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Trek Cerro Castillo National Reserve

Trek through the Patagonian wilderness of Aysén, Chile, on this adventure through forests and alpine meadows to the glaciers, peaks and turquoise lakes of the Cerro Castillo National Reserve. You'll summit Morro Negro and take in immense vistas of Cerro Castillo, Patagonia's hidden gem. Stay in different campsites before finishing in the village of Cerro Castillo.

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Trek Cerro Castillo National Reserve

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Trip type

Guided Activity

Trip length

6 Days





Trek Cerro Castillo National Reserve - 6 - $1,032

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

Day 1: Transfer from Balmaceda Airport to Cerro Castillo; La Casona

Day 2: Trek to Cerro Castillo National Reserve; Camp Turbio

Day 3: Trek to Glacier Pinon; Camp Bosque or Camp La Tetera

Day 4: Climb Morro Negro; Camp Porteadores

Day 5: Trek to Cerro Castillo viewpoint; Cerro Castillo; La Casona

Day 6: Transfer to Balmaceda Airport

Start from Balmaceda Airport and end at Balmaceda Airport

Landmarks visited on Trek Cerro Castillo National Reserve

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer from Balmaceda to Cerro Castillo; La Casona

After your 2.5-hr flight from Santiago to Balmaceda, you'll be met at the airport and take a 1.5-hr scenic transfer to the town of Cerro Castillo. You'll be taken to your accommodation, La Casona, where you'll enjoy a private suite in an antique house. After settling in, you'll be picked up to head to town for dinner at a local restaurant and a meeting with your guides for the trek.

Transfer duration: 1.5hrs

Meals: Dinner

Accommodation: La Casona

Day 2: Trek to Cerro Castillo National Reserve; Camp Turbio

The first day's trek follows an old logging road for about 2hrs. We'll pass old gaucho camps that were used to take livestock to the mountains in the summer months and we'll get a glimpse of the first crystal-clear waters of Patagonia. Finally we'll reach the Cerro Castillo National Reserve entrance, pass the park office, register, and continue for the last 2km to Camp Turbio where we'll spend the night.

Length of trek: 15.4km, 6hrs

Meals: Breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Camp Turbio

Day 3: Trek to Glacier Pinon; Camp Bosque or Camp La Tetera

Our second day begins by following the Turbio River through the valley before beginning an ascent into the mountains. We'll cross the Pinon Pass at an altitude of 1,300m and negotiate the tricky descent on loose scree. The guides are excellent at pointing out the trail and we'll take a route alongside the hanging Glacier Pinon. Except for the months of February and March, you can expect to have a small amount of snow through the pass, but not on the descent. It's easily hike-able and is actually easier than hiking over the loose scree. After crossing the pass and arriving in the valley below, we'll have the option to camp at Camp Bosque, or continue for another 2km to the more scenic Camp La Tetera. This decision will be decided during the trip with your guides and depends on how you are feeling after crossing the first pass.

If we continue to Camp La Tetera, we can take a hike up to the glaciers in the evening. In the morning you can wake up early for some awesome shots of the sunrise coming up over the peaks of Cerro Castillo.

Length of trek: 9.5km, 6hrs (not including optional side-trail)

Meals: Breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Camp Bosque or Camp La Tetera

Day 4: Climb Morro Negro; Camp Porteadores

If we camped at Camp Bosque last night, we'll continue to La Tetera where we'll have a short break. From here we'll trek to Lake Cerro Castillo where we'll stop to take in the scenery before climbing up Morro Negro, peaking at 1,700m, and descending down steep rock scree to arrive at Camp Porteadores.

Length of hike: 8.8km, 6hrs

Meals: Breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Camp Porteadores

Day 5: Trek to Cerro Castillo viewpoint; Cerro Castillo; La Casona

We'll begin our last day by taking a short hike, without packs, to the upper camp, Camp Neozelandes. Here we can soak up the views of the north face of Cerro Castillo and the glacial basin that is made up of Cerro Palo and Castillo. This area of the reserve is stunning and, if it is warm enough, you can continue to Lake Yagan for a quick dip in the glacial waters.

We'll head back down to our packs and continue descending down the mountain back to the trailhead and road to Cerro Castillo. The hike down is easy, through southern beech forest, and only 4.3km from where we left our packs at Camp Porteadores.

After we reach the trailhead, we'll be taken to a local spot for dinner (not included) and then back to La Casona in Cerro Castillo where you can have a full night's rest.

Length of hike: 11.5km, 7hrs

Meals: Breakfast, picnic lunch

Accommodation: La Casona

Day 6: Transfer to Balmaceda Airport

After breakfast you'll take a transfer from Cerro Castillo to Balmaceda Airport.

Meals: Breakfast

Optional Add-ons

This trip has excellent opportunities for you to personalise and enhance your experience in Cerro Castillo National Park. There are a number of exciting add-ons to make your Patagonian adventure even more memorable. See the details below and please contact us to discuss tailoring your own itinerary:

1: Extend the trek by one day – An extra night in the national park visiting Yagan Lake, including an off trail day hike from Neozelandes Camp at the southern base of Cerro Palo.

Extra Cost: 2 people, CLP 100,000 per person; 3-5 people, CLP 45,000 per person; 6-9 people, CLP 30,000 per person 

2: Mountain biking and one extra night in Cerro Castillo – Following the hike, customers will meet biking guides and ride the gravel road that originally connected the town of Cerro Castillo and Puerto Ibanez. You'll be accompanied by your own guide, with vehicle support along the way for breaks. Upon arriving in Puerto Ibanez, enjoy a lamb asado (BBQ) and then return by vehicle to your lodging in Cerro Castillo.

Includes a picnic lunch. Bike ride is 36km/22 miles

Extra Cost: 2 people, CLP 110,000 per person; 3-5 people, CLP 70,000 per person; 6-9 people, CLP 65,000 per person 

3: Day Trip to the marble caves – The day after the hike, leave Cerro Castillo at around 8am for a day-trip to Puerto Río Tranquilo to visit the marble caves. We highly recommend the trip via kayak, but trips by motor boat can be arranged as well. Upon arrival you will meet your kayak guides for an excursion to the caves. Afterwards, enjoy a delicious lunch in the quaint town before a leisurely drive back to Cerro Castillo. The extra costs shown include an extra night of lodging. This day excursion does not include lunch.

Extra Cost: 2 people, CLP 215,000 per person; 3-5 people, CLP 145,000 per person; 6-9 people, CLP 110,000 per person 

4: Day of Horseback Riding
 – Add on a day of riding through the mountains of Patagonia in an area known as Las Ardillas. You’ll enjoy fantastic views of the entire Cerro Castillo mountain range as well as beautiful lakes all throughout your ride. At the end enjoy a delicious Patagonian asado (BBQ) to finish off the trip. 

Extra Cost: 2 people, CLP 120,000 per person; all other groups of 3 or more, CLP 90,000 per person for horse riding; CLP 15,000 per person for asado

5: Horse trip to the Torres del Avellano (3 days, 2 nights) 
– The area south of Cerro Castillo known as Los Avellanos is quickly becoming a popular place for climbers and visitors who are interested in getting away from the crowds. This horse trip will take you through Patagonian farms and summer grazing lands still used by gauchos (cowboys) and offers impressive views of the Avellano Towers. On your second day, ride up to the towers' glacial lake where you can then take a short hike to overlook its southern valley, the towering granite walls and other glacial lakes. If you have the time, this trip is not to be missed! 

Extra Cost: 2 people, CLP 980,000 per person; 3-5 people, CLP 705,000 per person; 6-9 people, CLP 570,000 per person 

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

Prices will be confirmed in Chilean Pesos and converted to your local currency on the day of booking.


8-9 people: CLP 642,813 per person

4-7 people: CLP 727,813 per person

3 people: CLP 802,188 per person 

2 people: CLP 1,046,563 per person

Additional Notes

What you will need to carry - You will be carrying your personal gear, sleeping bag, mat and your daily trail snacks. If you are able to carry the tent, or at least part of it, that would be helpful to our staff. We usually suggest a 50-60 litre pack. All other food and group gear, cooking equipment, gas, etc, is carried by the crew.

Porters - If you'd prefer to bring a small daypack and don't want to carry any of your personal gear, we can arrange an extra porter for an additional cost, but that needs to be arranged ahead of time.


  • Meals: 5 breakfasts, 4 picnic lunches, 3 dinners
  • Accommodation: 2 nights at La Casona in Cerro Castillo, 3 nights camping
  • Transportation from Coyhaique to the trailhead
  • Experienced guides and porters
  • Entrance fee to Cerro Castillo National Reserve
  • Common camping and group equipment such as stoves, cookware, plates and utensils, tents, maps, radios, first aid kits, plans of evacuation, etc.


  • Meals not indicated in the itinerary
  • Drinks during lunch or dinner
  • Any extra/optional excursions
  • Backpack (50-60 litre)
  • Personal equipment (see our recommended kit list)
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Gratuities/tips
  • International and domestic/in-country flights
  • Any visa, passport and vaccination expenses

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