What excursions are available?

Excursions in Torres del Paine National Park

Base of the Towers, Torres del Paine, Chile

Base of the Towers, Torres del Paine

Excursions around Patagonia Camp

The Three Lagoons trek, Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia

The Three Lagoons trek

What excursions does Patagonia Camp offer?

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Excursions in Torres del Paine National Park

1. Base of the Towers Lookout

This is one of the most famous routes in Torres del Paine, famed for its level of difficulty as well as for the stunning view that it offers, if the weather permits. The trail follows the Ascencio Valley, a natural gateway, along a route full of great lookout points.

We climb through forests of Lenga beech and Andean shrub-land before tackling the glacial moraine composed of blocks of granite that have been exposed to the harshness of the Patagonian climate. Upon reaching the Towers Lookout we will find ourselves in an awe-inspiring amphitheatre of rocky peaks and glaciers.

Full-day | Trek: 8hrs, 22km | Difficulty: High | Max elevation: 900m | Transfer round-trip: 4hrs

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Base of the Towers, Torres del Paine

Base of the Towers, Torres del Paine

2. The French Valley

The French Valley is one of the three main attractions of the W Circuit. It is not to be missed for those who are fit and enjoy hiking. We start at Pudeto Dock where we take a catamaran across the icy waters of Lake Pehoe to the slopes of Cerro Paine Grande.

From here it's a marvellous hike full of scenic contrasts to Italian Camp after which we continue upwards over an ancient glacial moraine and through a wooded valley to reach the French Lookout – an amazing amphitheatre surrounded by glaciers and impressive walls of granite.

Note: Catamaran costs an extra USD $70pp approx. Excursion subject to itinerary of catamaran. Available Nov 1st to Mar 31st.

Full-day | Trek: 7hrs, 19km | Difficulty: Medium/High | Max elevation: 485m | Transfer round-trip: 3hrs

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The French Valley, Torres del Paine, Chile

The French Valley, Torres del Paine

3. Grey Trek

We start with a 30-min catamaran trip across Lake Pehoe. The trail is on the western side of the W Circuit, through a basin of sedimentary rock along a relatively flat trail to the western slope of Mount Paine Grande.

The path crosses gently undulating ravines to the Grey Glacier Lookout for a panoramic view of Lake Grey and the immense glacier in the distance. From here it is possible to see the icebergs floating on the lake and to feel the characteristic cold Patagonian winds.

Note: Catamaran costs an extra USD $70pp approx. Excursion subject to itinerary of catamaran. Available Nov 1st to Mar 31st.

Full-day | Trek: 5hrs, 12km | Difficulty: Medium | Max elevation: 260m | Transfer round-trip: 3hrs

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Excursions from Patagonia Camp

Hiking past Lago Grey in Torres del Paine

4. Pingo & Grey Beach

After driving 1hr to the west of the park, we arrive at the Pingo River where we walk through the plain and Magellan forest with views of the west face of Paine Grande. We cross pasture areas used by ranger's horses and into a dense and lively forest of lengas and coihues with abundant  birdlife and varied flowers and vegetation. The first section culminates in a chorrillo frequented by salmon (in season).

You can really disconnect and enjoy the peace and tranquility provided by the shade of the foliage. This excursion is popular with forest-lovers, being a perfect complement between the dense vegetation that characterizes Southern Patagonia and wonderful views of the west side of the park.

Full-day | Trek: 3.5hrs, 8.6km | Difficulty: Medium | Max elevation: 105m |Transfer round-trip: 2hrs

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Walking on Grey Beach, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Walking on Grey Beach

5. Ferrier Lookout

Ferrier Lookout offers truly spectacular panoramic views of Torres del Paine. From here one can see the Paine Massif, Sierra Baguales, the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, lakes and rivers as well as the pampas of the Argentine Steppe. This adventure begins at the Grey Park Ranger Station from where we head up one of the steepest ascents on the western side of the National Park.

This trail heads into a dense forest of Pre-Andean scrub and ancient Lenga trees that paint the summer green and the autumn red. The lookout of exposed rock is a well-deserved reward for the visitor after the tough climb – the strong winds coming off the ice field will add to the experience!

Half-day | Trek: 4hrs, 6km | Difficulty: Medium/High | Max elevation: 640m | Transfer round-trip: 2hrs

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View from Mirador Ferrier, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

View from Mirador Ferrier

Swoop Says background image

Swoop says

All excursions at Patagonia Camp are organised the night before depending on individuals' preferences, weather conditions and the guides' recommendations, with the intention of curating the best possible experience for the group.

6. Miradores

This excursion is the perfect opportunity to see two of the icons of the Paine Cordillera. During the first part we'll walk through an area with strong winds in the direction of the well-known Salto Grande Waterfall that connects two turquoise lakes. Then we'll trek through an area of burnt tree trunks to reach the lookout that offers us an up-close view of the mythical Paine Horns.

After a short vehicle transfer to the Pudeto Sector we'll begin the second part of the trek by heading straight up to a peak which has condor nests and impressive views of Lake Pehoe, the last mountains in the South Patagonian Ice Field and Sierra Baguales.

Full-day | Treks: 2.5hrs, 6km & 2hrs, 3.5km | Difficulty: High | Max elevations: 108m & 240m | Transfer round-trip: 3hrs

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Excursions from Patagonia Camp

View of the Paine Horns

7. Historical Patagonia

This excursion takes place in the east of the National Park where the greatest concentration of mammals is found. We'll see 4,000-year-old cave paintings created by nomads from the Tehuelche culture and take an entertaining walk watching wildlife and learning some traditional myths and legends.

During the second part of the trip we'll head to the Laguna Azul area for stunning views of the iconic Paine Towers.

Full-day | Trek: 2.5hrs, 6.7km | Difficulty: Medium/Low | Max elevation: 330m | Transfer round-trip: 5hrs

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Tehuelche cave painting, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Tehuelche cave painting

8. Scenic Paine

This excursion is aimed at guests who prefer not to walk a long distance in the National Park but who'd like to visit in a vehicle for the best views some unforgettable memories of the most important landscapes. We'll drive along winding roads in the park, stopping at various lookout points for great views and to observe the local fauna.

Depending on the weather we may head either east or west, cross steppe with lakes and visit Magellanic forests and the mountainous terrain that borders the icefield. Any walks will be short ones, enabling us to get close to the best photographic locations.

Full-day | Trek: 30mins, 1km | Difficulty: Low | Max elevation: 160m | Transfer round-trip: 6hrs

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Paine Massif Lookout, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Paine Massif Lookout

9. Lazo Weber

This marvellous trail is one of the least frequented in the Torres del Paine National Park. We start at Estancia Lazo on the shores of the Laguna Verde where the hike goes through a small wood which then opens out into a wide valley with modest hills and incredible views of the Paine Cordillera.

On the slopes of the mountain we pass lagoons and high meadows offering us the chance to observe the birdlife (depending on the season). After around 4hrs we'll climb to a lookout at 400m for beautiful views of Lake Toro, the Serrano Pampas, the River Paine, Sierra Baguales, the Paine Cordillera and Mt Balmaceda.

Full-day | Trek: 5hrs, 15km | Difficulty: Medium | Max elevation: 430m | Transfer round-trip: 3.5hrs

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Lazo Weber, Patagonia

Lazo Weber

10. Paine Massif Lookout

This excursion is exclusive to Patagonia Camp. We'll drive about 20mins from the hotel to the Grey Lookout from where we'll head up the trail towards one of the most stunning lookouts in Torres del Paine. After hiking along winding paths surrounded by old forests and lagoons we'll get impressive views of the Paine Massif, Grey Glacier, part of the South Patagonian Ice Field and the Serrano Valley.

Then we'll begin our descent, passing a group of hidden lagoons with the path widening to reach a ravine filled with Pre-Andean Scrub and Lenga forests. Here we may be able to see the Magellanic woodpecker with the Serrano Valley providing the backdrop.

Full-day | Trek: 5hrs, 13km | Difficulty: Medium | Max elevation: 600m | Transfer round-trip: 1hr

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Paine Massif Lookout, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Paine Massif Lookout

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Sydney says

The only trouble with basing yourself at Patagonia Camp to explore Torres del Paine is that the property is so beautiful and serene that you won’t want to leave. If time allows, build in an extra day to sleep in, relax, and immerse yourself in the landscape - or at least in the private jacuzzi!

Sydney Miller Patagonia Specialist

11. Los Maitenes Peninsula

This hike is within the Torres del Paine Complejo and completely exclusive to Patagonia Camp. After a 40-min drive to El Bote Bay we'll start our walk across meadows, scrubland, areas of cattle grazing and through deciduous Magellanic forests and the only native forest of Mayten trees in Chilean South Patagonia.

We'll walk through pristine nature, home to species that have migrated from the National Park to quieter areas. This is a truly idyllic setting with fantastic views of the Paine Massif and Toro, Maravilla and Porteño lakes. The excursion ends with us walking back to Patagonia Camp.

Half-day | Trek: 5hrs, 15km | Difficulty: Medium | Max elevation: 200m | Transfer round-trip: 40mins

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Los Maintenes Peninsula, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Los Maintenes Peninsula

12. Cerro Castillo

Cerro Castillo is one the icons in the vicinity of Torres del Paine. This route of this excursion allows us to observe Lake Porteño, Lake Toro, the Paine Massif, Sierra Baguales, Las Chinas River, Cerro Tenerife as well as providing glimpses of Grey Glacier.

We head out through a forest of Ñirre beech trees before starting the ascent to the peak of the mountain. Halfway along the trail we enter an ancient forest of Lenga beech trees before ascending the peak via an exposed ridge. From the top we'll have a 360° view of the beautiful nature of Chilean Patagonia.

Full-day | Trek: 7hrs, 18km | Difficulty: High | Max elevation: 1,070m | Transfer round-trip: 1.5hrs

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Cerro Castillo, Patagonia

Cerro Castillo

13. The Milodon Cave

Visiting the Milodon Cave is the ideal choice for a quiet day. On this half-day excursion we'll visit a series of caves in and around Cerro Benitez, located a short distance from Puerto Natales. There are seven caves, three of which are protected as Natural Monuments by the Chilean government.

In each of the caves, evidence of the first people to inhabit the Steppe have been found as well as cave paintings and the remains of animals such as the Milodon sloth, sabre-toothed tiger and Hippidion Saldiasi horse. Like all the places chosen by the Aonikenk culture, the area is characterized by exceptional geology, spectacular views and favourable weather conditions.

Half-day | Treks: 3hrs, 5.5km | Difficulty: Low | Max elevations: 158m | Transfer round-trip: 1.5hrs

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The Milodon Cave, Patagonia

The Milodon Cave

Patagonia Camp

Excursions around Patagonia Camp

14. Three Lagoons

Part of this trail is within the property where Patagonia Camp is located and it follows paths that border crystalline lakes with impressive views of Lake Toro, Cerro Tenerife and the Paine Massif in the distance as well as passing through native forests surrounded by Lenga and Coigüe beech trees and the impressive Guaitecas cypress tree.

We continue the hike across rocks and roped sections to finally reach the Toro Waterfall before heading back to the Camp.

Full-day | Trek: 5hrs, 14km | Difficulty: Medium/High | Max elevation: 250m

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The Three Lagoons trek, Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia

The Three Lagoons trek

15. The Blue Lookout

There are many special places to discover in and around the Camp and the Blue Lookout is an ideal spot to observe and feel the rhythms of nature as you visit a little explored area which is excellent for contemplation and relaxation. The path is relatively flat and throughout you will be accompanied by forests of Coigüe beech and the local birds.

This self-guided hike offers views of the Paine Massif, Cerro Tenerife and the varied blue colours of Lake Porteño and Lake Toro. This is the perfect choice for a walk in the privacy of the property.

Half-day | Trek: 2hrs, 6km | Difficulty: Low/Medium | Max elevation: 120m

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View from Blue Lookout, Patagonia

View from Blue Lookout

16. Kayak Puntilla

This kayak trip is exclusive to Patagonia Camp. Our team of guides will explain the technical basics of paddling and safety instructions. After getting fully kitted-out we'll go to Lake Toro, the largest lake in the region. We'll kayak around the well-protected bays and islands with extraordinary views of the Patagonian landscape. This activity is truly not to be missed!

Note: This excursion is subject to the weather. Guests must follow the instructions of our guides. Recommended for ages 14 to 65. Maximum weight per person is 103kg/227lb.

Half-day | Kayak: 3hrs, 2km | Difficulty: Medium/Low | Max elevation: 50m

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Kayaking near Patagonia Camp, Patagonia

Kayaking near Patagonia Camp

17. Toro Cascade

Just a few metres from the Camp, within the grounds, is this beautiful and isolated spot. The self-guided walk begins 500m from the entrance and it borders the immense Lake Toro. After about 40mins you reach the Toro Cascade, surrounded by native forest, where a variety of birds will appear to watch the hikers go by.

You'll get some fantastic shots of the Paine Massif as well as the Horns and Lake Toro. This walk allows you to visit a truly intimate place and to share one of our most romantic landscapes, something only offered by Patagonia Camp.

Half-day | Trek: 1.5hrs, 2km | Difficulty: Low/Medium | Max elevation: 50m

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Toro Cascade, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Toro Cascade

18. Lake Toro Lookout

This self-guided walk begins directly from the Camp on an old wide trail formerly used by carts. It connects the small rocky peninsulas of the southern bank of Lake Toro with Alevines Bay. As the trail heads southeast you enter a forest of Lengas and Notros and walk over gently sloping hills with views of Lake Toro and its islands to the south, as well as a panorama of mountain chains and native forests full of birds and flowers in summer.

On a clear day the Toro Sierra and the Paine Massif can be seen and you will feel the winds coming off the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. The final destination will be your choice as the return to the Camp is along the same route.

Half-day | Trek: 1.5hrs, 3km | Difficulty: Low | Max elevation: 120m

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Lake Toro Lookout, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Lake Toro Lookout

19. Interpretative Trail

This trail makes its way through the dense forest that surrounds Patagonia Camp. The self-guided walk starts from the Camp, following the access road before entering shrubland towards the south. The trail is hidden amongst abundant vegetation and there is a small lagoon very close to the yurts.

After walking through the forest you reach a hidden lagoon where there's a variety of birdlife during the summer season and many flowers during spring and summer.

Half-day | Trek: 40mins, 500m | Difficulty: Low | Max elevation: 53m

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Along the interpretative trail, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Along the interpretative trail

20. Riverbank fishing

Patagonia Camp is located on the banks of Lake Toro which, thanks to its irregular geography, has numerous islands, bays and rivers flowing into it. This makes it one of the best areas for fishing in the region. Rainbow and brown trout as well as salmon can be caught between November and March.

Our expert guides will indicate the best fishing spots and help with anything you need. Our fishing method is 'catch and release'.

Note: The fishing licence can be obtained online and it is the client's responsibility to obtain it. Consult with our staff in reception if you require help acquiring the licence. Fishing season is from October 15 to April 15.

Half-day | Trek: 10-90mins, 800m | Difficulty: Low | Max elevation: 50m

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Fishing at Lake Toro, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Fishing at Lake Toro