Panguipulli is a town in the heart of the Chilean Lake District, on the northwestern tip of Lake Panguipulli. It sits at the centre of the Seven Lakes Circuit, a notably pretty road route that runs past Lakes Calafqué, Pellaifa, Neltume, Pirehueico, Riñihue, Pullinque, and Panguipulli lakes.

The modern town was only founded in the 1940s, but the region itself has been occupied for far longer: Panguipulli means 'Puma hill' in the Mapudungun language of the original Mapuche inhabitants.

Tourists visit Panguipulli for its proximity to the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve, as well as the word-class whitewater rafting on the nearby Fuy River, whose rapids are interspersed with a series of dramatic waterfalls. The town also has a noted gastronomic scene, and is famous for its honey, cheese and cider.

Panguipulli is 145km (two hours) south of Temuco and its airport, 75km (90 minutes) from Pucón and 235km (three hours) north of Puerto Varas. The latter road in particular is very scenic.

The town also offers international connections to Argentina. From nearby Puerto Fuy, a ferry runs along to Lake Pirihueico to the international border at Filo Hua Hum pass, from where a road takes you alongside Lake Lacar to San Martín de los Andes.

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