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Glaciers of Patagonia Adventure Cruise

Get up close to the extraordinary sights of the Southern Patagonian Icefield on this small ship adventure cruise. You'll visit around fifteen glaciers on the only ship to sail this route, including the beautiful Amalia and Herman glaciers. Set foot on moraines and discover the wildlife of this magical corner of the Chilean fjords, all while enjoying the first-rate service on board. Get up close to the extraordinary sights of the Southern Patagonian Icefield on this small ship adventure cruise. You'll visit around fifteen glaciers on the only ship to sail this route, including the beautiful Amalia and Herman glaciers. Read more...

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Glaciers of Patagonia Adventure Cruise

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Trip length

4 Days


$1,965 -$3,230


Torres del Paine

Glaciers of Patagonia Adventure Cruise - 4 - $1,965

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

Day 1: Embark from Puerto Natales along the Last Hope Sound 

Day 2: Amalia and El Brujo Glaciers; Calvo Fjord

Day 3: Montañas Fjord

Day 4: Disembark in Puerto Natales

Start from Puerto Natales and end at Puerto Natales

Landmarks visited on Glaciers of Patagonia Adventure Cruise

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1: Embark from Puerto Natales along the Last Hope Sound

Check in from 4pm at the pier in Puerto Natales and meet your fellow travellers and guides for afternoon tea and a safety briefing. Popular with both Chileans and international travellers, this cruise will give you a good chance to practice your Spanish, with all instructions given in both English and Spanish.

The captain will welcome you to the expedition this evening and at around 6pm you'll set sail, navigating the Last Hope Sound (Ultima Esperanza) and leaving behind Puerto Natales and any signs of civilisation for three days.

The first night will see you sail through Kirke Narrows, into the Morla, Vicuña, Collingwood and Sarmiento Channels.

Meals: Dinner

Accommodation: Skorpios III ship

Day 2: Amalia and El Brujo Glaciers; Calvo Fjord

Start the day at the awe-inspiring Amalia Glacier which spans an incredible 18km, before entering the Southern Icefield. We'll disembark into small motorboats to reach the shore, from where we'll take a 15min walk to the viewpoint for the glacier. As we walk, we'll observe the effects of the water on theicebergs washed up on the shore.

After some time soaking up the scenery, we'll follow the same route to return to the ship. Once back on board, we'll pass close to the face of the glacier, allowing us toadmire the beauty of this tidewater glacier.

The next stop is El Brujo Glacier. We'll board a motorboat which takes us on a route that follows the edge of the moraine, leading to a hidden waterfall. Take in the breath-taking views of the immense face of the glacier on the way. We'll then sail back around to the moraine where we'll disembark and walk to a viewpoint almost touching the ice towering high above us. Here we'll have time to take photos and watch large sections of ice calving from the glacier and plummeting into the water below with a tremendous crash.

Today’s finale is Calvo Fjord. Prepare to be astounded as we're surrounded by stunning glaciers as we plough through icebergs on the Capitán Constantino icebreaker. Wherever we look, the views are simply stunning. On the icebreaker, we'll get closer views of the Captain Costantino Glacier, the largest in the fjord, as well as the Fernando and Alipio Glaciers. To crown this fantastic experience, 12-year-old whisky is served on ice from the glacier.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner

Accommodation: Skorpios III ship

Day 3: Montañas Fjord: Alsina and Bernal Glaciers

Wake up in the Montañas Fjord by the Sarmiento Mountains where we continue to be astounded by our surroundings. We are now deep in Patagonian wilderness with only glaciers and mountains on either side with barely a trace of anyone having ventured this way before.

The first excursion of the day takes us to the face of Alsina Glacier by motorboat. This is another chance to marvel at the different shades of blue revealed by the ice.

The next stop is the Bernal Glacier. Here, we'll disembark and take a short walk to the face of the glacier which we'll almost be close enough to touch. This is the closest we'll get to any of the glaciers during our cruise and will give us a better grasp of the sheer size of the ice and its crevasses. Being so close it's possible to really study the textures of the ice surface and is a humbling experience being face-to-face with the glacier.

Back on board, we'll continue back down the Montañas Fjord until we reach the White Narrows. The captain will navigate the ship very carefully through this narrow section before we disembark onto boats for the final excursion. This is a fantastic place to spot some of the marine life as we weave in and out of bays with a pod of dolphins in tow (if you’re lucky), past cliffs where condors may be lurking and around islands that are home to marine birds, such as cormorants and upland geese.

We'll celebrate the final night of the cruise with the Captain’s farewell dinner and party. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner

Accommodation: Skorpios III ship

Day 4: Disembark in Puerto Natales

After breakfast we'll disembark in Puerto Natales between 8am-9:30am. Transport to Punta Arenas Airport from the port can be organised at an additional cost.

Meals: Breakfast

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What our customers think of Glaciers of Patagonia Adventure Cruise

Glaciers of Patagonia Adventure Cruise trips scored 3.5/5 from 1 reviews

We finished our trip with a ferry ride from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt. For three days and four nights, we lived on Chilean ocean time, unplugged, and free to explore the giant ship, enjoy excellent meals, sail through narrow channels among sea lion pups and islands, below towering mountains, and into the open ocean. Birds and whales and books! I cannot imagine a better way to travel.

Travelled: February 2022

Heather Ogilvie - USA

Glaciers of Patagonia Adventure Cruise

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

This cruise will be operating from October 2022 onwards. Please ask us for more information.



Twin: A-class Double Junior Suite Master Suite Single
October 2022
18-Oct-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
21-Oct-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
25-Oct-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
28-Oct-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
November 2022
1-Nov-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
4-Nov-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
8-Nov-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
11-Nov-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
15-Nov-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
18-Nov-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
22-Nov-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
25-Nov-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
29-Nov-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
December 2022
2-Dec-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
6-Dec-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
9-Dec-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
13-Dec-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
16-Dec-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
20-Dec-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
23-Dec-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
27-Dec-2022 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
30-Dec-2022 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
January 2023
3-Jan-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
6-Jan-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
10-Jan-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
13-Jan-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
17-Jan-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
20-Jan-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
24-Jan-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
27-Jan-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
31-Jan-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
February 2023
3-Feb-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
7-Feb-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
10-Feb-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
14-Feb-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
17-Feb-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
21-Feb-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
24-Feb-2023 $2,150 $2,500 $2,625 $2,940 $3,230 Enquire
28-Feb-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
March 2023
3-Mar-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
7-Mar-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
10-Mar-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
14-Mar-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
17-Mar-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
21-Mar-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
24-Mar-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
28-Mar-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
31-Mar-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
April 2023
4-Apr-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
7-Apr-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
11-Apr-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
14-Apr-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
18-Apr-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire
21-Apr-2023 $1,965* $2,310 $2,430 $2,650 $2,945 Enquire

* Note: Prices are per person. Paid in USD ($) - figure above is based on today's exchange rate. Actual cost $1965

Additional Notes

Extra beds – It is possible to turn certain cabins into triple cabins. The cost for an additional bed is USD $1,050-1,450.

Child policy – From 1 to 5 years old, free of charge sharing bed. From 6 years old and up, normal rate.

Optional extras – Please note that departures are on Tuesdays and Fridays. The following can be added as an optional extra: Monday night: lodging on board; Thursday: lodging at Hotel Remota; Tuesday or Friday: excursion to Torres del Paine and Milodon Cave (includes dinner, buffet breakfast, lunch, tour and national park fee). The cost is USD $390 per person per optional extra.


  • Meals: 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 afternoon teas, 2 dinners
  • Drinks: all drinks during bar opening hours (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • All drinking water as requested
  • Accommodation: 3 nights in cabin as requested
  • All safety equipment (life jackets) for zodiac excursions
  • All shipboard excursions and activities (as detailed in itinerary)
  • Excursions: 3 per day (as detailed in itinerary)


  • Meals not indicated in itinerary
  • Any extra/optional excursions
  • Transfer between Punta Arenas Airport and ferry port, round trip price is USD $85 per passenger. Transfer between Puerto Natales Airport and ferry port, round trip price is USD $26 per passenger
  • Port taxes of USD $40 per passenger
  • Personal Equipment (request our recommended kit list)
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Gratuities/tips
  • International and domestic/in country flights
  • Any visa, passport and vaccination expenses

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