What excursions does Tierra Patagonia offer?

Illustrated Guide

1. Sierra Baguales

From the hotel we first head out towards the Sierra Baguales, a mountain range north east of the National Park, close to the Argentine border. The scenery here is completely different from the Paine Massif and the geology is impressive.

We’ll walk along the bank of the Baguales River, looking for fossils and enjoying the remoteness and views of this mostly unexplored valley. After the walk we’ll begin the journey back to Tierra Patagonia.

Half-day | Difficulty: Medium/easy

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Trekking in the Sierra Baguales, Patagonia, Chile

Trekking in the Sierra Baguales

2. Hunter's Trail hike

On this trek we’ll see remnants of the indigenous Aonikenk nomadic culture, part of the heritage of Patagonia. These nomads created paintings that we’ll see on rocky outcrops along the walk while we learn more about Patagonian history and the indigenous groups who lived in here.

This trail starts in a northerly direction towards the Paine Massif, its striking silhouette dominating the skyline of Torres del Paine. Along the way we’ll get the chance to spot some Patagonian wildlife, including guanacos, foxes and perhaps an Andean condor.

The trek finishes at the Portería Laguna Amarga, where our driver will be waiting to take us back to Tierra Patagonia.

Half-day | Difficulty: Medium/easy

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Trekking the Hunter's Trail, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Trekking the Hunter's Trail

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Swoop says

All excursions at Tierra Patagonia are organised the night before depending on individuals' preferences, weather conditions and the guides' recommendations, with the intention of curating the best possible experience for the group.

3. Base of the Towers hike

This legendary hike is one of the most spectacular in Torres del Paine. The first section is a steep ascent, roughly following the course of the Ascensio River to Paso de Los Vientos. As we climb higher the views expand and the mountains come into sight.

After a section of fairly level hiking on a steep mountainside we arrive at Refugio Chileno. We then cross the river and enter the shade in the forest. We emerge from the trees onto a rocky hillside, with huge boulders making for challenging hiking.

All the effort of the ascent is rewarded with spectacular views of the of the Towers. We’ll take the time to appreciate the isolation and grandeur of these mountains before retracing our steps.

Full-day | Difficulty: Difficult

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Base of the Towers, Torres del Paine, Chile

Base of the Towers, Torres del Paine

4. Laguna Azul – Canadon

Laguna Azul features the best lookout points for views of the Torres (Towers). Visit a lagoon of incredibly deep blue colour surrounded by a small wetland with a great variety of birds.

Then continue towards Paine Waterfall. With its rushing glacial waters, it is the park’s main tributary. Finally, tour the surroundings of a beautiful, green, high-Ph Bitter Lagoon, which is full of stromatolites.

And if lucky, there will even be flamingos to watch.

Half-day | Difficulty: Easy

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Laguna Azul, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Laguna Azul

5. French Valley hike

Today starts with a catamaran ride across Lake Pehoé from Pudeto to Paine Grande.

Here the hike starts on a narrow, stony path. After reaching the bridge that crosses the French River you'll begin climbing through a forest and see the hanging glacier that flows into the Paine Grande. If the pace of the hike and the climate allow, you'll continue climbing through lenga and coihue forests, by moraines and waterfalls until you reach the Plateau scenic lookout. Here you'll have lunch with unique views of the imposing Paine Grande.

You'll return along the same path and take the catamaran to cross Lake Pehoé and return to the hotel.

Full-day | Difficulty: Medium

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The French Valley, Torres del Paine, Chile

The French Valley, Torres del Paine

6. Glacier Grey hike

This is a challenging 13-mile (21 km) hike, spanning approximately 12-14 hours. This rigorous trek offers an active way to view Glacier Grey from a unique vantage point above the bridges. Your adventure begins with a 1-hour and 50-minute transfer to the Grey sector, followed by a scenic 1-hour boat journey to the northern side of the lake.

The first leg of the trek, starting from your drop-off point, involves a 1.5-hour uphill hike in a northerly direction, offering a captivating approach to the glacier. As you navigate through an awe-inspiring lenga forest, you'll enjoy unparalleled views of one of the Southern Ice Fields’ most stunning glaciers near the suspension bridges.

After returning to the starting point with 3 hours of hiking behind you, you'll have a break for a meal before continuing another 8.5 miles (13.5 km) towards Paine Grande Lodge. Here, a 30-minute catamaran ride across Lake Pehoé awaits, transporting you to your driver, who will take you back to the hotel.

Full-day | Difficulty: Medium

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Excursion in Torres del Paine, Chile

Excursion in Torres del Paine

7. Sailing to Glacier Grey; Touring the Paine Massif

This excursion takes us through the western area of the national park where we’ll get spectacular views of the distinctive ‘horns’.

Afterwards, we’ll pass through Nothofagus woodland to reach the beach on Grey Lake, where you’ll see large ice floes floating in the water. Here we board the catamaran and sail out towards Glacier Grey, surrounded by the stunning peaks of the Paine Massif.

Note: This excursion is included in your stay, but should be booked in advance to guarantee the space. Please let us know at the time of booking your stay, or your Customer Experience Coordinator know as soon as possible, if you would like to take this excursion.

Full-day | Difficulty: Easy

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Boat trip to Glacier Grey, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Boat trip to Glacier Grey

8. Cuernos Viewpoint hike

The trek starts near the Salto Grande waterfall which connects Lake Nordenskjold and Lake Pehoe. We follow a route through an exposed, barren area buffeted by strong winds.

We'll arrive at the viewpoint from where there are spectacular views of Los Cuernos on the other side of the turquoise Lake Nordenskjold.

Half-day | Difficulty: Medium

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Excursions from Tierra Patagonia

A hiker points out the Cuernos peaks, Torres del Paine

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Peter says

Of all of the luxury lodges in Torres del Paine, Tierra is my favourite. At the end of a day's exploring you still have those incredible views of Lago Sarmiento, the vast steppe, and the Paine Massif to enjoy over dinner, a glass of wine at the bar, or from your enormous bath tub.

Peter StanleyJones Patagonia Specialist

9. Ancient Geology at Lake Sarmiento

Discover ancient geological formations and unearth thousands of years of geology around Lake Sarmiento on this hiking tour. A 40-min drive takes us from our hotel to our starting point, for a varied trek over both flat and slightly steeper terrain before we hit the shores of the lake.

This expanse of water is home of formations called thrombolites, which were formed early on in the history of the world’s geology. The conditions needed for them to be created are a precise balance between climatic conditions, alkaline levels in the water and wildlife in the area amongst others. There are very few sites in the world where thrombolites are found.

Half-day | Difficulty: Medium/easy

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Lake Sarmiento, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Lake Sarmiento

10. Paso de Agostini hike

This is a little-known trail, away from the crowds, with the iconic Paine Massif as a backdrop. Setting off from Estancia Lazo, we begin our walk at Laguna Verde.

Our route takes us through lenga forest to reach a series of lookout points, with panoramic views of the lakes and mountains. We’ll stop for lunch along the way in a tranquil, natural setting before continuing on to a short climb of around 10mins to a viewpoint from where we can see the largest lake in the area, Lago del Toro.

The trip ends with a fairly steep descent to Weber Bridge where our driver is waiting to take us back to Tierra Patagonia.

Full-day | Difficulty: Medium/difficult

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Paso de Agostini trek, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Paso de Agostini trek

11. Horse riding at Estancia Lazo

There’s no better place to horse ride than with local gauchos at Estancia Lazo, reached by a beautiful drive along Lake Sarmiento.

At the estancia, we meet our horses and saddle up, ready for an adventure on horseback through mixed terrain and glorious scenery. We’ll ride through an ancient lenga forest, before arriving at a clearing which offers spectacular views of the Paine Massif.

Looking out over the iconic mountains of the national park is sure to remain as a warm memory long after you return home.

Half-day | Difficulty: Easy

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Horseriding at Estancia Lazo, Patagonia