Glacier Grey

Where to find it

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

What is it?

The Grey Glacier is one of Torres del Paine's most spectacular glaciers, and tumbles into the serene Lago Grey. The Grey Glacier is part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, and at its peak is 30 metres high, and around six kilometres wide.

How can I see it?


Torres del Paine has two classic multi-day hikes, the Full Circuit and the W Trek, both of which have awe-inspiring views of the lake and the glacier. Arguably the best view comes from during the Full Circuit hike, where trekkers can view the glacier from above as they cross the famous John Garner Pass. The W Trek's western leg takes you along its eastern shore of Lago Grey all the way up to the glacier itself. You can also hike up around the lake on a day hike, returning to a comfortable base in the evening.

Boat excursion

Those looking for a less demanding view can take a boat trip from the southern shore right up to the glacier. 


No experience is necessary to don crampons, grab an ice axe and get out onto the glacier. If you relish an adventure and have never before walked over the top of a glacier, this is a fantastic place to start.

After her expedition onto the ice, Swoop's Harriet maintains that 'everyone should add ice hiking onto a trek in Torres del Paine!'. You can read Harriet's Review here.


Paddle amongst the lake's sculpted icebergs, so close you can reach out and touch them.

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