Manso River

The Manso River lies in the heart of the Patagonian Lake District on the Argentinian side and is a perfect place for whitewater rafting in Patagonia. This part of the world is lush, green and surrounded by lakes and valdivian jungle. The river itself is a top spot for fishing and even more so, white water rafting. The river starts from Manso Glacier and its waters fill the lakes of Mascardi, Los Moscos, Hess and Steffen.

It's split into sections thanks to these lakes which divide it, and each section has a different level of rafting difficulty. The lower section, Manso Inferior, is a class III river which has fast flowing rapids perfect for thrill seekers. Parts of the river there are quite still and a good place to enjoy some swimming too. The lower section Manso Inferior to the Frontier (Chilean border) is a class III/IV river, which makes it even more exciting for adrenaline lovers as it enters a canyon and drops quicker as it flows to the Pacific.

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