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Easter Island Adventure

Explore this remote and mysterious Chilean island. Take in some of the most majestic sites including the archaeological remains, caves, petroglyphs and other natural wonders. Discover the less-visited parts of the island with an expert guide. Explore this remote and mysterious Chilean island. Take in some of the most majestic sites including the archaeological remains, caves, petroglyphs and other natural wonders. Discover the less-visited parts of the island with an expert guide.

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Easter Island Adventure

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Easter Island Adventure - 5 - $1,493

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

  • Visit all of the most famous moai on Easter Island
  • Learn all about the mysterious history of Easter Island
  • Relax in secluded bays and white coral beaches 
  • Tour the volcanic landscape 

Start from Santiago and end at Santiago

Landmarks visited on Easter Island Adventure

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Easter Island 

Depart Santiago for your five hour flight to Easter Island. On arrival you will be met by your local guide and driven to your hotel in the little town of Hanga Roa (the only town on the island). 

Depending on your flight time you will have some free time to explore the little town in the afternoon. 

Accommodation: Hotel Taha Tai

Day 2: The Moai of Easter Island

We will pick you up from your island accommodation and begin the day visiting Ahu Tahai which is a highly photogenic site that contains three restored Ahu (monolithic, carved-stone human figures).

Then we will move onto Anakena which is a the largest white coral sand beach on the island. It makes a perfect spot to sit amongst the palm trees and relax.

Following the road on the north coast, we will stop off near a fishing cove to visit Ahu Te Pito Kura which means "navel of light". This platform is intact and its moai lies in the position it was when it was knocked down.

Our next visit will be to Rano Raraku, a volcanic crater known as the "quarry" as it was where the moai were carved and distributed around the island.

We will finish the day with a stop at Ahu Tongariki, the largest ahu on Easter Island. In 1960 there was a massive tidal wave which devastated Ahu Tongariki's platform but thanks to a Japanese expedition, he has been resurrected.

You will be returned to your hotel at the end of the day.

Accommodation: Hotel Taha Tai

Meals: Lunch

Day 3: Island Interior and Birdman Cult

We will begin the day with a trip to Vinapu, a ceremonial area where three platforms and the remains of several Ahu can be seen. Here we marvel at a magnificent example of the building and carving techniques.

Afterwards we'll visit Puna Pau which is the quarry where the red stone for the pukao or topknot for the moai statues comes from.

Then we will move onto the fascinating Ahu Akivi which consists of seven moai, all equal shape and size. A unique astronomical feature of these moai is that they exactly face sunset during the Spring Equinox and have their backs to the sunrise during the Autumn Equinox.

Our next stop will be the Father Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum which was founded in 1973 by a Bavarian missionary. It is the only museum on the island and keeps artefacts such as obsidian stone tools, ancient fish hooks and coral eyes.

We will make a brief stop at a favourite island lookout, rewarding us with spectacular views of the island's scenery.

Moving on, we will visit Rano Kau which is a 324m tall extinct volcano that forms the southwestern headland of Easter Island. It forms a gigantic amphitheater around a large freshwater lake. The backdrop of the ocean makes this a popular photo spot.

Staying on the Rano Kau crater, our tour will take us to the ceremonial village of Orongo, majestically nestled on a narrow strip of about 250 meters. Orango was a ceremonial centre where initiation rites and the entry of children into adulthood were practiced.

Our final stop of the day will be Ana Kai Tangata, which is one of the most interesting and accessible caves on the island. There are also some wall paintings towards the back of the cave. Return to hotel.

Accommodation: Hotel Taha Tai

Meals: Lunch

Day 4: Choice of excursions

On your final day you will have a choice of different excursions depending on your preferences.

Return to hotel.

Accommodation: Hotel Taha Tai

Choice of excursions (day 3):

1. North Coast Trek

This is the island's most dramatic hike, from the western edge of Marunga Terevaka, around to Anakena beach. The walk is approximately 7 miles over reasonably flat terrain and explores the only part of the island coastline with no vehicle access meaning it has remained relatively untouched. Admire the beautiful scenery along the way, stop off at a number of archeological remains and relish getting off the beaten track.

2. Hidden Gems

A full-day tour that takes in many of the island's lesser known areas that are difficult to find without a guide. The tour is done by vehicle with short amounts of walking at each site. You will visit Ovahe beach, the Papa Vaka petroglyphs, Taharoa Bay, and several other unique Ahus.

3. Easter Island's Highest Point

A truly unique route up to the island's highest point and includes a lot of interesting archaeology along the way. Beginning at Maunga Pu'i, the walk follows a streamed towards Rano Aroi, the island's third crater containing freshwater, before finishing at the peak of Terevaka, 507m above sea level. From the top you can see the whole island, giving an amazing impression of how isolated Easter Island really is. The descent is a gentle walk, finishing at Ahu Akivi, the restored site of the 7 moai.

Day 5: Depart 

Depending on your flight time, you will have some free time to explore the little town in morning. Your guide will transfer you to the airport for your return flight to Santiago. 

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What our customers think of Easter Island Adventure

Easter Island Adventure trips scored 5/5 from 1 reviews

Absolutely wonderful time on Easter Island. Could not have asked for a better guide who we all agree made our experience unforgettable. Patricia’s passion made us look forward to every day. The Taha Tai was the perfect place to stay. Town was walkable, breakfast was great and the pool and ac were appreciated.

Travelled: January 2018

Nancy - Canada

Add Easter Island to the trip. If you are going that far it is worth it!!!

Travelled: November 2019

John Williams - United Kingdom

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

The price of USD $1,493 per person is for a group of 2 people based on sharing a double room 


  • Hotel accommodation on Easter Island
  • Tours as detailed in itinerary 
  • Meals and accommodation as detailed in itinerary 
  • Expert guide and transport on all excursions 
  • Internal transfers


  • Long haul flights to/from Easter Island
  • National Park entrance fee ($60)
  • Meals not indicated in itinerary
  • Personal expenses and equipment
  • Travel insurance
  • Gratuities
  • Any visa, passport and vaccination expenses

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