4 types of trips to include in your Patagonian adventure

  • For the hard core trekkers amongst you looking to really push yourselves, we've pulled together some of our most exciting, unknown and wild 'Challenging Hikes'.
  • If another sport, kayaking, horse riding or mountain biking is more what you are interested in, we've picked out 3 of our favourite experiences in the 'Special Interest Tours' section.
  • Wildlife and scenery fanatics will find inspiring and unusual trips deep into the glacier clogged fjords or hanging out with the humpback whales in the 'Wildlife and Scenery Tours'.
  • For those looking to visit the lesser know areas of Patagonia but not take on a challenging hike or a multi-day expedition but simply to sit back and enjoy the scenery and possibly take on the odd day hike or leisurely kayak, you'll find plenty of inspiration in the 'Lesser Known Patagonia' section.
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Challenging Hikes

Special Interest Tours

Wildlife & Scenery Tours

Lesser known Patagonia

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