What excursions does Vira Vira offer?

Illustrated Guide

1. Hikes in Huerquehue National Park

There are five hikes on offer for exploring Huerquehue National Park, the homeland of the indigenous Mapuche people. With an experienced guide you'll make your way through beautiful forests and past shimmering lakes, waterfalls and hot springs. All this while surrounded by majestic volcanoes with snow-capped peaks makes for an unforgettable experience.

Half- or full-day | Difficulty: Moderate/hard| Between 4km/2.5 miles and 14km/8.7 miles

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Chilean Lakes Hiking

Hiking in the Chilean Lake District

2. Stand-up paddleboarding on Lake Tinquilco

This fun excursion starts at Vira Vira. You'll spend the day splashing in the pristine waters of the Liucura River, paddling through a landscape of lush forests and spectacular volcanoes with birds swooping through the air around you.

There's also an option for paddleboarding on Lake Tinquilco, if you'd like a change of scenery.

Full-day | Difficulty: Moderate

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Luxury Vira Vira Stand up Paddle

3. Horse riding at Huepil Malal

Take a short 4x4 drive from Vira Vira to Huepil Malal, a horse riding centre on the edge of the Cañi Natural Reserve. Here a cowboy will introduce you to his horses and take you riding across scenic open prairies and forests.

This excursion is for all abilities, whether you'd like to gently meander through the landscape, or prefer to gallop across the open land.

Full-day | Difficulty: Easy/Hard

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Horse riding in Villarrica National Park, Chile

Horse riding in Villarrica National Park

4. Birdwatching trips around Vira Vira

There are numerous exciting excursions around the Lake District to spot the iconic bird species of the region. Catch sightings of the Magellanic woodpecker, ringed kingfisher, chucao tapaculo, snowy egret, black-crowned night heron, plumbeous rail and Andean condor. On these trips you'll be surrounded by stunning lakes and majestic volcanoes.

For those who prefer to stay closer to Vira Vira, there are plenty of opportunities for spotting birds such as the Chilean flicker, yellow-billed pintail and black-faced ibis.

Half- and full-day

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Magellanic woodpecker, Los Glaciares, Patagonia

Magellanic woodpecker

5. Catch-and-release fishing near Vira Vira

Spend a day on the water, immersed in the spectacular area surrounding Vira Vira. Enjoy fly fishing or spinner fishing with opportunities to catch rainbow trout, brown trout or chinook salmon.

Your guide will show you the best spots for both river and lake fishing, giving you the best experience.

Only one fishing excursion is included. Extra fishing trips at additional cost. All equipment is provided.

Full-day | Difficulty: Easy

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Catch-and-release fishing near Vira Vira, Patagonia, Chile

Catch-and-release fishing

6. Mountain biking around Vira Vira

Exploring the lush native forests and volcanic slopes of the region by bike is ideal. There are routes to the River Plata beach, El Cerduo and the Mariman waterfalls.

Whether you want to follow easy-going, non-technical tracks, or extreme downhill routes, there are options for all levels of experience.

Half- or full-day | Difficulty: Easy/Hard | 4km/2.5 miles to 12km/7.5 miles

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Mountain biking in the shadow of Villarrica Volcano, Chile

Mountain biking in the shadow of Villarrica Volcano

7. Drift boat on the Liucura River

This scenic river excursion takes you along clear waters towards Villarrica Lake. You'll glide along the Liucura River that flows past Vira Vira on a rafting boat, through pristine landscapes of rolling mountains and native forest. The voyage floats to a fantastic location where you'll enjoy a picnic.

This excursion is best enjoyed on the afternoon of your arrival at Vira Vira as it requires little physical effort.

Half-day | Difficulty: Easy

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Luxury Vira Vira Clear Water

8. Dog-sledding expedition

This excursion starts with a drive to the city of Villarrica where you'll board a special snow vehicle which takes you to the dogsledding base. Huskies will pull your sled on a route across the snowfall to a point where you can take a gentle walk at the foot of the volcano, covered in snow and surrounded by monkey puzzle trees.

This excursion is at an additional cost and requires reservation at least three months in advance.

Full-day | Difficulty: Easy

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Dog-sledding expedition, Patagonia, Chile

Dog-sledding expedition

9. Heli-biking at Villarrica Volcano

This tailor-made biking experience starts with a scenic 20-minute helicopter flight to the Villarrica Volcano. Once landed you will start a thrilling one-hour downhill trail ride, following a track across lava fields parallel to the Turbio River.

The terrain does require technical biking skills to traverse the volcanic gravel. At the end of the ride a vehicle will be waiting to take you back to the lodge.

There's an option to do more than one downhill trail, if arranged in advance. This excursion is at an additional cost.

Full-day | Difficulty: Hard

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Heli-biking at Villarrica Volcano, Patagonia, Chile

Heli-biking at Villarrica Volcano

10. Skiing and snowboarding on Villarrica Volcano

The slopes of the Villarrica Volcano provide some excellent opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. There are a variety of slopes to suit both beginners and more advanced skiers.

The lava flows have created an incredible terrain of natural half pipes, cornices and wind lips for you to enjoy.

Full-day | Difficulty: Moderate/hard

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Skiing and snowboarding on Villarrica Volcano, Patagonia, Chile

Skiing and snowboarding on Villarrica Volcano

11. Hikes in Villarrica National Park

There are numerous hikes on offer in the Villarrica National Park. Options include hiking to the Pichillanchaue Glacier, Ascension Volcano or the Quillehue Lagoon.

You'll be walking through ancient native forests to reach stunning viewpoints on trails that few others have followed.

Half- or full-day | Difficulty: Moderate| Between 4km/2.5 miles and 14km/8.7 miles

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Hiking the Hidden Paradise Trail, Chile

Hiking the Hidden Paradise Trail

12. Snowmobiling on Villarrica Volcano

This excursion, available from July to the beginning of October (snow dependent), offers the chance to race on a snowmobile - a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your driver/guide will find virgin tracks circling Villarrica Volcano for every exhilarating run.

Snowmobiles function similar to motorbikes, so you'll need to pay attention to your driver's instructions to hang on and lean in when necessary.

This excursion is at an additional cost.

Full-day | Difficulty: Moderate

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Snowmobiling on Villarrica Volcano, Patagonia, Chile

Snowmobiling on Villarrica Volcano

13. Snowshoeing in Villarrica National Park

On this excursion, between June and September, you can explore untouched landscapes in the Villarrica National Park with absolute silence in the vast expanse surrounding you.

All levels of fitness are catered for on this trip which begins and ends with a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

Half- or full-day | Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

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Snowshoeing in Villarrica National Park, Patagonia, Chile

Snowshoeing in Villarrica National Park

14. Scenic helicopter flight over Villarrica Volcano

Take a scenic helicopter flight over the region and marvel at beautiful lakes, forests and snow-capped volcanoes. On this excursion you'll fly over the active crater of Villarrica Volcano and along scenic valleys to several other volcanoes, making this a truly unique experience.

Half-day | Difficulty: Easy

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Excursions from Vira Vira

15. Heli-skiing at Quetrupillán Volcano

Take a helicopter over snowy peaks to remote areas perhaps untouched by other outdoor enthusiasts. Plan your ideal route across the powder snow while taking in the stunning mountain panorama in this vast playground.

This activity is at an additional cost. Maximum of three people per trip. Intermediate and professional skills are required.

Full-day | Difficulty: High

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Heli-skiing at Quetrupillan Volcano, Patagonia, Chile

Heli-skiing at Quetrupillan Volcano

16. White-water rafting on the Trancura River

Just 15 minutes from Vira Vira is the starting point for an adrenalin-fuelled white water rafting adventure on the Trancura River. Before entering the water you'll have a safety briefing so both beginners and experienced paddlers will be prepared for the class three and four rapids.

As you navigate down the river you'll be accompanied by spectacular views of the Villarrica Volcano and beautiful forested hills.

Full-day | Difficulty: Moderate

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Rafting on the Trancura River, Chile

Rafting on the Trancura River

17. Community visit to Quillelhue Lagoon

On this excursion you'll visit the charming town of Curarrehue, nestled between the mountains, and visit a Mapuche weaver to watch her work a loom. From here you'll continue to Quillelhue Lagoon at the foot of Lanin Volcano, surrounded by monkey puzzle trees. You'll have lunch here in a traditional house and learn about the the Mapuche way of life.

Full-day | Difficulty: Easy

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Mapuche community visit, Patagonia, Chile

Mapuche community visit

18. Heli-fishing at Huishue Lagoon

This fishing excursions starts with a one-hour scenic helicopter trip over the Pichillancahue Glacier, mountains and volcanoes to reach Huishue Lagoon. You'll then take a motorboat across the lagoon with your guide to a perfect fishing spot. The waters here are brimming with trout.

You'll have a delicious lunch on the bank of the lagoon before heading back onto the lagoon, or moving over the Twin Lake where you can fish offshore with waders provided by Vira Vira.

This excursion is at an additional cost and only runs if the weather permits.

Full-day | Difficulty: Easy

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Heli-fishing at Huishue Lagoon, Patagonia, Chile

Heli-fishing at Huishue Lagoon