What excursions does Awasi Patagonia offer?

Illustrated Guide

1. Rodas Lagoon, Puesto Verde hike

Walking through the steep hillsides, we find the tranquil Rhodes Lagoon, protected by the cliffs of Santa Lucia. We will cross a river of melt water before reaching an actual herd driving post in the middle of the cross-sectional valleys, protected by imposing summits such as the Cono or the Torreon.

We will make our return along the banks of the Baguales River, enjoying the unique landscape of the basin this river has created.

Full-day | Travel time: 1hr 15mins | Length of hike: 5hrs | Difficulty: Moderate

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Rodas Lagoon to Puesto Verde, Patagonia, Chile

Rodas Lagoon to Puesto Verde

2. Fossilised forest hike

Discover the fossilised remains of a forest, where you can observe and appreciate leaves and trunks that have been petrified for more than 25 million years.

This is an invitation to become a paleontologist for the day and identify plants through their leaves. All this in the middle of the mountainous landscape of the Sierra Baguales in the ‘Geological and Paleontological Park La Cumbre - Baguales’.

Half-day | Travel time: 1hr 15mins | Length of hike: 2.5hrs | Difficulty: Moderate

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Fossilised Forest, Patgonia, Chile

Fossilised Forest

3. Fossil trail hike

Enter the ‘Parque Geológico y Paleontológico La Cumbre – Baguales’ geological and paleontological park and walk through the landscape of the high steppe.

Visit places where you can observe and discover the flora and fauna that have existed in this area during the last 40 million years. Plants, mollusks, shark teeth and tree trunks are among the vestiges that appear fossilized in the middle of gullies and cliffs.

Guanacos accompany you on this trip, where the environment is dominated by rocky formations of great beauty and attraction.

Full-day | Travel time: 1hr 15mins | Length of hike: 5hrs | Difficulty: High

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Fossil Trail, Patagonia, Chile

Fossil Trail

4. Contreras Gemita hike

Leaving directly from the door of the Awasi, this is our most difficult hike.  We will climb the Sierra Contreras up to the summit, passing through lengas, yaretas and talus.

At the top, a 360° view awaits us, which includes the Sierra Baguales and the North, Central and South towers, standing among distinct valleys and lakes. We continue along the plane of the summit, observing extraordinary landscapes and formations until the moment of descent.

Full-day | Length of hike: 7hrs | Difficulty: High

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Contreras Gemita, Patagonia, Chile

Contreras Gemita

5. Puesto el Mercado horse ride

Discover how the gauchos of Patagonia live in these remote and lonely places of the planet. You will ride across the ranch, accompanied by one of these gauchos, until arriving at the trading post named ‘El Mercado’, a place of housing and work for these people who carry out their work in these solitary areas.

Marvel at the serenity, isolation and beauty that a place like this, on the banks of the Las Chinas River, can offer you.

Full-day | Travel time: 15mins | Length of ride: 6hrs | Difficulty: High

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Puesto el Mercado horseride, Patagonia, Chile

Puesto el Mercado horseride

6. Salto de Las Chinas horse ride

Travel through the northeast sector of the ranch that houses our private reserve and let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the landscapes that surround this place.

If the weather allows, apart from admiring the Salto Las Chinas waterfall, you can also enjoy privileged views, such as Azul Lagoon with the Torres del Paine in background or Lake Sarmiento with the extensive grasslands of the Pampas that surround it, scenery you will surely never forget.

Full-day | Travel time: 15mins | Length of ride: 5hrs | Difficulty: Moderate

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Las Chinas horse riding

Horse riding from Estancia Las Chinas, Torres del Paine

7. Sierra Masle hike/biking

What we consider 'the first tourist of Torres del Paine' (Lady Florence Dixie, in 1878) arrived at Azul Lagoon, where we will be hiking. Starting from the lake shore we will walk up a loop that showcases a few of the different biomes that compose Torres del Paine. It's a good introduction to the National Park and the Paine massif.

Note: consider reading Florence Dixie's book, 'Across Patagonia' to appreciate how unchanged the landscape remains.

Half-day | Travel time: 1hr | Length of hike: 3.5hrs | Difficulty: Easy

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Sierra Masle, Patagonia, Chile

Sierra Masle

8. Azul Lagoon hike

An excellent location in which to appreciate a variety of local birds, such as caiquen, jugarjue duck and tagua. Azul Lagoon is a paradise for birdwatchers. In addition, the presence of guanacos and ñandúes is very common along the way.

You will be enchanted by the imposing Torres del Paine behind the backdrop of the Azul Lagoon and the perfect mix of Patagonian steppe and forest.

Half-day | Travel time: 1hr | Length of hike: 2hrs | Difficulty: Easy

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Laguna Azul, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Laguna Azul

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Swoop says

No two stays at Awasi are the same and no two experiences comparable. Your private guide and driver will listen and understand what you want to experience and will deliver something truly memorable.

9. Sierra Contreras hike

This mountain range is right in Awasi Patagonia's 'backyard'. Sierra Contreras is a great way to stretch your legs after a long drive or simply contemplate the vastness of the Patagonian landscape. Its 360º views from the top are a good way to get a reference of the area's highlights and decide on the next the hikes.

You'll enjoy real-life postcard views of the Paine Mountain Range, Sierra Baguales, Valle de las Chinas and Lake Sarmiento, among other geographical wonders. It's not even necessary to jump into a car: you can start right from our main lodge though the lush lenga-forest that serves as our refuge until you reach the open plateau.

Note: It's well marked and can be done with or without the guide. It's a loop that can go from 45mins to 2hrs, depending on your fitness level.

Half-day | Length of hike: 45mins-2hrs | Difficulty: Moderate

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Sierra Contreras, Patagonia, Chile

Sierra Contreras

10. Estancia Tercera Barranca horse ride

In Patagonia horses are a big part of gaucho culture, so hiking and horse riding are two of the best ways to get to know this place. This excursion begins only a few minutes away from our lodge in a nearby estancia, riding through the steppe with one of the best views of Torres del Paine.

The duration of this activity will be determined by the skill level of the riders. The current and prior weather conditions also determine the feasibility of this excursion, since the terrain could be affected.

Note: A minimum skill level and horse riding experience is necessary.

Half-day | Travel time: 15mins | Length of ride: 1-4hrs | Difficulty: Moderate

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Estancia Tercera Barranca, Patagonia, Chile

Estancia Tercera Barranca

11. Cleopatra's Needles biking/horse ride

Cleopatra’s Needles was the name that Lady Florence Dixie, the first tourist to visit the area, bestowed upon the Torres del Paine. When you take this tour, you can follow the same route that the explorer took in 1878, to contemplate and feel some of the experiences of such a daring journey.

Half-day | Travel time: 15mins | Length of hike: 3hrs | Difficulty: Easy

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Cleopatra's Needles, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

'Cleopatra's Needles'

12. Loma Guanaco hike/biking

As the name says, it's the place where large herds of guanacos usually roam. These wild South American camelids stand at around 2m (7ft) tall and weigh between 90 and 140kg (200 to 310lbs) making them one of the largest native terrestrial mammals on the continent. Their presence also provides a good chance to encounter other local species like foxes, pumas and condors.

Loma Guanaco is on the way to Azul Lagoon, in an area that not many tourists visit, making it a very private and quiet spot.

It is possible to combine this activity with other short hikes and highlights in the area.

Half-day | Travel time: 45mins | Length of hike: 3hrs | Difficulty: Easy

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Loma Guanaco, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Loma Guanaco

13. Paine waterfall hike/biking

The Paine River is located on the Eastern region of the Torres del Paine National Park, very close to our lodge and to the Lake Amarga, so it's easy to appreciate the views from its banks after a comfortable drive.

The river rises from its source in Dickson Glacier and eventually flows into the Lake Nordenskjöld, in the heart of the park. About halfway through is this scenic waterfall, with the three famous granite needles as its backdrop. ‘Paine’ means blue in the native Aonikenk language, and it's easy to imagine from the tones of the glacial waters, the pristine skies and the tinged mountains why they decided to name the region after that colour.

Note: This excursion is best combined with other nearby activities in the Azul Lagoon area, such as Sierra Masle or Loma Guanaco.

Half-day | Travel time: 45mins | Length of hike: 3hrs | Length of ride: 2hrs | Difficulty: Easy

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Paine Cascade, Torres del Paine, Chile

Paine Cascade

14. Estancia San Luis horse ride

Get the feeling of what the iconic ‘baqueanos’ experienced, riding on the endless yellow Patagonian steppe. Looking onto the Paine massif towards the east, and to the north the imposing Sierra Baguales range.

This excursion has the perfect mixture of traditional culture and surreal sightseeing. We can combine it with excursions in the Sierra Baguales mountain range and finish our day with some local ‘asado’ (traditional gaucho BBQ) in the best scenery and light as the day comes to and end.

Note: We need to cross a river to get to this estancia. Depending on the amount of precipitation and melting snow, sometimes we cannot get to the estancia.

Half-day | Travel time: 45mins | Length of hike: 1-4hrs | Difficulty: Moderate

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Estancia San Luis, Patagonia, Chile

Estancia San Luis

15. Aonikenk Trail hike

This is one on the few trails within the park that combines gorgeous landscapes with tangible evidence of the Aonikenk native culture. You will enjoy an easy path with panoramic views towards the Paine massif and the Patagonian steppe, and observe some evidence of rock art from earlier human inhabitants.

If that wasn't enough, plenty of birds, guanacos and foxes roam the area, which is why this trail is also well known for puma sightings. Due to the location of this trail it is easily combined with other short hikes or drives to the park's highlights.

Note: Due to the presence of pumas, children younger than 10 years of age are not allowed to hike this trail.

Half-day | Travel time: 45mins | Length of hike: 4hrs | Difficulty: Easy

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Aonikenk Trail, Patagonia, Chile

Aonikenk Trail

16. Nomad's Trail hike

Evoke the indomitable lands of Patagonia, walking through the same steppe that the nomadic Tehuelches travelled years ago. An indigenous people that left expressive rock art in a cave to which we will arrive after a quiet walk, accompanied by guanacos and ñandúes.

Half-day | Travel time: 55mins | Length of hike: 2.5hrs | Difficulty: Easy

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Nomad's Trail, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Nomad's Trail

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The concept of Awasi makes it unique. Each stay is centred around what the guest wants to experience and not what is programmed for each day.

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17. Estancia Lazo horse ride

This excursion offers one of the most spectacular views of the south side of the Paine massif, from beginning to end. Starting at Estancia Lazo, we will ride up through the Sierra del Toro.

Approximately two hours of a leisurely walk beneath a forest of lengas, with rests at viewpoints along the way to admire the imposing landscape: the main summits and valleys of the Park.

Half-day | Travel time: 1.5hrs | Length of hike: 3hrs | Difficulty: Moderate

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Estancia Lazo horseride, Patagonia, Chile

Estancia Lazo horseride

18. Base of the Towers hike

This challenging path is the most visited in the park and for a very good reason: the prize of being so close under the wonderful towers. They will make you feel like you are in one of the famous postcards of the area, right at the base of the towers, before a glacial lagoon, experiencing the 12 million years of history that sculpted them from the granite from which they are composed.

To reach this much-venerated location you will have to overcome many obstacles: an ascent of 800 meters, strong winds, changeable weather and a variety of ecosystems.

Full-day | Travel time: 1hr 10mins | Length of hike: 7.5hrs | Difficulty: High

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Base of the Towers, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Base of the Towers

19. French Valley hike

This is considered one of the best trails in the Park. It ascends past steep rock formations and, with some luck; you can witness the avalanches of the Glacier Francés. A little higher, we find impressive summits and immense granite walls, giving a 360-degree view of the heart of the Paine massif.

This excursion has a long duration, because we have to cross the Lago Pehoé Lake in a catamaran, offering us a beautiful view of the Massif.

Full-day | Travel time: 1hr 20mins | Length of hike: 7hrs | Difficulty: High

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The French Valley, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

The French Valley

20. Cuernos Lookout hike

Nestled in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, the lookout promises stunning vistas... 

Starting from Pudeto, the trail leads past the awe-inspiring Salto Grande Waterfall, immersing you in a landscape adorned with turquoise glacial lakes, vibrant calafate bushes, and serene guanacos. As you journey towards the iconic "horns," including Paine Grande and Almirante Nieto, be prepared for photo opportunities overlooking the Nordenskjold Lake.

Half-day | Travel time: 1.5hrs | Length of hike: 5hrs | Difficulty: Easy

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Cuernos Lookout, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Cuernos Lookout

21. Cóndor Lookout hike

With a central location just east of Lago Pehoé, this short but steep excursion will reward you with a spectacular 360-degree view of the park. To the northwest is the always-impressive Campo de Hielo Sur ice field; to the north, the dominant Paine massif, with its Cuernos being the main protagonists, at the foot of Nordenskjöld Lake; to the east, the Sierra Baguales; to the south, the Sierra del Toro.

The strong winds on this trail are as notable as the landscapes and condors in high flight.

Half-day | Travel time: 1.5hrs | Length of hike: 2hrs | Difficulty: High

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Cóndor Lookout, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Cóndor Lookout

22. Peninsula Grey hike

Enjoy the birdsong while walking through an enchanting forest of lengas until arriving at the Grey beach. As you get closer, you will be impressed by the majestic ice floes that reach the beach, drawn by the characteristic strong winds of the area.

You can walk to the edge of the peninsula and appreciate Grey Glacier from afar.

Full-day | Travel time: 2hrs | Length of hike: 2.5hrs | Difficulty: Easy

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Lake Grey, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Lake Grey

23. Pingo River hike

In one of the park’s oldest forests, you will be able to appreciate the predominant flora of this area, growing alongside the eponymous river, the Pingo. Surrounded by ancient rock formations, sculpted by powerful glaciers, you will be surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

With more than 1,000mm of rainfall per year, it is one of the rainiest areas in the park. This, along with the aforementioned flora and river, makes it the ideal habitat for the huemul, an emblematic animal in our country.

Full-day | Travel time: 2hrs | Length of hike: 2.5hrs | Difficulty: Easy

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Pingo Valley Bridge

A Pingo Valley bridge

24. Ferrier Lookout hike

Searching for a prize worthy of your efforts? This is the perfect option to be amazed by the number of the Park’s wonders. Thanks to the panoramic views from this site, you can appreciate the endless lakes, mighty rivers and much of the imposing Macizo Paine.

The steep path and the winds that sometimes buffet the summit make this hike quite difficult but the views are worth the effort.

Full-day | Travel time: 2hrs | Length of hike: 3.5hrs | Difficulty: High

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Man bracing the wind at the Mirador Ferrier, on Torres del Paine Hike, Chile

Bracing the wind at Mirador Ferrier

25. Paine River hike

Walk along these gentle slopes located at the mouth of the Paine River, from where you can appreciate how these waters, with their considerable concentration of glacial deposits, drain into the blue waters of Lake Toro, the largest lake in the area.

You can also admire some of the buildings of the old Paine River ranch, whose main house and centre of operations was located at this site.

Half-day | Travel time: 1hr 40mins | Length of hike: 2.5hrs | Difficulty: Moderate

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Paine River, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Paine River

26. Lazo-Weber hike

This tour starts in the Estancia Lazo region, entering the National Park via the Laguna Verde area, which will provide you with unique picture postcards of the Cordillera del Paine.

After having walked through beautiful and ancient forests of lenga and ñirres, you will arrive at one of the most incredible views in the area, which will astound you with its unique beauty.

This beautiful tour ends at the Weber Bridge before returning too the hotel.

Full-day | Travel time: 1.5hrs | Length of hike: 4.5hrs | Difficulty: Moderate

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Lazo-Weber hike, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Lazo-Weber hike