Explore the Northern Patagonian Fjords

Kayak the northern Patagonian fjords with a guide that is English speaking and certified by the British Canoe Union as BCU 4 STAR Sea Award. You will visit several different hot springs during your trip: Cahuelmo & Porcelana and dine with the locals in nearby fishing villages. Note that you'll be camping during this trip.

6 Days

Explore the Northern Patagonian Fjords - 6

Itinerary Map

Start from Puerto Varas and end at Puerto Varas

Landmarks visited on Explore the Northern Patagonian Fjords

Operator's Itinerary

Arrival day: Puerto Varas

At 20:00 we will meet in the hotel in Puerto Varas town. This is a small and pleasant city 20 km north of Puerto Montt, located next to Llanquihue lake and in front of Osorno Volcano (2652m) and 1,000 km south of Santiago. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce the members of the group and to receive a complete explanation of the trip, its logistics, how to use the radios, satellite phone, check gear, information about the tide and wind and their influence in our navigation, potential hazards, emergency plans, rescue procedures, isolation, group and personal requirements, team work and to answer any last minute questions.

Day 1: Sea kayaking Comau Fjord

Pick up at your hotel in Puerto Varas at 9AM and drive the Northern Carretera Austral, taking a ferry boat navigating Reloncavi Fjord with nice views of Yates Volcano, the first fjord of Patagonia and continue driving to Hornopiren town, close to Hornopiren Volcano and Hornopiren National Park. Lunch at Hosteria in Hornopiren, safety talk and start paddling the beginning of Comau Fjord always close to the Deers' Island (Isla de los Ciervos). From this day ahead we will always be paddling in between 3 volcanoes (north: Yates and Hornopiren Volcanoes and south, Michimahuida volcano). Late in the afternoon we will arrive at a small fishing village where we will camp and share a good conversation and dinner with a local family of real pioneers of this area (colonos).

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 2: Sea kayaking Quintupeu Fjord

Breakfast with colonos and continue paddling Comau Fjord. After some hours, the Quintupeu fjord will appear. It is here where the Dresden, a 3600-ton light cruiser, one of the fastest ships in the German Imperial Navy, was hidden during the World War I. We will be entering our favorite fiord... huge waterfalls coming directly to the sea, dense vegetation everywhere, enormous walls disappearing in the water. At the entrance we will stop for a short hike, walking upstream by a river in order to reach the place where the waterfall starts. At the end of the fiord there is a river which we will try to explore by kayak, depending on the tide. At night, we will camp with a marvelous view of some Andean glaciers... just in front of us.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: Cahuelmo Fjord, hot springs

We will start paddling very early if required, because this is the day we will need to paddle for some hours in a section more exposed to the influence of the Gulf of Ancud Gulf. We will paddle close to the coast to enjoy the dense vegetation until we reach the entrance of the next fiord. Just as we enter Cahuelmo fjord, a surprise... a colony of sea lions will be in front of us. We will pass by without making a noise so that we can get close and take pictures without bothering them. The best of the day is yet to come...since we do not have much further to paddle we will be able to paddle slowly and take advantage of the opportunity to explore the coastline of the fiord. We will enjoy the view of the mountain's walls falling directly into the sea and later, rewarded with the Cahuelmo hot springs at the end of the fiord. Imagine arriving at a beach where you can see vapor rising directly from the pools. These hot springs are a group of pools of different sizes and depths, made in petrified shells. This will be a moment to relax ourselves and forget about everything...while enjoying the sunset, with a glass of wine and a camera in hand. Campsite.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Cahuelmo hot springs and trekking

After enjoying our breakfast we will be ready to start the next adventure.....hiking towards Abascal lake....if we can find the trail existing in this thick vegetation. It will be necessary to cross some branches of the river and walk considering the tides otherwise all that we walk through at the beginning will be covered by the sea. The rewards .....a new perspective of an untouched area where few people have been before. We will return in time for lunch and for a relaxing bath at Cahuelmo Hot springs . Campsite.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5: Comau Fjord, Porcelana hot springs

After a very early breakfast we will start paddling before the sunrise or at night if required, navigating towards the main fjord and then turning south paddling to the hot waters of a river known as Porcelana Hot springs, a very particular creek of natural hot water emerging from the temperate rain forest. This is a long day but we will stop for lunch at Huinay, a small fishing village, sharing with a family of real pioneers (colonos) , visiting its church made of alerce (larsh) and then continue paddling until finally arriving in the afternoon at the hotsprings where we will setup the campsite and invite a family of colonos for dinner.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6: Northern Patagonia Fjord navigation

Breakfast and fishermen boat navigation to Hornopiren enjoying the magnificent area of the Patagonia Fjords from a different perspective. Lunch at Hosteria in Hornopiren and return to Puerto Varas at night. 

Meals: Breakfast

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

This trip can run as a group trip, with prices starting from $0 per person for a complete group. If you are looking to join a group or you are a solo traveller we will help to form likeminded groups of travellers. Please let us know your travel plans.

The trip can also run on a private basis to fit around your plans. Departures may be tailored and can be set up on a date of your choice. Please note that there is a higher price for smaller groups. Please enquire for further details.

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