Multi-Activity Challenge - Off the Beaten Track

A chance to combine the best of the famous W Trek trail with sea kayaking past icebergs, rock-climbing beside a glacial lagoon, and ice-hiking over the enormous Glaciar Grey. A 10-day adventure challenge that is far from typical, you'll also rest up before and after in a very comfortable hotel.

10 Days


Multi-Activity Challenge - Off the Beaten Track - 10 - $3,795

Itinerary Map

Start from Puerto Natales and end at Puerto Natales

Landmarks visited on Multi-Activity Challenge - Off the Beaten Track

Operator's Itinerary

Trip Details

Day 1:

Arrival in Puerto Natales / Rock-Climbing Among Condors

Private shuttle from Punta Arenas airport to Puerto Natales (3 hours’ drive). Meeting with our staff in Office for Introduction of trip details (personal equipment, safety, leave no trace ethic, itinerary etc.)

By the afternoon: Rock climbing at Laguna Sofia (35 Km. from Puerto Natales) this is a sport climbing area with more than 15 routes (from 20 to 40 meters) level difficulty goes from 5 to 7b+. The rock is conglomerate, and the highlight of this place is that you can see many condors around the cliff.

Climbing gear included: Rope, helmet, climbing shoes, harness and safety equipment.

Prepared Lunch

Transportation to Laguna Sofia

Night at Hotel Indigo

Day 2: Torres del Paine

Public Transportation to Torres del Paine (75 miles).

After arrival at Las Torres Hotel, our first trekking goes up to the lookout of the Towers, about 2.300 feet of elevation, one of the highlights of the park: the base of the towers themselves. Seen from up close, next to a beautiful green lagoon with a vertical rock face towering more than 3.000 feet directly upward, it is, in two words, awe inspiring. We continue our trek up to Japanese Campsite, climber base camp.

Night: Japanese Campsite

Distance: 9 miles

Uptime: 6/7 Hours

Meals include:Prepare Lunch - Cooker Dinner

Local Guide

Day 3: “Off the beaten track” Hiking

Day walk by a moraine of granite into the Silence Valley. It is a privileged place with a great view of the west faces of the Torres Del Paine. The Shield and Fortress are the bigger granite walls in Paine that have captured the attention of mountaineers for decades. Clear the camp and trekking to El Chileno Refuge through the Asencio Valley.

Night: El Chileno Refuge

Distance: 11 miles

Uptime: 6/7 Hours

Meals include: Prepare Breakfast and Lunch - Dinner provided by the El Chileno Refuge

Local Guide

Day 4: “Off the beaten track” Hiking

Trekking to the Campamento Bader along a trail known as the ‘Cuernos Pass’ which links the Hotel Las Torres with the Campamento Italiano. The last section of the trail passes along the slopes of the Cerro Almirante Nieto. There is no official trail as this valley is only used by expeditions that are going to climb the walls of this mountain. This campsite is located in a small patch of lenga beech trees and it has a small cabin which was built by the climbers themselves whilst they waited for good weather. It is considered to be the gateway to the Bader Valley.

Night: Bader Campsite

Distance: 11 miles

Uptime: 5/6 Hours

Meals Include: Breakfast and lunch provided by the El Chileno Refuge - Prepared dinner

Local Guide

Day 5: “Off the beaten track” Hiking

Leaving the woods we find the north-western wall of the East Cuerno and perfect fissures can be seen on the granite. The ascent of the valley crosses an expansive glacial moraine of granite rocks which have formed small valleys and lagoons. The wind too has produced a very remarkable splendour to this place. On this trek it is possible to see the Hoja (Leaf), Mascara (Mask) and Espada (Sword) hills, all of them made of granite walls between 700 to 900 Mts. high. From Bader is another perspective of the Torres, the big wall of the South Tower and the hanging Glacier on its base.

Night: Los Cuernos Refuge

Distance: 9 miles

Uptime: 5/6 Hours

Meals Include: Prepared breakfast and lunch

Day 6:  Trek through the French Valley

The walk goes to reach Campamento Italiano, close to the French Glacier, which is famous for its constantly falling ice and small avalanches.  These names refer to where famous climbing expeditions set up base camp when they came to climb the various granite faces in this Valley. 

Trekking from Campamento Italiano to Lodge Paine Grande, an easy, fairly level trail along Lago Skottsberg with great views of Los Cuernos del Pane.

Last section of the day goes to Lodge Lago Grey surrounding Grey Lake and its floating icebergs carried by the wind to its shore.  This Trek offering great views of the Olguin Range and the mountains Punta Bariloche, Ferrier and Donoso. 

Night: Lodge Lago Grey

Distance: 15 miles

Uptime:  7/8 Hours

Meals Include: Breakfast and Lunch provided by Los Cuernos Refuge – Dinner provided by Lodge Grey

Local Guide

Day 7:  Ice-Hiking on the Southern Ice Field

By the morning professional guides will lead guests on an exploration through the impressive ice formations  on  the  most  important  tongue  of  the  Southern  Patagonian Ice Fields in Torres del Paine National Park, the Grey glacier. Equipped with crampons, harnesses, ice axes and cords, participants will get to walk on one of the planet’s largest ice.

At 13:00 hrs. we’ll do the check in at Grey Refuge for Grey Glacier boat trip. This is a beautiful way to say goodbye to Paine, visiting the front of the Glacier by water. (2 hrs) The navigation ends at Lago Grey Hotel, where you will have a private transfer to the shores of the Serrano River.

Uptime: 4 hours of ice hiking 

Night: Los Andes Campsite

Meals include:  Breakfast and Lunch provided by Lodge - Prepared dinner

Local Guide

Day 8:  Kayaking

We will load the kayaks and make last preparations for the day. Our guide will give us a brief explanation of safety and instructions for paddling efficiently. We’ll start paddling Serrano River till Serrano waterfall (1.5 hrs). Here, we will carry the Kayaks for about 60 mt. to avoid it. We´ll keep paddling through the Serrano River, in our journey to Serrano Glacier. We’ll paddle with amazing views of Tyndall Glacier and Geike Range. We’ll keep going, surrounded by beautiful Lenga and Cypress forests that live in the river shores, getting closer to the Mount Balmaceda, till we join the waters of Ultima Esperanza Fjord, in these same waters in which Juan Ladrilleros intensely sought an outlet to the Atlantic (1558), from this point we will discover the beautiful view of the Serrano Glacier.

Night: Balmaceda Campsite

Distance: 27 miles

Uptime: 6/7 Hours

Meals include:  Prepare Breakfast and Lunch - Cooker Dinner

Local Guide

Day 9:  Kayaking

After breakfast, we will carry the Kayaks for about 40 mt. to the Serrano Lagoon (where the Serrano Glacier ends). Here we’ll paddle between the blue Icebergs that brake from the front of the enormous Glacier.

At noon we’ll take a boat back to Puerto Natales, through the Ultima Esperanza Fjord. At around 14:30 we´ll make a stop at Perales Ranch, for a traditional Patagonian Lamb Barbecue. 

We'll arrive to Puerto Natales at 18:00 hrs.

Uptime: 2 Hours

Meals include:  Prepare Breakfast – Snacks and Barbecue Lunch

Boat Trip from Puerto Toro to Puerto Natales

Local Guide

Night at Hotel Indigo

Day 10:

Private shuttle from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas airport. (3 hours’ drive)

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