

Transport will be provided this morning from Torres del Paine National Park to Puerto Natales town and airport. We can help you with your onward travel plans to Punta Arenas of El Calafate if you wish.

Take away memories of an unforgettable trip!

Transfer duration: 35 mins
Meals: Breakfast

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What our customers think

Reaching Torres del Paine in the zodiac was an amazing way to start, the dome camp the first night was incredible and the Estancia the last night was perfect way to finish. Lots of red wine, beautifully cooked lamb and a very generous family

Lena Altinger Australia December 2018

Our 'tour guide' Juliana Eguia was fantastic, a lively, bubbly, enthusiastic young woman who very quickly got to know which aspects of the trip were important for each individual. She was a mine of information about the area, the history and the wildlife. A really really lovely person and great at her job.

Sue Clark United Kingdom November 2017

The group, for the most part, was phenomenal. Everyone was excited and enthusiastic and for the most part very supportive of each other, emotionally and physically. I've made some good friends for life!

Christine Huang United States Of America November 2017

It is really hard to pick out a highlight as all of it was so good. it was pretty special going to the old house of the Danish settler as so few people would get that opportunity.

Dorothy Greig United Kingdom November 2019

I loved the choice of the different accommodations, from the dome-shaped tents to the estancia.

Davide Pezzia Italy February 2018

The guides in both areas were outstanding. Very friendly, efficient and spoke excellent English. The information about the treks was very accurate.

Dorothy Greig United Kingdom November 2019

Be prepared for all weathers – we had heavy rain, sleet then sunshine. The weather changed a lot so you need lots of layers and good waterproofs. Sunscreen is also essential.

Dorothy Greig United Kingdom November 2019

Being in nature 10 hours a day for 2 weeks lets you reassess your life and pace of life. It is a gorgeous area of the world.

Mandy Foote United States Of America November 2019

It was great, well organised from start to finish. Excellent guides who really looked after us. What a fantastic area.

Dorothy Greig United Kingdom November 2019

After having such amazing guides in Los Glaciares we didn't think we would get another 2 that were so good. We were wrong! Pablo and Katty were fantastic. Again very knowledgeable and lots of fun. The hiking was incredible and stunning. Christmas Day perfect. 4 hours hiking and then 4 hours sitting next to the Lake with our group drinking red wine with breathtaking scenery all around us. We'll never forget such a special Christmas.

Lena Altinger Australia December 2018

My magic moment? Las Torres....the gleaming granite towers of Paine sheathing straight to the Patagonian skies. The scenery took my breath away and stilled my heart. I can now understand why Las Torres have been a lifetime dream of hikers and mountain climbers the world over. It is here that heavens and earth syphonically merged to create a beauty that will forever endure.

Hoang Phan United States Of America November 2018

Overall, not only I could see a lot of great landscapes but also, I enjoyed sharing time with other members of group tour coming from variety of countries and having nice local foods like ram and nice local wines. Staying in Refugios was the most impressive things for me. There I could totally keep myself out of my work, e-mail and smart phone etc.

Toshio Saegusa United States Of America February 2018

Swoop is an AMAZING company and I would go anywhere with you. You are worth every penny. Thank you for making my trip of a lifetime flawlessly amazing. It began with the wonderfully encouraging, responsive Natascha, then rockingly efficient Ange, then kind, patient and confidence-inspiring Fitzroy guides and amazing W guide.

Hoang Phan United States Of America November 2018

I very much so appreciated the progression of hikes and thought the order in which we encountered them was perfect. I think if things had gone in any different order, it would not have been nearly as good.

Jim Nagy United States Of America November 2016

Some of the biggest highlights were the Towers, Mirador Britannico in the French Valley, Perito Moreno glacier, and the hike to Laguno de los Tres in Los Glaciares. Oh, and how could I forget the Zodiac boat ride and "glamping" at the Serrano campsite. We had some fantastic guides, and the landscapes were grander than I thought. More glaciers than I could have imagined!

CJ Newendorp United States Of America November 2018

Great group of kindred spirits, lots of laughs after amazing hikes. Wonderful to have had all logistics taken care of so effectively. Landscape exceeded our expectations in its size and grandeur. We were supremely lucky with the weather.

Kate Yonge United Kingdom December 2018

We thought the itinerary you arranged was very good. Staying in Buenos Aires which was necessary for the logistics of the trip was a pleasure - honestly a very nice place to stay. Given the flight problems we had we might try and arrange a bit more buffer time - say an extra night - in BA before flying down.

Peter McColm United Kingdom December 2016

Amazing experience. Accommodation excellent, the 2 best guides we've ever had and the area breathtakingly beautiful. Juli and Pablo our guides looked after everything. Their explanations of what we were doing, their timings, making sure we had everything, their walking pace for our group and Juli organising some delicious snacks for our border crossing, every detail was covered. Not only that, they were extremely knowledgeable and fun!

Lena Altinger Australia December 2018

What left me most in awe the most was the stunning, sheer beauty of the mountains, besides the wonderful landscapes and the infinite open range horizons. The wildlife is also amazing.

Davide Pezzia Italy February 2018

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

Your dates don't quite match? Please get in touch and we'll quote a private departure for you.



Start date Price (pp)
December 2021
20-Dec-2021 $4,395* Guaranteed Date Enquire
February 2022
6-Feb-2022 $4,395 Guaranteed Date Enquire
March 2022
1-Mar-2022 $4,395* Guaranteed Date Enquire

* Note: Prices are per person. Paid in USD ($) - figure above is based on today's exchange rate. Actual cost $4,395

Additional Notes

Group size: 14 maximum, 4 minimum. We will guarantee your departure with 4 travellers signed up. If travelling solo, please ask us about our provisional dates. We may have other solo travellers who can join the tour.

Optional excursions: estimated prices per person (USD) for optional excursion on Day 5 at Perito Moreno Glacier:

Big Ice Hike: $260 (Full day, 3.5hrs hiking; also includes walkways and boat trip to face of glacier; group size 20; age limit under 50 years)

Mini Ice Hike: $130 (Full day, 1.5hrs hiking; also includes walkways and boat trip to face of glacier; group size 20; age limit under 65 years).

Accommodation upgrade: upgrade your shared dormitory on Day 9 for a private cabin at Refugio Los Cuernos (availability dependent, USD $306 single / $100 per person double). Please note, this is not included as part of the single supplement.

Single supplement: USD $675 per person for a single room in El Chalten, El Calafate, Puerto Natales and Estancia Tres Pasos (7 nights in total).

Solo travellers: If you are willing to share with another solo traveller then you will not be charged the single supplement and we will match you with someone of the same gender. If there is no other same-gender solo traveller in the group, you will be granted the single room for the hotel nights, at no extra cost.

Joining & departure instructions: it is recommended to spend a night in Buenos Aires before the tour and a night in Santiago after the tour; if you would like help booking your pre/post tour arrangements and domestic/in country flight, please just let us know.


  • Meals: 11 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 7 dinners
  • Accommodation: Hotel (7 nights), Shared dormitories (3 nights), Glamping (1 night)
  • 3 hikes in the Los Glaciares national park with a local mountaineering guide (English speaking)
  • Perito Moreno Glacier excursion including boat trip to face of glacier
  • Zodiac boat excursion to Bernardo O’Higgins National Park (Balmaceda & Serrano Glacier)
  • 4 day W trek with local mountaineering guide (English speaking)
  • Glacier Grey boat navigation to face of glacier
  • All national park entrance fees
  • All ground transportation in either private transfer, public bus or by boat
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Tour leader in Los Glaciares National Park (English speaking)
  • All bedding for your nights in the shared dormitories and glamping


  • Ice hiking at Perito Moreno Glacier (can be added optionally)
  • Meals not indicated in the itinerary
  • Fizzy and alcoholic drinks.
  • Any extra/optional excursions
  • International and domestic/in country flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal Equipment (trekking poles, sleeping bag liner, back pack etc)
  • Personal porters
  • Gratuities/Tips
  • Anything not specified in the programme

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