The Original Torres del Paine W Trek

The most popular way to experience what might just be Patagonia's best hiking. Great local guides, small groups, moderate comfort in refugios and an efficient itinerary help you get the most out of your time. Great for solo travellers or pairs looking for a sociable trek.

5 Days


Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

  • From Puerto Natales, a drive to Torres Del Paine National Park and a round trip to Las Torres lookout point
  • One way hike to Los Cuernos lookout point with a chance of seeing Andean condors
  • A Hike to the French Valley viewpoint with a magnificent view of both mountains and lakes, the hike finishes up on the shore of the Pehoe Lake
  • One way hike to Glacier Grey with the option of an additional Ice hike or Kayak
  • 2 hour boat excursion on Lake Grey

Start from Puerto Natales and end at Puerto Natales

Landmarks visited on The Original Torres del Paine W Trek

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1: Roundtrip Hike to Las Torres Lookout Point

Starting from Puerto Natales at 7:00 AM, we drive all the way to Torres del Paine National Park. We will drive through open pampas and huge ranches (estancias), and chances are we will be able to observe one of the most typical animals in this area, the nandu, (rare South American ostrich). We will follow an unpaved road heading to Refugio Las Torres to spend our first night.

Upon entering the park we will have excellent photographic and birding opportunities as we drive alongside lagoons frequented by Chilean flamencos and black-necked swans. After leaving your backpack at the Refugio, we start the trek to the base of the Towers, following the Ascencio River to enter the Ascencio Valley. The walk will be uphill for one hour before stopping to observe the first glimpses of the valley surrounded by unbelievable beech forests, glaciers and waterfalls. We'll continue through the valley for another hour and a half before ascending a huge terminal moraine to a lookout (900 M), excellent for picture taking. This amazing view will be accompanied by lunch to add to the enjoyment.

After being awed by the towers we'll start the descent, following the same path back to the hut. Dinner will be served in the Refugio.

Transfer: 2 hour private transfer

Meals: Packed lunch and dinner

Accommodation: Night at Refugio Torres Central

Day 2: One Way Hike to Los Cuernos Lookout Point

We will start early morning to enjoy, weather permitting, a magnificent dawn filled with orange-pink colors. As we leave the campground we will arrive at Inge lagoon. Chances are, on this path, we may see the flight of an Andean condor or eagles hunting hares or small rodents. We follow a well mark trail ascending around (200 M) from the base of Almirante Nieto Mountain (2750 M), crossing the Bader River to arrive at Refugio Los Cuernos where we will stay overnight.

Length of hike:  6 hours, 17 km

Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner

Accommodation: Night at Refugio Los Cuernos

Day 3: One Way Hike to Pehoe Lake, via The French Valley

We will start our day with a 2-hour walk going to an undulating path until reaching the French River for our first glimpses of the hanging glacier. Then we will ascend (300 M) for one hour through a surreal Japanese garden landscape, crossing beech forests, to reach the French valley viewpoint gifting us with a magnificent view of both mountains and lakes.We will lunch here with good possibilities of seeing avalanches from the hanging glacier or simply observe the west side of the Cuernos (2600 M), Espada (2400 M) and Fortaleza (2800 M).

Our way back will be the same until we reach the entrance of the valley where we will continue on a different path around the South-West side of Paine Grande, the highest peak in the Park, through native forests of Chilean fire bush and evergreen beech (Nothofagus Bethuloides), up to the shore of the Pehoe Lake.

Length of hike: 8-9 hour, 18 KM

Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner

Accommodation: Night at Refugio Paine Grande

Day 4:  One Way Hike to Glacier Grey - Optional Ice Hike or Kayak

We will begin early morning with our hike to the Grey Glacier. Initially ascending 200m up a winding narrow path leading us to Laguna Negra, a place where we will observe the first glimpses of the South Patagonia Ice Field with its many unclimbed mountains.

We will advance through forests and rivers, with possible sightings of spectacle and flying steamer ducks, up to the glacier viewpoint. We will have lunch at this place to see, if we are lucky enough, ice calving from the huge glacier wall. Optional Ice hike or Kayak (book in advance, please contact our Travel Specialists).

Length of hike: 4 hours, 11 KM

Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner

Accommodation: Night at Refugio Grey

Day 5: Navigation in front of Glacier - Transfer back to Natales 

Enjoy a morning of leisure. Hike above the Glacier, down to the lake or simply relax on the refugio terrace. 

Right after lunch we start an exciting adventure by boat. We will navigate for a while in front of the glacier in the hope of seeing icebergs calve. Our return journey offers views of Paine Grande with its impressive ice mushrooms and we sail through icebergs of different tones of blue. Then we will take a transfer back to Puerto Natales.

Transfer: 2 hours by boat on Lake Grey

Meals: Breakfast and packed lunch

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Prices, Departures and Inclusions

The price is the trip is normally $1,695 USD per person. However if the total group size on a particular date is only 2 or 3 people then the trip will go ahead but at $1,995 USD per person.

Start date Price (pp)
January 2018
23-Jan-2018 $1,696 Fully Booked
25-Jan-2018 $1,696 Fully Booked
29-Jan-2018 $1,696 Guaranteed Date
30-Jan-2018 $1,696 Limited Availability
February 2018
4-Feb-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
5-Feb-2018 $1,696 Fully Booked
6-Feb-2018 $1,696 Limited Availability
9-Feb-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
11-Feb-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
14-Feb-2018 $1,696 Fully Booked
17-Feb-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
19-Feb-2018 $1,696 Fully Booked
22-Feb-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
24-Feb-2018 $1,696 Guaranteed Date
26-Feb-2018 $1,696 Limited Availability
March 2018
1-Mar-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
3-Mar-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
4-Mar-2018 $1,696 Limited Availability
6-Mar-2018 $1,696 Guaranteed Date
9-Mar-2018 $1,696 Limited Availability
11-Mar-2018 $1,696 Limited Availability
15-Mar-2018 $1,696 Limited Availability
16-Mar-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
17-Mar-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
21-Mar-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
24-Mar-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
26-Mar-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
31-Mar-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
April 2018
9-Apr-2018 $1,696 Guaranteed Date
20-Apr-2018 $1,696 Guaranteed Date
25-Apr-2018 $1,696 Provisional Date
September 2018
30-Sep-2018 $1,695* Provisional Date
October 2018
5-Oct-2018 $1,695 Provisional Date
10-Oct-2018 $1,695* Provisional Date
15-Oct-2018 $1,695 Provisional Date
20-Oct-2018 $1,695* Provisional Date
25-Oct-2018 $1,695 Provisional Date
29-Oct-2018 $1,695* Provisional Date
30-Oct-2018 $1,695 Provisional Date
November 2018
4-Nov-2018 $1,695* Provisional Date
9-Nov-2018 $1,695 Provisional Date
10-Nov-2018 $1,695* Provisional Date
14-Nov-2018 $1,695 Provisional Date
18-Nov-2018 $1,695* Provisional Date
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29-Nov-2018 $1,695* Provisional Date
December 2018
2-Dec-2018 $1,695 Provisional Date
4-Dec-2018 $1,695* Provisional Date
8-Dec-2018 $1,695 Provisional Date
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31-Dec-2018 $1,695* Provisional Date
January 2019
1-Jan-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
2-Jan-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
3-Jan-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
5-Jan-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
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10-Jan-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
13-Jan-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
15-Jan-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
18-Jan-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
20-Jan-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
23-Jan-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
25-Jan-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
30-Jan-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
February 2019
2-Feb-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
4-Feb-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
7-Feb-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
9-Feb-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
12-Feb-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
14-Feb-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
17-Feb-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
19-Feb-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
22-Feb-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
24-Feb-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
27-Feb-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
March 2019
4-Mar-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
9-Mar-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
14-Mar-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
19-Mar-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date
24-Mar-2019 $1,695 Provisional Date
29-Mar-2019 $1,695* Provisional Date

* Note: Prices are per person. Paid in USD ($) - figure above is based on today's exchange rate. Actual cost $1,695


  • All private transport included in the itinerary
  • Entrance fee to Torres del Paine National Park
  • 4 nights accommodation in mountain lodges/ refugios (comfortable rooms with 6 beds and shared bathrooms)
  • Sleeping bags and liners (when possible with sheets, blanket and pillow)
  • Boat trip on Lago Grey
  • All meals included in the itinerary (B: breakfast; L: lunch; D: dinner)
  • English & Spanish speaking guide


  • Any additional nights accommodation
  • Medical / personal expenses
  • Insurance
  • Lunch on day 1; Dinner on day 5
  • Any drinks at refugios other than those on the menu
  • Gratuities for the guide
  • An accommodation upgrade is available on day 3 to a private cabin at Los Cuernos ($80 USD for a single, $40 USD for a double).

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