Valle Pingo

The Pingo Valley lies to the west of Lago Grey in Torres del Paine National Park and is visited by very few people, which is wonderful for the Huemul deer and the few people who get out there. The initial trek into the valley is pretty easy going and well marked, and you'll come across a couple of impressive waterfalls. The first section is through an open valley and then you'll pass through a lenga forest. 

Once established in the valley, you can explore the Pingo Glacier and the Zapata Glacier (which lies right on the edge of the Ice Cap) from a basecamp in the valley. However, a guide is definitely needed.

Tom was trekking out here in 2017 and didn't see a soul the whole time he was. Beware of the wild baguales and the mosquitos! 

Map of Valle Pingo

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