Humpback Whale Watching Adventure

A small vessel voyage into an isolated corner of the fjords, accompanied by marine biologists who can identify the humpbacks by their tail and dorsal fins. You'll be almost alone among large groups of whales feeding and breaching and at night you'll stay at the researchers' eco camp on a tiny island in the wilderness.

3 Days


Humpback Whale Watching Adventure - 3 - $1,500

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

  • See Humpback Whales in the Barbara Channel
  • View Santa Ines Glacier
  • Spend 2 nights in a dome at an Eco-camp in the heart of the marine reserve 

Landmarks visited on Humpback Whale Watching Adventure

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1:

Transfer from Punta Arenas to the embarkation point "Bay Punta Carrera", where we begin our navigation through the Magellan Strait. We sail for the Carlos III island for 8-10 hours (depending on climate factor)  browsing several important points before reaching the Marine Park "Francisco Coloano" among them, Fort Bulnes, Faro San Isidro, Mount Tarn, Bahia el Aguila, Cabo Froward. At 6.30pm you will have the opportunity for some whale-watching on route to the Island Carlos III, reaching the camp at 7.30pm where you will be welcomed by a cocktail. 

We walk to the observatory where there will be a scientific talk and introduction to whale-watching before returning to camp for dinner.

Day 2: 

We have breakfast at the camp before sailing to the marine park "Francisco Coloane". We will have 8-10 hours of exploration in the canals and islands.  You will have the opportunity to observe different species of sea and land birds, including the Chilean Skua Robber, Black-Browed Albatross and the Giant Petrel.  We will explore the fjords, whale watching with biologist "Juan Capella" who will accompany us for photo identification of individuals along with sea lions, and marine & terrestrial birds. 

At 7.30pm we return back to the Carlos III Island, making a final stop in the Barbara channel to watch humpbacks an the end of the day before a farewell dinner at camp.

Day 3: 

This morning we sail around Rupert Island where we can observe a large colony of Magellanic Penguins. We then begin our navigation back to Punta Carrera (approx 8-10 hours dependant on weather conditions) where a transfer will be waiting to take you to your accommodation.

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Whale Watching Adventure

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

Start date Price (pp)
November 2019
27-Nov-2019 $1,500* Fully Booked
30-Nov-2019 $1,500 Fully Booked
December 2019
3-Dec-2019 $1,500* Fully Booked
6-Dec-2019 $1,500 Provisional Date
9-Dec-2019 $1,500* Provisional Date
12-Dec-2019 $1,500 Fully Booked
15-Dec-2019 $1,500* Provisional Date
18-Dec-2019 $1,500 Provisional Date
21-Dec-2019 $1,500* Provisional Date
24-Dec-2019 $1,500 Provisional Date
27-Dec-2019 $1,500* Provisional Date
30-Dec-2019 $1,500 Provisional Date
January 2020
2-Jan-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
5-Jan-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
8-Jan-2020 $1,500* Fully Booked
11-Jan-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
14-Jan-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
17-Jan-2020 $1,500 Fully Booked
20-Jan-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
23-Jan-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
26-Jan-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
29-Jan-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
February 2020
1-Feb-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
4-Feb-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
7-Feb-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
10-Feb-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
13-Feb-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
16-Feb-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
19-Feb-2020 $1,500* Fully Booked
22-Feb-2020 $1,500 Fully Booked
25-Feb-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
28-Feb-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
March 2020
2-Mar-2020 $1,500* Fully Booked
5-Mar-2020 $1,500 Fully Booked
8-Mar-2020 $1,500* Fully Booked
11-Mar-2020 $1,500 Fully Booked
14-Mar-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
17-Mar-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
20-Mar-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
23-Mar-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
26-Mar-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
29-Mar-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
April 2020
1-Apr-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
4-Apr-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
7-Apr-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
10-Apr-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
13-Apr-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
16-Apr-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
19-Apr-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
22-Apr-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
25-Apr-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
28-Apr-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
May 2020
1-May-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
4-May-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date
7-May-2020 $1,500* Provisional Date
10-May-2020 $1,500 Provisional Date

* Note: Prices are per person. Paid in USD ($) - figure above is based on today's exchange rate. Actual cost $1,500


  • Land & Sea Transportation
  • All meals and drinks
  • Towels, Sleeping Bags & Down Duvets
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Scientific Lectures


  • Personal Equipment
  • Gratuities

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