Puñihuil Penguin Colony

Puñihuil Penguin Colony in Chiloé is the only place in the world where Humboldt and Magellanic penguins nest side by side. The colony is found on three islets around around 27 kilometres southwest of the Gulf of Ancud. Tours to the colony are by small boat: It is not permitted to land on the colony, which was declared a national monument (Monumento Natural Islotes de Puñihuil) in 1999.

The penguins live at sea for half the year, but arrive on the islets in October to breed. Chicks tend to hatch around January, in time for the colony to return to sea near the end of March.

Puñihuil is only one of several locations to see penguins around Patagonia. Embarking on an adventure cruise around the Magellan Straits and Tierra del Fuego is another popular way to see penguins, or you can take a trip to Peninsula Valdes on the east coast of Argentina, where penguin spotting can be combined with whale-watching.

Map of Puñihuil Penguin Colony

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