12 Day Multi-Activity Adventure in Two National Parks

Trek, horse ride and kayak to the most secluded and least known parts of this fantastic park. A unique and challenging way to see Torres del Paine - see the Towers, tackle a little known mountain pass, trek the 'Full Circuit' and get off the beaten track to the stunning Zapata Glacier.

12 Days


12 Day Multi-Activity Adventure in Two National Parks - 12 - $3,440

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

  • Public transport from Puerto Natales to National Park;  trek along the Ascencio Valley
  • Climb the Oggioni Pass through to the Dickson Valley to Lake Dickinson
  • Hike through the Valley of the Perros River
  • Hike through Paso John Garner to Glacier Grey
  • Trek around Lago Grey
  • Trek through the French Valley and to its glacier
  • Cross Lake Pehoe;  hike along the Pingo River
  • Hike to the Mirador Zapata
  • Transfer to Serrano Campsite
  • Kayak down the Serrano River
  • Horse ride to the Geike Glacier
  • Row further along the Serrano River to the Glacier;  transfer back to Puerto Natales

Start from Puerto Natales and end at Puerto Natales

Landmarks visited on 12 Day Multi-Activity Adventure in Two National Parks

Operator's Itinerary

DAY 1:

Public Transportation to Torres del Paine - Arrival at Las Torres Hotel, our first trekking goes up to the lookout of the Towers, about 700 Mts. one of the highlights of the park: the base of the towers themselves. Seen from up close, next to a beautiful green lagoon with a vertical rock face towering more than 1.000 meters directly upward, it is, in two words, awe inspiring. We continue our trek up to Japanese Camp, climber base camp.

Uptime: 6/7 Hours Night: Japanese Camp Meals include: Prepare Lunch - Cooker Dinner

DAY 02: Cerro Oggioni lies at the northernmost tip, and the pass to its east offers a semi- technical route out of the Ascencio Valley and into the Dickson Valley. From there, it's a few kilometers of bushwhacking to find the main trail of the circuit and then on to Dickson Lake. The Oggioni Pass is crossed around a dozen times per year by some guides and few of brave visitors to the park. It's not a climbing route, but is beyond the scope of most trekkers.

Uptime: 8/9 Hours Night: Dickson Campsite Meals include: Prepare Breakfast and Lunch - Dinner provided by Dickson Refuge

DAY 03: Today we shall do one of the nicest hikes through the Valley of the Los Perros River and one of the purest valleys and forests in Torres Del Paine. This is a residence place of the Red Head Magellan Woodpecker. We shall pass through native Lenga-Forests and reach the Laguna de Los Perros in the early afternoon.

Uptime: 4/5 Hours Night: Los Perros Campsite Meals include: Breakfast and Lunch provided by Dickson Refuge - Cooker Dinner

DAY 04: The longest day, but with the best view of the Patagonian Ice Field. After John Gardner's passage (1.350 Mts.) we will see Grey Glacier and its 17 kms, a real ice highway, mountains, ice heights in front of us, its Centinelas Hills. The descent is relatively steep down to the Grey Glacier, is among little coigue trees, up to Paso Camp. The next hours we will go through extensive native forests: lengas, coigues, notros and other species endemic in our park. Tonight we shall stay at the Camping Grey with a tremendous view of the Grey Glacier and the calving ice.

Uptime: 10/12 Hours Night: Grey Campsite Meals include: Prepare Breakfast and Lunch. Dinner provided by Grey Refuge

DAY 05: Keeping on the trekking, surrounding Grey Lake, many icebergs floating on the shore are carried by the wind. This path has several viewpoints to the Grey Glacier; Notros and Lengas trees are our loyal partners. Great view of Paine Grande Massif, the higher mountain in Torres del Paine National Park.

Uptime: 4/5 Hours Night: Paine Grande Campsite Meals include: Breakfast and Lunch provided by Grey Refuge. Dinner provided by Paine Grande Lodge

DAY 06: Trekking during the day to French Valley, while we going up to British Camp, here we will see theFrench Glacier and its constant avalanches. These names refer to where famous climbing expeditions set up base camp when they came to climb the various granite faces in this Valley.

Uptime: 6/7 Hours Night: Paine Grande Campsite Meals include: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided by Paine Grande Lodge

DAY 7: Catamaran Boat over Pehoe Lake to Pudeto Refuge. Private transportation to Grey Ranger Office. Hike to Refugio Zapata. This valley is known as a place of sighting Huemul, a species that teetered on the brink of extinction and is recovering slowly; nowadays it is more frequent sightings.

Uptime: 5 Hours Night: Zapata Campsite Meals include: Breakfast provided by Paine Grande Lodge. Prepared Lunch and Cooker Dinner This amazing path runs through the valley along the Pingo River, through a beautiful native forest (Hippocamelus bisulcus)

Day 08: Day Walk to the vantage point of Zapata Glacier. This excursion is an approach to South Zapata Lobe - Tyndall Glacier, one of the largest glaciers of the South Patagonian Ice Fields . Today this section of glacier retreat has accelerated due to strong climate changes, this interesting Trekking to the foot of the ice proved a fascinating adventure to help us further understand the changes affecting our planet and field verify the imminent decline of Glaciers.

Uptime: 6/7 Hours Night: Zapata Campsite Meals include: Prepare Breakfast and Lunch. Cooker Dinner

DAY 09: Trekking back to Grey Hotel. From here we will have a private transportation to Serrano Campsite. Local special Dinner.

Uptime: 5 Hours Night: Serrano Camping Meals include: Prepare Breakfast and Lunch. Cooker Dinner

DAY 10: At the Shore of Serrano River, the guides will give you a security speech and a demonstration in case of incidents. We will constantly row with the Paine Mountain Chain behind our back to the Serrano waterfall, here we will carry the Kayaks for about 200 mt. this maneuver will help us avoid the waterfall - If the weather is right we'll row all the way to the mouth of the Tyndall River constantly navigating with an excellent view of the Paine Mountain Chain.

Uptime: 6 Hours Night: Pekin Guerrero Ranch Meals include: Prepare Breakfast and Lunch. Cooker Dinner

DAY 11: In the morning we'll cross mister Pek?ns land riding on his horses and we'll visit the amazing Geike Glacier and Lake and the hundreds of icebergs floating on it.

Uptime: 7/8 Hours Night: Pekin Guerrero Ranch Meals include: Prepare Breakfast and Lunch. Cooker Dinner Horses Gaucho (Horse Guide)

DAY 12: We'll row down the Serrano River, joined by the beautiful Lenga and Cipres forest, slowly getting closer to the Balmaceda Hill, till we discover the beautiful view of the Serrano Glacier all the way to the mouth of the Serrano River and we'll row the last miles through the Ultima Esperanza Fjord till Puerto Toro. Visit to Serrano Glacier and connection with the boat to go back navigating through the Ultima Esperanza Fjord. In the way to Puerto Natales we will visit the Balmaceda Glacier and Eberhard Fjord for a great barbecue lunch. Arriving to Puerto Natales at 18.00 hrs.

Uptime: 3 Hours Meals include: Prepare Breakfast and Lunch Boat Trip from Puerto Toro to Puerto Natales There are a couple of viewpoints; if the weather is favorable we will see the vastness of the Tyndall.

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

Price from USD $3,440 per person, based on a group of 4. The price for a group of 2 is $3,820 and for a group of 6 the price is $2,990 per person.

Departures can be set up for a minimum of 2 people. Please get in touch for more details.


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