What excursions are available?

Trekking options
1. Trek to Lago San Martín
3. Trek to the Chilean border
5. Trek to the north of the lake
7. Trek to Aguas Arriba Lodge
8. Trek to Glaciar Huemul

Fly-fishing options
2. Laguna Larga fly-fishing
4. Río Diablo fly-fishing
6. Lago Del Desierto fly-fishing
9. Río Las Vueltas fly-fishing

Excursions from Aguas Arriba Lodge

What excursions does Aguas Arriba Lodge offer?

Illustrated Guide

Trekking options

You first option is to trek for 3hrs from the south of Lago del Desierto to arrive at Aguas Arriba Lodge. This is a great way to start your visit to this area and makes you realise just how remote the lodge really is.

There's a chance to trek to Glaciar Huemul for some spectacular views, or perhaps head north from the Lodge on the trail to the northern end of the lake. From here it's possible to continue trekking further to the Chilean border. But why stop there? With an overnight stop at a campsite, you'll have time to trek onwards to the shore of Lago San Martín.

Trekking near Aguas Arriba Lodge, Patagonia

Trekking near Aguas Arriba Lodge

Fly-fishing options

There are plenty of options for fly-fishers in the area around the Lodge.

There are numerous excellent spots on Lago del Desierto for both long and short casting, whatever the wind conditions. Brown and rainbow trout of about 1-2kg can be caught here.

On Rio Las Vueltas there are rainbow trout - some sections require you to catch and release using only one hook without a barb.

Laguna Larga is only 5km from the north point of the lake. It’s accessible by foot and you can find rainbow trout here.

Another fantastic spot for casting is at the mouth of the Río Diablo. Like Launga Larga, it’s accessible on foot and you can expect to catch rainbow trout here.

Fishing permits can be obtained in El Chaltén or at Aguas Arriba Lodge. The fly-fishing season is from November to May.

Fly-fishing on Lago del Desierto, Patagonia, Argentina

Fly-fishing on Lago del Desierto