Self-Guided W + The Bader Valley

Independent exploration and trekking around Torres del Paine's classic "W", followed by a guided hike into one of the Park's quieter and more restricted valleys. This W+Bader adventure combines the best of both: autonomous discovery and local knowledge.

6 Days


Self-Guided W + The Bader Valley - 6 - $1,659

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

  • Hike up to the famous Towers of Paine
  • Get off the beaten track and trek into the hidden Bader Valley with a guide and porter
  • Trek into the French Valley with spectacular views of Lago Nordenskjold and Pehoe
  • Hike alongside Lago Grey and catch your first glimpse of Glacier Grey

Start from Puerto Natales and end at Puerto Natales

Landmarks visited on Self-Guided W + The Bader Valley

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1: Hike to the famous Towers

Early in the morning you will depart on a bus from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine. The trip to the park entrance at Laguna Amarga is approximately two hours. After arriving to and registering yourself in the park and dropping your belongings at the

Refugio you will begin to hike up Almirante Nieto, a mountain with incredible views of Lake Nordenskjold and the Asencio Valley. After two hours of hiking steadily upward you will arrive to Refugio Chileno, a good opportunity to take a break and enjoy your lunch. After, you will hike about an hour through a dense Lenga forest. Once you leave the forest you will approach a moraine and climb to see the amazing granite peaks known as the Torres.

After admiring the view you will return to Refugio Torres Central to have dinner and sleep. You will meet your guide for the first time this evening.

Meals: Lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Refugio Torre Central

Day 2: Hike along Lake Nordenskjold 

In the morning you will meet up with your guide and prepare to hike again. You will leave Refugio & Camping Chileno and walk for towards Bader Valley, located between Almirante Nieto and the Cuernos. Along the way you will border Almirante Nieto and pass by Lake Nordenskjold. There will be a few rivers you will pass over by hopping across rocks. As you hike you will catch glimpses of glaciers and the mountaintops hovering over you. Finally you will see the monstrous peaks of the Cuernos.

Once you enter Bader Valley you will continue to the campsite and set up camp before taking time to explore deeper into the valley. Tonight you will spend the night just behind the Cuernos.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Camping, Bader

Day 3: Enjoy Bader Valley

Today after breakfast you will have another opportunity to explore Bader Valley and enjoy the remoteness of the valley. When you and your guide decide you will depart the valley and hike back down to the marked trail. You will continue along the trail with the Cuernos just to your right until arriving to Refugio & Camping Cuernos where you will spend the night. Tonight you will say goodbye to your guide.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Refugio Cuernos 

Day 4: Visit the French Valley

Shortly after breakfast you will begin hiking towards Campamento Italiano. This camp is 2.5 hours away. You will trek across a windy beach and finally escape into the valley where the wind is a little calmer. Once you arrive to Campamento Italiano you can leave your large pack and continue into the French Valley with just a small daypack. You will hike across a moraine and through a forest until you come to a clearing. Here you will be blown away by both the wind and the spectacular views of Lake Nordenskjold, Skottberg and Pehoe behind you, the hanging French Glacier just ahead of you and by many other peaks.

After leaving the lookout you will return to gather your large pack and continue onto Refugio & Camping Paine Grande on the shore of the beautiful Lake Pehoe.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Refugio Paine Grande

Day 5: Admire Glacier Grey

After a restful night and an energizing breakfast you will begin a four-hour hike through a small forest and then along Lake Grey. Most days this section of the park is very windy, due to openness provided by Lake Grey, Glacier Grey and the Southern Ice Field. After about two hours of hiking you will get your first glimpse of Glacier Grey. You will continue hiking for two more hours until arriving to Refugio & Camping Grey where you will spend the night. If you would like you can continue onto Campamento Los Guardas for a different view of the glacier.

There are two optional excursions you can take today in the afternoon or tomorrow in the morning while at Refugio & Camping Grey – ice hiking on Glacier Grey or kayaking on Lake Grey. Let us know if you are interested and we can make reservations.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Accommodation: Refugio Grey

Day 6: Return to Puerto Natales

In the morning you will have time to relax after breakfast. In the afternoon you will board the Grey III, which will take you to admire the glacier up-close and take remarkable photographs of the surroundings. After arriving to the other side of Lake Grey you will wait at the cafe inside of Hotel Lago Grey before taking a transfer to catch the bus back to Puerto Natales.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch

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October 2019
3-Oct-2019 $1,659* Provisional Date
10-Oct-2019 $1,659 Provisional Date
17-Oct-2019 $1,659* Provisional Date
24-Oct-2019 $1,659 Provisional Date
31-Oct-2019 $1,659* Provisional Date
November 2019
5-Nov-2019 $1,659 Provisional Date
7-Nov-2019 $1,659* Provisional Date
12-Nov-2019 $1,659 Provisional Date
14-Nov-2019 $1,659* Provisional Date
19-Nov-2019 $1,659 Guaranteed Date
21-Nov-2019 $1,659* Provisional Date
26-Nov-2019 $1,659 Provisional Date
28-Nov-2019 $1,659* Provisional Date
December 2019
3-Dec-2019 $1,659 Provisional Date
5-Dec-2019 $1,659* Provisional Date
10-Dec-2019 $1,659 Provisional Date
12-Dec-2019 $1,659* Provisional Date
17-Dec-2019 $1,659 Provisional Date
19-Dec-2019 $1,659* Provisional Date
24-Dec-2019 $1,659 Provisional Date
26-Dec-2019 $1,659* Provisional Date
31-Dec-2019 $1,659 Provisional Date
January 2020
2-Jan-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date
7-Jan-2020 $1,659 Provisional Date
9-Jan-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date
14-Jan-2020 $1,659 Provisional Date
16-Jan-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date
21-Jan-2020 $1,659 Provisional Date
23-Jan-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date
28-Jan-2020 $1,659 Provisional Date
30-Jan-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date
February 2020
4-Feb-2020 $1,659 Provisional Date
6-Feb-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date
11-Feb-2020 $1,659 Provisional Date
13-Feb-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date
18-Feb-2020 $1,659 Provisional Date
20-Feb-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date
25-Feb-2020 $1,659 Provisional Date
27-Feb-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date
March 2020
5-Mar-2020 $1,659 Provisional Date
12-Mar-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date
19-Mar-2020 $1,659 Provisional Date
26-Mar-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date
April 2020
2-Apr-2020 $1,659 Provisional Date
9-Apr-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date
16-Apr-2020 $1,659 Provisional Date
23-Apr-2020 $1,659* Provisional Date

* Note: Prices are per person. Paid in CLP (CLP) - figure above is based on today's exchange rate. Actual cost CLP1,091,000

1,091,000 CLP is the price per person for groups of 2 people.

1,003,000 CLP is the price per person for groups of 4 people.

Prices vary according to group size. Please get in touch for more details.


  • 4 nights in refugios in Torres del Paine with shared room & bathroom (bedding not included)
  • 1 night wild-camping in Torres del Paine (double-occupancy tent & sleeping mat included)
  • All meals when hiking
  • Guide & porter on days 2&3
  • Torres del Paine entrance fee
  • Bus to and from Torres del Paine National Park
  • Grey III cruise


  • Sleeping bag
  • Travel insurance
  • Gratuities
  • Any visa, passport and vaccination expenses

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