Lago Grey (Grey Glacier)

The Grey Glacier is one of Torres del Paine's most spectacular glaciers, and Lago Grey that it fills, one of its most beautiful lakes. It lies in the west of Torres del Paine National Park and can be seen in many different ways.

How to see it:


Boat Excursion

Those looking for a less demanding way to see the lake and glacier can enjoy a boat trip that sails from the southern shore right up to the glacier. Alternatively the hour long walk from Guarderia Lago Grey along the 'beach' on the southern shore offers wonderful views of the lake and the opportunity to come close to Grey's icebergs.


Our local partners have the license to lead ice hiking trips on the glacier if you relish the chance to don crampons and an ice axe and get onto the glacier and see it up close.

Swoop's Harriet Ice Hiked on Glacier Grey in March 2015 'Everyone should add Ice Hiking onto a trek in Torres del Paine!'. Read Harriet's Review.


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Map of Lago Grey (Grey Glacier)

Trips that visit Lago Grey (Grey Glacier)