Spegazzini Glacier

Whilst not the biggest of the major glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park, Spegazzini Glacier is a hugely impressive sight, if for no other reason than the sheer size of its wall, which can tower as high as 135 metres (440 feet).

Where is it?

  • Glaciar Sepgazzini sits on Lago Argentino, close to other major glacial sights in Los Glaciares such as Perito Moreno and Glaciar Upsala
  • The closest main town is El Chalten - a small hikers' haven nestled amid the mountains, in the shadow of Mount Fitz Roy

How to see it:

  • Accessible only by boat, you can see this glacier along with several others by weaving between the moving icebergs of Lago Argentino
  • The area is served by El Calafate's hotels and airport, and by the various places to stay in El Chalten

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Map of Spegazzini Glacier

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Trips that visit Spegazzini Glacier

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