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Group Tours

Group Tours

Join like-minded people on a 1-4 week journey across Patagonia, a cheaper way to see the most popular places in the region.

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Private Tours

Private Tours

A trip fully supported and tailored to your needs and dates. Great adventures by day and comfortable accommodation each night.

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Trekking Holidays

Trekking Holidays

Explore the different landscapes of the Patagonian Andes. Challenge your body and mind amongst some of the world's most dramatic peaks and glaciers.

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Specialist Trips

Specialist Trips

Our network of guides will ensure you have the local knowledge, technical expertise and equipment you need for that specialist adventure.

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Why Swoop?

We're Patagonia ambassadors. From our first call with you, we'll help you discover everything there is to know and love about this incredible region.

  1. We know Patagonia

    Make the most of every precious day of your trip - benefit from our combined 50 years' experience exploring, living and working in the region.

  2. We work with a network of over 120 local partners

    For every traveller that comes to us, we find the very best trip from the trusted local guides and operators that we work with. Together, we cover every corner of Patagonia and even stretch up to the Atacama Desert, Iguazu Falls and the Brazilian border. No matter what you want to do, or where you'd like to go, we know the specialist people to bring your trip to life and we can match them up with your needs and budget.

  3. We'll help you craft your ideal trip

    We will recommend activity partners so you can book trips directly with them, match you up with a group tour and even help you book a lodge or hotel from which to explore. Essentially, you can book your entire personalised trip with us, leaving you to focus on incredible experiences at the end of the earth.

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What our customers think

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You did an amazing job and we couldn't have asked for more! Thank you so much for your dedication to making our trip magical every step of the way. We will definitely recommend you. Read the full review

Chris Houck United States Of America December 2019

Customer Image

Having Swoop plan the trip was essential. We would not have been able to duplicate what they did for us with their knowledge of the area. The amount of time we stayed in each place was perfect. The trip was incredible and we are so grateful to the Swoop team for all they did. Read the full review

Lucy Edwards United States Of America November 2019

Customer Image

I appreciate all the information that Swoop has on their website. It was very helpful in getting familiar with some of the different options, treks, experiences, etc. I also liked the fact that Swoop staff have done the treks and were so enthusiastic about the area and the experiences. That was definitely helpful and encouraging.

Tim USA December 2017

Customer Image

We couldn't have booked this trip without Swoop. In particular, the accommodations recommended to us along the Carretera Austral were perfect. I have and will continue to recommend working with Swoop for any interested friends.

Sonia Canada November 2017

Customer Image

I would love to visit other destinations with Swoop. These destinations are challenging to book/research/prepare for, so having a specialist to talk with beforehand is really important and helpful.

Amy Australia October 2017

Customer Image

We really valued Swoop's expertise, and the fact that you had been to the places we were going.

Greg & Michelle December 2015

The itinerary was so informative, we referred to it a lot. Every transition went smoothly and every Swoop-booked person we interacted with was so friendly. Read the full review

Mindy De Hooge United States Of America December 2018

The advice I was given was spot on. The pre trip information was comprehensive and appropriate. We felt well prepared for the trip and it was the perfect fit for out family. We have discussed doing the O circuit in the future and would only use Swoop. Read the full review

Dindy Pawlinger United States Of America December 2018

Swoop replied to our queries in a timely manner... For someone that is 2000km away, that is very reassuring.

Autal Australia October 2017

Top to bottom, the trip was fabulous. If I were to do anything differently, it would simply be to have stayed longer to be able to explore further. The trip went like clockwork (with one minor exception), so I'll certainly say that Swoop earned my trust and I'd be more than comfortable to book again.

Mark USA October 2017

I was really pleased with the service I received from Swoop. I was travelling alone and didn't know much about Patagonia when I first started thinking about this trip - Swoop helped me plan the trip of my dreams and made it extremely easy!

Liz New York March 2017

From day one Swoop listened to what we desired and engaged to help us define exactly what we wished for our adventure. They team helped us through every detail, from researching and purchasing gear to the play by play of every day. It was great. Read the full review

Nic and Julie Iannarone October 2016

Swoop were incredibly responsive, with thoughtful and generous advice, honest feedback...we were thoroughly impressed and happy with the service provided.

Ariel January 2016

I would definitely recommend Swoop to my friends. You were very thorough and professional and took care of all issues. What more can anyone ask for?

Carlene December 2015

Swoop did a good job of staying in contact with me and quickly responding to my questions. I honestly can’t think of anything you should have done differently, you were great!

Leslie December 2015

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