Glaciar O'Higgins

About the Glacier:

  • Known as the Great Glacier, Galciar O'Higgins is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • This truly spectacular glacier is part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, coming down into the remote Chilean Patagonian area of Aisen - home to the legendary Carretera Austral highway

How to see it:

Road Trip

Glaciar O'Higgins is part of the natural roadblock that arises at the village of Villa O'Higgins, marking the terminus of the Carretera Austral - a highway that makes up the spine of Chile, connecting the isolated communities in the Patagonian wilderness to the developed north of the country.


Once at Villa O'Higgins, you'll have to take a boat out onto Lago O'Higgins, touring the various glaciers that feed into it.  From the boat, you can either reurn to Villa O'Higgins to continue northwards or stay at a nearby luxury lodge; or cross into Argentinean Patagonia, heading towards Lago del Desierto's Aguas Arriba Lodge and the hiking community of El Chalten.

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Map of Glaciar O'Higgins

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  • 9 Days
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