Oggioni Pass

The Oggioni Pass offers a semi-technical route out of the Ascencio Valley and into the Dickson valley area in the north of Torres del Paine national park. It's a tough trek, very much off-the-beaten-track, and only for those up for a challenge.

From one of our treks through this pass:

The trek leads us 'off trail', up and over steep slopes, showing us views of Torres del Paine National Park that few people see. We push forward through thick forest, crossing wild creeks, and up rocky steep slopes. You should be in very good physical condition for this pass: able to hike long distances, uphill and downhill, with keen mental strength and sense of determination to resist tough elements like strong winds and frozen rain or snowfall (even in the summer). Most of the crossing is along moraine and snow (depending on how much snow this area has received in the last winter).

For more info see: trekking the Oggioni Pass and other Torres del Paine treks off-the-beaten-track.

Map of Oggioni Pass

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