Balmaceda Glacier

About the Glacier

  • An impressive hanging glacier, it can be found in the southern part of Torres del Paine National Park  in Chilean Patagonia - Patagonia's most popular.
  • Unlike other glaciers in this part of Patagonia, this glacier does not come down off the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap, but is attached to the similar Serrano Glacier.

How to see it:

Few people visit this impressive glacier whilst in Torres del Paine in comparison to the number of people that hike to the sprawling Glacier Grey whilst trekking the W Circuit.


A fantastic way of seeing this glacier is kayaking out of the park on a 2 or 3-day tour of the Rio Serrano and its surrouding picturesque area.

Find out more about kayaking in Torres del Paine, and kayaking to glaciers.

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Map of Balmaceda Glacier

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