When to Book

Each year, customers are disappointed because they can’t secure their preferred trip due to not booking early enough.

We put this page together to outline how far in advance you need to book, identifying trips that need booking sooner, and addressing common questions that customers ask when planning a Patagonia trip.

Our key message is that early booking is hugely beneficial. You’ll avoid missing out and ensure a well-prepared and eagerly anticipated Patagonian adventure.

Matt Hewett at Lake Carerra, Patagonia

5 Reasons to Book Early

1. High Demand in Popular National Parks - Book well in advance, especially for sought-after locations like Torres Del Paine, as lodges can be fully booked even for dates next season. Read our When to go to Torres del Paine page to get a better sense of the seasons and demand. 

2. Limited Capacity in Remote Lodges - Remote lodges in Patagonia are small, with some having only 3 or 4 rooms. Families can quickly occupy a significant portion of available space, leading to limited availability, e.g. Aguas Arriba Lodge and Estancia Cristina.

3. Early Access to Flights for Cost Savings - Flights are typically released 10 to 11 months before the trip date. Booking early not only ensures availability but may also result in significantly cheaper flight options.

4. Significant Price Differences - Prices for various accommodations (domes, rooms, yurts) can vary by thousands of dollars. Early booking allows you to choose options that fit your budget, potentially saving a substantial amount.

5. Best Guides - For many multi-day treks booking earlier also means that the best guides can be allocated to your trip. Giving you access to wildlife trips, rewillding opportunities, Far South's exclusive group tours and more...

7 Trips to Book Early

Plan ahead if you want to secure a booking on one of these popular trips.

W Trek Glamping Highlights

Hike Torres del Paine's famous W Trek in a dynamic manner with expert guides, whilst basing yourself in unique accommodation in the heart of the park. Trek the stunning French Valley, to the base of the iconic Towers and visit…

  • 5 Days
  • $1,410
Torres del Paine Luxury Adventure Retreat

Venture into the wild each morning and return to a luxury hotel each evening for spa treatments and superb food. With this trip you will discover the best of Torres del Paine National Park via some of its lesser-known highlights,…

  • 5 Days
  • $5,736
Experience Paine's Nature and Wildlife

Stay in a secluded, all-inclusive luxury yurt camp where you'll wake each morning in a forest overlooking Patagonia's stunning Toro Lake. Journey through breath-taking scenery to complete world-famous hikes and other activities in Torres del Paine while being looked after…

  • 6 Days
  • $5,710
Wildlife, Glaciers & Cape Horn Cruise

Voyage south from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia on a small-ship expedition cruise and experience the incredible wildlife, fascinating history and breathtaking scenery of Tierra del Fuego. Sail the famous Strait of Magellan and Glacier Alley in the Beagle Channel. On…

  • 5 Days
  • $3,165
W Trek from a Luxury Lodge

Don't just trek the W-Trek, do it from comfort and in style. Stay at one of the best all-inclusive lodges in Patagonia, whilst each day completing a leg of the W Trek: Glacier Grey, the French Valley and the epic…

  • 5 Days
  • $5,320
Glamping W Trek

4.6 out of 5

Glamping W Trek

Discover Torres del Paine's famous treks with expert guides, combining refugios with comfortable and unique accommodation. Trek to Los Cuernos, explore the French Valley and hike to the famous viewpoint at the base of the Towers, whilst also visiting the…

  • 7 Days
  • $1,940
The Classic Full Circuit

This route is the fastest way to complete the full Torres del Paine circuit at great value. Trek through the isolated northern side of the park, over the infamous John Gardner Pass with the ice field beneath you and back…

  • 7 Days
  • $3,195

When to book your Patagonia trip: FAQs

  • How do I book early?

    If you are keen to get your trip to Patagonia booked as early as possible then reach out to Swoop experts and we will start planning your perfect adventure. We will listen to your needs and dreams, then we will send you an itinerary and if you're happy with that you will be sent a quote. 

    To get your trip locked in you will need to pay a 25% deposit. Depending on what you are booking some trips we will be able to confirm straight away. 

    Often smaller, more rustic accommodation such as refugios doesn’t confirm until 9 months out but by putting down a holding deposit you will be at the front of the queue and increase your chance to get the best guides and accommodation you want on the date you want it.

  • What do you need from me to book?

    To book a trip to Patagonia we will send you a detailed quote with all of the transfers, excursions, accommodation and inclusions listed and the total price to hold your space.

    Where there has not been a price released then we will add up to 15% onto this season's price and when the prices are released you pay whichever amount is lower. For example if the provisional price we have given you is lower you pay that, but if when the rates are released they are lower then you pay the new price. 

    We will request a 25% deposit and will ask you to complete a reservation form with essential details such as passport number, your full name etc.

  • What happens after I book?

    Once you have paid your deposit and filled in your reservation form then congratulations you are on your way to Patagonia. We will contact the local guides and hotels supporting your trip on the ground and ask that they confirm your trip or hold your space and until they can confirm it.  

    At this point, you will be introduced to your trip coordinator. this individual will be responsible for preparing you for your adventure in Patagonia. They will send you packing lists, interesting articles or blog posts all of which are shared by our Adventure Planner. Do make sure you have a good look around, it is full of all sorts of information to help you prepare for your trip you will also be invited to webinars about travelling to Patagonia these are designed to help you prepare but also to get you really excited about your upcoming adventure.

    If you've been quoted a provisional price we will contact you and tell you the price of the trip and you will pay. The amount you were quoted if that is lower or the new official price if that is lower. 

    We will try to confirm your accommodation and guide as early as we can however some of the more popular accommodations cannot be confirmed until the June or July before you travel.

  • Can I book a trip before flights are available?

    We recommend that you book your trip before flights are available. Typically fights are released 10 months before travel this will mean that you can secure your flight straight away at the lowest price. If you need to tweak your itinerary or change your dates to fit with a better flight price then your trip coordinator will help you with this. If you are booking this far in advance then it is more likely that accommodation and availability in Patagonia rather than flights will be the challenge we always recommend that you check the flight the price of flights before you book your trip so that so that you know what to expect

  • Can I combine multiple trips into a 2-3 week tour?

    Patagonia is a vast and diverse region: you have granite peaks, immense glaciers, temperate rainforest and then the never-ending steppe and we'd love to help you combine multiple trips into a two to three-week tour so that we can share as much of it with you as we can.

  • Is there any risk to me if I book early?

    We can't emphasise enough how you are more likely to get your dream trip if you book early you'll get the guides that you want, the accommodation that you want and you will have plenty of time to prepare. However, there is always a risk that something happens to you or your family before your trip so we would always recommend that you get appropriate travel insurance. That way if you have to cancel your trip you will not be out of pocket.

  • What about special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year?

    Patagonia and especially Torres del Paine followed by Los Glaciares National Park (where you find Perito Moreno Glacier and Mount Fitz Roy) are incredibly popular and they book up when people are taking holidays such as thanks to giving Christmas and New Year so around these times of year we recommend that you book especially early because these are the first dates to sell out.

  • Why don't they build more hotels and allow more people to visit if it is so popular?

    Torres del Paine National Park limits the number of visitors based on how many beds there are currently in the park and they also limit the number of people who can camp. Before they did this there were a number of forest fires caused by campers that damaged the park and pressure was being put on the rivers plus sewage from the campsites.

    Measures to limit numbers were taken to protect the National Park and we have seen a fantastic recovery of the trails and rivers and the forests are starting to grow back. 

    We want to protect this in Patagonia and limiting the numbers is one way to do this. 

  • What time of year should I go to Patagonia?

    Patagonia transforms with each season. In autumn, photographers can capture intense colours as leaves change. Spring brings blooming wildflowers for flora and fauna enthusiasts. Summer offers warm temperatures, long days, and high winds. Winter provides a unique experience with snowscapes, attracting those seeking a more secluded adventure.

    You can learn more about Patagonia's seasons here

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When to Book: Timeline

Aguas Arriba Lodge

Looking out on the Towers from your Glamping spot

Refugio Los Cuernos

Although there are sometimes benefits to leaving things late, with Patagonia travel that's rarely the case. The exact dates may vary—and it depends on when you’re booking—but here's a basic timeline to help get the best booking possible:

1-2 years in advance

  • Those wanting to travel over Christmas and New Year.
  • Luxury Lodges in Torres Del Paine. 
  • Those wanting the best rates on cruises/high-end hotels

12+ months in advance

  • Luxury Hotels in Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares.
  • Groups of 6 pax or more. 

6 months in advance

  • Refugio and camping-based programs in Torres del Paine over Christmas and New Year.