Hiking the Cochamo Valley

Choose your hikes daily, and explore the beautiful Cochamo Valley self-guided with total freedom. You will stay in a cosy mountain lodge in the valley where you can comfortably relax after your challenging hikes. Spend a final night in the wonderful riverside lodge back in the village.

5 Days

Hiking the Cochamo Valley - 5

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

  • Arrive into Cochamo
  • Choose your self-guided hikes
  • Hike to Cochamo Village, night in Riverside Lodge
  • Transfer to Puerto Montt

Start from Puerto Varas and end at Puerto Montt

Landmarks visited on Hiking the Cochamo Valley

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1:

Arrival into Cochamo from Puerto Varas. You will arrive into the village and hike up to the valley. The trail from El Morro to La Junta takes about 4-5 hours and is mostly thickly vegetated. There is an elevation gain of 700 meters which is mostly in the first half of the hike. Once you've arrived at La Junta you will settle into your accommodation at the mountain lodge. With space to sleep just 12 people, this charming little mountain home, makes for a culturally interesting, cosy base to return to after your days out on the trails. There are private rooms, a shared bathroom, hot water and delicious meals served by the lovely Anita.

Days 2 & 3:

After waking up to the beautiful scenery and a lovely breakfast at the lodge. On these days you will choose your hikes on the trails, these hikes will be self-guided and information will be given to you at the trail head and at the mountain lodge. There are 3 or 4 different routes to take from La Junta up into the side valleys of the Cochamo valley - Trinidad, Arco Iris, Apheatro and Paloma. As the geography of the steep valley sides suggests, these hikes are all quite challenging as they begin with some sheer uphill parts. Also, as this area receives much fewer visitors than other parts of Patagonia, and is not a national park, the trails are not typical national park trails, they are not well trodden and in parts you'll find yourself pulling yourself up on tree routes. They have strips of coloured ribbon tied to trees to show you the route. All of the hikes get you closer to the granite faces and offer some of the most spectacular scenery in all of Chile.

You will return to the mountain lodge on both nights for dinner by candle light and a relaxing evening before your hikes.

Day 4:

After a short hike in the morning where you can experience yet more scenery in the Cochamo valley, you will take the same trail that you arrived on back down to the village where you will find your home for the evening. The riverside lodge is situated along the Rio Cocham? just south of Cocham? village, along the Puerto Varas-Puelo road. With Caba?a rooms, a restaurant, & a river beach there is plenty of opportunity to relax after your days of hiking.

Day 5:

Transfer back to Puerto Montt.

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

This trip can run as a group trip, with prices starting from $0 per person for a complete group. If you are looking to join a group or you are a solo traveller we will help to form likeminded groups of travellers. Please let us know your travel plans.

The trip can also run on a private basis to fit around your plans. Departures may be tailored and can be set up on a date of your choice. Please note that there is a higher price for smaller groups. Please enquire for further details.

Please note:

Departures can be set up on a date of your choice, subject to availability. Please enquire for more details.


  • Accomodation 
  • Meals


  • Personal expenses and equipment
  • Travel insurance
  • Gratuities
  • Any visa, passport and vaccination expenses

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