Glaciar Serrano

The Serrano Glacier lies on the border of Patagonia's most popular destination and national park - Torres del Paine. The glacier descends steeply into a lagoon surrounded by pine trees and is easily accessed with a 5-10 minute walk from the small pier and campsite near Puerto Toro.

How to see it:


Accessible from the waters of Ultima Esperanza Fjord (Last Hope Sound), Glaciar Serrano is great for keen paddlers. You'll be in amongst the lagoon's icebergs that have calved from the front of the glacier.

Find out more about kayking in Torres del Paine, and about trips that take you kayaking to glaciers, including the Serrano.

Boat Trip

It's possible to enter Torres del Paine by navigating the Serrano River.  It makes for a dramatic entrance to the Park and offers a very different experience to many of the other activities in the national park. You can pass the hours watching icebergs float past and spotting the many impressive glaciers along its course.

Map of Glaciar Serrano

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