Cueva de Milodon

In 1896 Captain Eberhard discovered the remains of a giant ground sloth in the Milodon Cave. It's now a tourist attraction 18 miles from the small town of Puerto Natales and 53 miles from Torres del Paine.

You can walk through this natural monument which is 30 metres high, 50 wide and 200 deep, and see the giant replica of the pre-historic creature at the entrance (twice the size of a man). There is also a small museum next door providing information about the cave and Eberhard's discovery.

A lot of operators include this site in their Torres del Paine tours as a great initiation activity. Plus, if you’re going to trek in Torres del Paine with children, this is a fun family activity to enjoy before you start the hike.

Map of Cueva de Milodon

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